Brazil does not need good controlling. It needs organized people, conscientious, that if it mobilizes to decide seusproblemas. of leaderships politics compromised to mudanas.' ' The scientist politician Sader Emir, in text in same revistaquestiona: ' ' He has who says that nothing of important if he decides in 2010. He would be omesmo that he had Alckmin or Lula in 2006? It will be the same the deepening or return equipetucano-demonic of the current government with Dilma? ' ' It is asociedade of the escapism. We live in a constant escape. It is as in an old drawing, of the lion of the fearful mountain. Whenever it appeared a danger, it ran away saying afrase ' ' strategical exit for the left right/! ' ' Still well that tenhoo Nietzsche to console me. In its wonderful one Thus Zaratustra Spoke, temuma interesting ticket: ' ' The public square is full of palhaossolenes and the people if vainglory of its great men.

They are for them senhoresdo moment. She oppresses them to the moment and they it you, in turn, oppress. They demand of tium yes or not. Unfortunate person! You want to place you enters one and one pro against? Noinvejes these intransigents, these demanding ones, you who you love the truth! Averdade never hung from the one arm intransigente.' ' I only know of a thing: most important is to botar the mouth nomundo, is to participate, to use to advantage the windows that if open to argue to econversar with the others. This quarrel that is happening, for example, on the human rights. Nobody can be of is! It is a thing that dizrespeito to all the citizens of this Country! We live in a Country where the people somortas inside of hospitals, in its proper houses, the encampments of the cantos MST nosquatro e, mainly in the penitentiaries.