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Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Diversified Part

The traditional curricular organization of composed Average Ensino for 12 you discipline, still it is one practical one of the schools, and alone it is happening because the proper school did not implant the Reformation of Average Ensino, that is, to work the Resume in the perspective of the knowledge areas, as Resolution N. 03/98 of the National Advice of Education, as it is charged in the tests of the ENEM. The ENEM for being an evaluation that also requires a resume organized for knowledge area and the development of abilities and the construction of abilities, these is pedagogical conceptions that form understood well by the school, is not practical part of the curricular one of Average Ensino of many schools, then because to use an instrument of evaluation and technician for the states that they desire to adhere to the proposal of ' ' Average education Inovador' ' , program of the federal government, does not go to modify in nothing, what it is happening is that union is pressuring the states and the federal district to accept the conditions imposed for its proposal. Schools can to organize its resumes of education, since that they follow the federal lines of direction that are composed for a common national base and the diversified part, this is a recommendation it dispatches by post in the legal devices and it must be nationwide. ' ' They will be able to decide the form of distribution of the contents of them you also discipline in the groups and the focus of the program (work, science, technology or culture). ' ' Today what it is educational rank in terms of pedagogical conception, legislation and politics, makes possible offers of an education of quality since that they use the estimated ones suggested by documents of the proper Ministry.

It does not have newness, the set of the lines of direction are; the LDB/96, the Resolution n.03/98CNE and the laws of the respective state systems of education, everything is published, is in the schools, only needs to be used. How much to ' ' base comum' ' , it wants to say that the Resume of Average Ensino must be organized by one ' ' national base comum' ' ' ' diversified part? of 800h and or 200 days period of learning, 75% of this horria load must be worked discipline with them of Common National Base and 25% with the Diversified Part. The Common Base National of the resume is composed for a set of disciplines obligator, that is, for all the country, that is; Portuguese language, Art, Physical, Mathematical, Physical, Chemical Education, Biology, History, Geography, Philosophy, Sociology, Modern Foreign Language (diversified part). The Diversified Part of the Resume is reserved so that the states can work contents that can take care of the local and regional questions. Each system of education can organize its resume in order to respect the legal aspects, to center its proposal pedagogical in its necessities and being respected the autonomy of the pertaining to school units. What it is in fact happening is the nomenclature change, its essence in nothing it was modified, it goes to be the same thing, therefore the structural change that they need to be made, these yes, not yet sedimented and for what I see, it does not go to give in nothing. It really does not have necessity to spend money to retouch existing things that need only support and incentive to be consolidated.


Freire contributed with the question of the awareness and ticadentro and is of the classroom, looking for of this form to adopt in the practical deensino of the professor an action-reflection-action in all educational conditioning, allowing a change in the fatalista speech of that the failure pertaining to school not estaatribuda only to the incapacity of the educandos, but also the formation precriados professors. Word-key: Construction of knowing, education, reflection criticizes, history, practical of education. 2. Abstract This work allows US you reflecton an education that respects the human peculiarities, taking US you aninvestigation related you the Freire and his literary legacy, which portrays theimportance of community in teaching in relationship of complicity between to thelearner and educator in the construction of is, thus breaking with the barriersby which education is going, among educators promoting critical reflection ofthe history of the educational process, making parallel: education bankeducation x problematizing. Freire contributed you the issue of awareness andethics inside and outside the classroom, looking this way adopt the practice ofteaching to teacher (a) an action-reflection-action educational conditioningthroughout, allowing change in the discourse that fatalistic school failureis not attributed solely you the inability of learners, but also the poortraining of teachers. Keywords: constructuion ofknowledge, education, critical reflection, history, pratice of teaching INTRODUCTION ' ' Umexcelente educator is not a perfect human being, but he is somebody that has serenity to empty esensibilidade for aprender' ' 1. Oensino de Histria has much time comes being guided for a tecnicista model, where according to 2 Vasconceloses its variations, occured between decades of 60 and 70, noFuncionalismo was based, what it reduces the education of the same one to a set of techniques, regrase historical memorization of facts and dates without recital. The modelotecnicista of if teaching and if learning in the public institutions and privadasde our society, limits the pupil, allowing that the same it can give to nfasena its Problematizao, making one does not analyze criticizes social practical its.

Ahead of this problematic one that Brazilian aeducao comes passing in elapsing of the years, we elaborate the Work deConcluso of Course, work this that it aims at to contribute for the deensino quality in our country. For this we use in the first one I capitulate as source depesquisa the educator pernambucano politician Pablo Freire, who much contribuiunas rooms of E.J.A for the reduction of the illiteracy in our country. All suaexperincia with this new pedagogia, called for many as PedagogiLibertadora, had beginning in the city of Angicos, being then adopted more tardecomo one government program, the same government that tried to exterminar programapor to be a program of popular culture, and consequentemente its creator pelassuas politician-pedagogical ideas. The Pedagogia Freireana, heading dosegundo chapter of the work had origin and destination in the thematic doanalfabetismo, therefore Pablo Freire saw the education as a freedom form social etransformao, a p

Postgraduate Specialization

TO LEARN TO LEARN Liliana Aryan Count Psychologist in formation UNAD Student of Postgraduate Specialization: Pedagogy for the development of the Independent learning " It is to occur the opportunity every day to acquire a new vision of the things, to see the world from another optics, to forget the learned thing and to assimilate the novel thing. It is humility signal and it is availability to live. It is to accept that we have limitations and many things to know. (Yaneris Cotes) " The world in which we lived seems to depend more and more on the scientific and technological knowledge. Nevertheless, the form in which we were related to this knowledge is not always equal in the developing countries that in the developed countries.

Science and the technology have finished transforming numerous spaces of the contemporary societies. The benefits are undeniable that from such transformation are obtained, but also are numerous the risks that have arisen from so vertiginous development. In such sense, it arises preoccupation on the education in all this process. Then to speak of education is not far from easy, since it is a quite extensive subject that I could not be solved in a pair of leaves, since a single theory in specific does not exist, in which is possible to be centered its attention, but on the contrary, the educative process is made up and feeds on the great range on psychological, pedagogical, philosophical, social theories, etc., product of the test and error of every historical time to propose theories, principles, methodologies, etc., in favor of the educative process and everything what this includes. What yes it is certain, is that the education must establish social bonds between the individuals, whose purpose is the total development of the human being in its dimension social, that is to say, the man is an apt educable being, since &quot can to him; adiestrar" for diverse tasks and in diverse physical areas, intellectual and as much emotional (psychological), it is possible to be educated to him to make the good and to make the evil.

Educating Dogs

Within education for dogs, we were with the most common meaning that she is the one to teach tricks to him to amuse to us or that they are to us of utility, like bringing the newspaper, making the muertito; but we cannot stop mentioning that one corrective education: what to do when we have a dog that we cannot control? Of the annoying habits that we found in an animal, soiling where it does not correspond, to damage furniture, clothes or footwear of the family, among others, del that we will take care in this occasion is of the noise. The dogs count much more on developed senses that the humans, can perceive small changes in their surroundings alter that them, following the personality of the dog this can irritate to him too much, and trigger an almost constant bark. A dog that barks all the day uncontrollably can be a problem, and if we have more of a dog we will have noticed that this peculiar (and annoying) effect is contagious, perhaps our neighbors have made it to us notice that is another subject, to have more of a dog than all the day barks is something by the other annoying, safe reader will understand that they need education for dogs. In order to correct this small problem, we can choose to correct simply repressing it the animal whenever it barks, although sounds violent. This has like undesirable effect that the animal is not going to bark when it is necessary, besides being a somewhat primitive technique and does violence to.

The other option in education for dogs is to use a muzzle, that serves to prevent the animal him to bark of uncontrolled way. It is a technique not too violent, that we can apply when the animal puts itself more annoying, of to this we would be repressing it form of nonviolent form. Other devices exist in addition, as for example the famous necklace of I touch, that applies small electrical shocks to the animal when it detects that the decibels of their bark have exceeded certain threshold. It is to observe that it is not recommended to completely inhibit the bark of the animal, the dog becomes inexpressive for everything we would be hurting and it psychologically. Beam click to learn here as I could train dog without to have to leave my house in only short weeks.

Electronicoebook Book

eBook is a book in format digtala, that many people use to share their ideas, to express its thoughts, to even give quality information on any specific subject. Several formats for an electronic book exist, although an electronic book pdf has technological advances, and variety of tools that allow the publisher to modify the characteristics. A digital book in this format turns out to be portable and compatible with any platform. It is the way easiest to spread your articles, magazines or your literary work through Internet. There are several forms simple to create an electronic book in pdf. A profane one can learn the technique to create and even to show the content in this application. The portable characteristic in a digital book exists because the format is pdf. Computer science application pdf has been obtained thanks to specific algorithms of compression.

These algorithms can compress the size of the graphs or contents multimedia in eBook. You even can insert images animated and videos with the purpose of to present/display your ideas of the wished way, being compressed of automatic form as much your images as any other type of content. It releases this you to transmit the content from a system to another one in spite of its different configurations. A user can create eBook in format pdf with the aid of a variety of programs available in the market, you can use a text processor easily to write. He writes your history or he prepares a magazine or any other document in a text file of Word. This it is the first passage for the creation of an electronic book. The following step is to use ” Word to pdf Converter” tool for the conversion of Word to file format pdf.

If it chooses an advanced computer science program, with modifications, you will be able easily to realise the conversion. These tools help also you in the creation of your digital book in a file format pdf. Therefore, you will be able to make your easier task with the aid of these tools and techniques. It enters page and unloading free of charge program EWRITERPRO. With this programs you will be able to do your ebooks in format pdf of a very simple way.