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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Yahoo Marketing

It seems that the residential market is going through a process of deceleration and is likely to take more time to sell a House. Real estate agencies have begun to realize that not already sold everything and that there is not only national competition, but that, other Mediterranean countries are betting strong on this market. Why the persecution of the customer will become the next cycle in an unquestionable challenge for developers of housing. Leading companies already will have realized the need to initiate concrete and specific, communicative actions oriented towards the search for customers. In this sense, the marketing appears as one of the great solutions.

Specifically, the digital marketing. Internet emerges as one of the most attractive formulas to reach the first positions in the market and offer a differentiating factor with respect to competitors. The presence of real estate on the Internet, from a commercial standpoint, orienting to sale this presence can materialize in different ways. Let’s see some of the most interesting strategies. Promotional Web. A corporate or promotional web page is, today, the best letter of introduction to approach every customer all available product offer.

The promotional website is an open window to millions of customers around the world. Through the web page a promoter can advertise their latest promotions, corporate image, interesting news. You can even interact with your potential customer making a contact form as a channel of direct communication between the client and the company. Positioning in search engines. Today, having a website is not synonymous with get visits. The promotional web must be supported by a clear strategy of positioning in search engines. Google or Yahoo offer thousands of pages per day depending on the search terms that users choose. These early results with certain keywords are a guarantee of success. Specialized real estate portals. A real estate portal is a meeting point for all the agents in the sector. If he specializes in a particular product type and specific geographic area, their presence in this type of website is not only an ideal showcase, but a cost-effective mechanism for reaching a specific audience interested. Email marketing. Email marketing allows you to segment the customer with precision, defining each message according to their interests and priorities. The ability to send an email on a massive scale to a specific audience is an excellent tool of marketing cheaper than the traditional ones and with better results. Real estate e-marketing, therefore, provides strategic solutions to professionals of the sector and becomes an ideal tool to increase sales.

Long Distance Transportation

Corporalia, central Puzzle red franchise group, is responsible for the creation, management and distribution of content in the new entertainment channel on board for users of long distance transportation of the community of Madrid. Canal Bus, this is a project that began its broadcast a couple of months, after more than two years of development, and that, supported in the onboard systems infrastructure, offers to the users of this service a program schedule varied and dynamic, in order to liven up your travel. With television character and with an audience of more than 230 million passengers annually in the community of Madrid, Canal Bus is positioned as more entertainment channel in means of transport by road in the region, and therefore one of the most important of all Spain, explains Alvaro Canelo, director general of the Group Corporalia. The modernisation of the infrastructure of the Madrid bus fleet is being developed by the Consorcio Regional de Transportes from end of year 2009. Innovations include the introduction of screens that provide information in real time about the timetables of step, incidents or connections with other lines. Implementation of new entertainment channel will also contribute to facilitate access to information that is of interest to users. The Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid will ensure the quality of the contents. As a complement to the channel of digital signage is scheduled the installation of 1000 screens in the interior of the buses until the end of 2012, of which so far have been installed more than 600.

Backed by its experience in the development of digital channels, Corporalia created in 2011 this business area, relying on new technologies, highlighting in the sector thanks to its specialisation in the creation and management of digital content and dynamic communication systems digital. And it is that the business concept that proposes to entrepreneurs with franchise Puzzle red is integral, since it covers all the possible communication and marketing segments. We offer marketing, internal and external communication, advertising, digital signage, design and creativity, and commercial management. In the words of Canelo Alvaro, it’s a very novel in the franchise system concept; There is no such thing. Outside this scope, the business is highly distributed, but very atomized, between those companies that perform marketing services and those that do in communication; and as regards the digital posters, abound wholesale companies that sell you software, usually of Asian origin, with relative technical assistance and that ultimately are unable to make adaptations to the extent of requiring the client. Group Corporalia works in the areas of marketing and communication, strategic consulting, advertising media and dynamic advertising, either through companies owned by the matrix, or brands owned by the same. It is formed by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sectors of food, beverages, Horeca channel and franchise and the sectoral scope of SMEs. Equally and in the last five years, joined his professional team in the areas of communications, marketing, advertising and design, this has allowed them to expand the portfolio of services and solutions, making foray in other market sectors, among them and with numerous clients, of passenger transport by road.

Make Money Selling Digital Books

Creating an own information product is without doubt the key to success online. The owners of e-books that create quality products and with demand usually earn enough money. You’re your of the millions of people who believe that they have no time or money to create an infoproducto and promote it? I’ll show you that you don’t need to be a guru (as called in Internet experts) to make money selling e-books. Let’s see how it can earn money with an information product and promote it without spending a lot of money and time. Telephone interview you can do these interviews with large and small business owners. They may have the companies online. An interview can be included along with a special report or the relevant articles. If you include an audio file, product information increases its value considerably.

Audio files allow you to increase the price of a product. 1 Affiliate program when you own your own infoproducto, you have the freedom to make practically anything with him. An of the potentially lucrative routes is the creation of an affiliate program. An affiliate program allows hundreds or even thousands of affiliates promote your product’s information. Make sure that the infoproducto contains information of value and quality, if the affiliate is not a good will not recommend it. Only with a few few strong affiliates that promote the product, you can earn money very fast. A good infoproducto having affiliates to promote hunger allows you to leverage your time.

Could you devote valuable time to create more products. Allow affiliates to do the promotion and marketing. 2. Sales return with your own product you can make a good sum of money with these sales. We will not have as much competition in a niche market. Here’s why having an own product is so lucrative. Once you’ve jumped the first hurdle, which is to make sales, the possibilities of obtaining new customers to buy again increase significantly. Some product developers have been known to have losses of money, in order to catch the first sale. We have to find the balance to not spend more money than the one obtained when we are going to promote it. Strategic 3.alianzas (Joint Ventures) good news travel fast. When sellers heard of your quality products, they will welcome joint ventures with you. Affiliates rarely do joint ventures with other affiliates. That is why the importance of having an own product. If you are an affiliate you have interest in developing a quality product, it is easy to join a joint venture. The creation of a joint venture with a seller could lead earning money as a seller in a considerable way.