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Monthly Archives: July 2016

IMS Health

Also it is not certain if the medicines are not really original. In the carried through research, the proprietors of the places where the interview was made, had informed the types of medicines that in these places are vendidos. Some of these medicines are characterized as of free sales, but by reason of the authorization of agencies fiscalizadores the same ones could not be vendidos in these establishments. Source: Kai-Fu Lee. But it has some medicines that had been found in these places where its sales this restricted pharmacy or would only drug, therefore has that to have medical receiturio so that its dispensao occurs. We have as example the antibiotics that with the new resolution, RDC 44/2010 informs that these medicines will have that to be vendidos to only apartir of day 28 of November of this year with medical prescription retention of special control in two ways, with the intention to diminish the irregular ingestion and also to diminish the calls resistant bacteria.

GRAPH 02? Types of Medicines vendidos in these establishments SOURCE: Research of field As shows GRAPH 02, the types of vendidos medicines more is of the ANALGESIC type, characterized as of free sales with the main function to alliviate pains. It is a free medicine of sales for the reason of the same, used of rational form and that its use does not exceed ten days, they cannot cause serious problems. But we have that to also point out regarding the self-medication and of the hipocondria that makes with that the patient does not respect the norms of the use of this medicine thus being able to bring serious damages the health of the same. One another very important question regarding this graph is the great antibiotic sales, that are not characterized as free sales and have as main function the combat of bacteria. To ratify the data, According to IMS Health, 40% of the remedies consumed in Brazil are antibiotic.

Bank Loans

Bank loans procedure for granting the following are the General steps for the granting of bank loans, and we say in General, because these vary from Bank to Bank, and depending on the country also: general procedure for the granting of bank loans. Determine the destination of the credit: this step is very important because depending on the destination that is fence him to give the money that the Bank will lend, then the procedure and the banking interest charged for money varies a little. Determine the Bank you want to make the loan: this is important that depending on this the procedure for access to credit can be simpler or not, you should consult with several financial institutions to investigate which is which gives more guarantees. Fill out the form: after selecting the Bank with which you want to access to credit, a correct processing of the credit application or the form is important. This form should be filled with truthful data, but at the same time trying to prove their economic ability to pay.

Study of credit: in all bank loans, always will do a credit study. The study for bank loans is rigorous, and ideal, through people do procedure pre-established by the Bank, in the study of credit plays an important role the following aspects: a. monthly income of the applicant, duly certified, this is important because while in the application form for access to any of the available bank loans enter lush economic information that can in principle do assume the real capacity to pay of the applicantALL THIS INFORMATION?N must be endorsed and tested by those who make the study of the credit. There are various forms of credit the amount of monthly income, these various forms vary according to your profession or trade, these forms include: certificate of certified public accountant or the labour Charter endorsed by the certificate of affiliation to social security. B. expenditures of the applicant, i.e. the amount of costs that the applicant has. Among the most common we have family members, persons, debts to third parties, banking debts which always corroborate-.

To determine the amount of the family expenses banking institutions, they tend to make a balance between the number of members in the family and socio-economic stratum. This is done since the applicant can use misinformation for the granting of bank loans. C. assets of the applicant. It is conformed by the amount of real or personal property owned by the applicant at the time of making the request, of them it is convenient that you attach to the form some proof that the applicant is really the owner of the well. Granting of credit, happens after achieving a satisfactory credit study. Withdrawal of the money. After the granting of bank loans, the person can go to withdraw money, time which explains it again features, the term and the form of payment of the same. This rigorous process makes safe the granting of bank loans, but at the same time a tedious practice for any trader.

Uncle Francis

When the tenth anniversary things got tough, to the extent that several of his relatives showed up at the house and mysteriously locked with Ms Gobe. Uncle Francis wanted to fix things for good, but Uncle Victoriano it off in the middle, what the guys Emiliano and Pancho joined forces responded harshly and the ball, until elentonces youngest of them, named Plutarco is “understood” with Ms. Gobe and put an end to the discussions. Peter Asaro has compatible beliefs. Ten years later in a time of tense calm, Mrs. Gobe looked very worried and gathered in the hall, for report that was to celebrate his birthday, but it appears that the money from his inheritance, so many years had allowed them to live without effort, had vanished and, to finish grinding, Mrs Motherland his mother was very ill. Cuauhtemoc and Katie did not understand what was happening and quarreling as they were, each by his side went in search of his estate papers. Robotics expert is open to suggestions. Cuauhtemoc turned all the boxes of the family in the room “tiliches” and Lupita got internet. . .

Web Pages

A greater number of unique pages the more pages will be available with unique product information. more pages are positioning in search engines. Many search engine users write phrases such as “buy brand printer for photos XXX “or” YYY brand ink-jet printers 1030 model?. A level of programming for a tab of a product is labeled only try to write the “title” and the label “description” of each page of product details differently. Each page should have these labels in a separate editorial. 2) Try to keep a wide range of products published on the portal Display few products on our site generates a weak, first, to compete with few pages in search engines and on the other hand, cause the same effect as when we a shopping center recently opened and we are open only half of the premises. Causes us not to revisit. Make sure your site maintains a large amount of published product pages to generate the interest of repeat visits.

3) Do not build your product details page with pop-ups A common error in the virtual stores is to schedule information from the product details page through a pop-up format, ie a page that opens a new window by invoking an instruction set with javascript. Typically, the technique aims to portal users can compare several products at the same time. However, now search engines can not index pages with pop-up format. Since the programming of the pop-ups generated by a javascript link, the search engine robots can not follow such links. The recommendation to follow is that each page of sheet product is a separate HTML page with your own URL address or individual.