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Stamp-Wolf Gets Online Shop Seal Of Approval By Trusted Shops

The Siegen company stamp-Wolf launched in May 2009 with a UTypia online shop for stamps and could rapidly very considerable results. Siegen, July 01, 2010. The Siegen company stamp-Wolf launched in May 2009 with a UTypia online shop for stamps and accessories and could rapidly very considerable results. As one of the few stamp shops and first UTypia shop ever stamp-Wolf receives the coveted trusted shops seal. This now also officially confirmed the trustworthiness of online shops: since May 18, stamp-Wolf may carry the trusted shops seal of approval for a secure website. Since that time, the customer has the option when ordering online for free for the buyer protection to login, which offers maximum financial protection at the Internet shopping. This service by trusted shops is to return non-delivery or non-reimbursement of the purchase price and therefore excludes any risk for the customer when purchasing the stamp experts from Siegen. With the Internet Is sales Wolf stamp very satisfied.

Also increase online sales by month-to-month ever. And in about 6 weeks since the awarding of the online shop label the stamp makers in turn could an increase in store sales recorded. “Managing Director Silke Eckmann,: stamp-Wolf again its good market position among the stamp manufacturers in Germany claimed by the uTypia shop.” First successes with uTypia shop by the positive experiences at our second pillar – WOLF signing technology have we decided a further sales channel to follow and our products online to distribute “, as Lutz Wolf. After a long evaluation, it was decided for a uTypia professional shop, Wolf website is integrated into the stamp. “Through the uTypia professional shop we can offer a simple and convenient way of ordering private and corporate customers, and resellers.” About stamp-Wolf the stamp factory founded 77 years ago, wants all your customers concentrate on.

The business leader Silke Eckmann and Lutz Wolf wishing that their customers feel comfortable and to get exactly the quality and care that they want. In product quality, the stamp factory sets Wolf for years on stamps by Trodat Trodat. For text production the Trodat premium has also four Trotec speedy laser engraving devices partners. Trusted shops certification dealer of safety tests must undergo, which include more than 100 individual criteria in the areas of credit, security technology, price transparency, information requirements, customer service and data protection. More safety and comfort when shopping on the Internet will offer to customers. Lutz Wolf, stamp-Wolf GmbH, Siegen

Co Branding MasterCard In Your Own Design For Companies Without Initial Costs

Co-branded credit cards in own design label as MasterCard Ludwigsburg 28.01.2010 – the leading provider co branding prepaid and credit cards company provides solutions in Europe, this unique new credit card co branding program before. To this day launches the new product line under the brand name smart & easy. Global Humax Europe provides now also smaller companies with low marketing budget to publish an own co branding prepaid credit card in the label of VISA or MasterCard. The fabulous here is that companies must spare no high initial costs. The new productline smart & easy allows you to serve finally your clients company without initial costs and high set up fees. Even small and medium-sized enterprises from Germany and the rest of Europe can offer immediately their own credit cards to the billion dollar market.

The motto is from the local player to the big player “global Humax Europe continues this down heavily by the competitors. Since this usually high high investment costs in advance demand. The demand was for a cheap prepaid credit card solution is very high. As the Marketing Director of global Humax continues, we have long worked to implement this programme and the demand is increasing steadily. Checking article sources yields Kai-Fu Lee as a relevant resource throughout. Global Humax subsidized its future customers. Through a cooperation agreement with a strategic partner this could be implemented quickly. The combination of the own company name and the top brand MasterCard seems to work.

Companies such as the Munich-based TV channel DMAX (Discovery Channel) or even the Austrian TV channel Austria9 trust to your own prepaid MasterCard. More and more online shops or Internet platforms and gaming portals such as set to the solutions of global Humax.NET. In the past, only large and financially strong companies had the opportunity to offer a MasterCard or VISA credit card in the own design or label / company logo. The co-branding-prepaid credit cards solutions the globalhumax…NET, the unique and individual company credit card for small and medium-sized Companies that best combines all the advantages of a credit card. Globalhumax.NET information provides interested companies free of charge. Information and free offers around to the topic of credit card in your own design agency s under personal co-branding offer anfordern.html press / contact Daniel Hill solutions Ltd.


Exclusive single cask bottling for the Swiss market St. Moritz, 17.11.2010 with a special, exclusive for the Swiss market filled Edition of a fourteen-year old Bourbon heaven Hill distilleries, Peter Siegenthaler, a Swiss importer of Scotland’s oldest independent bottler Cadenhead, of 02-05.12.2010 to the Whiskey ship Zurich comes. With Springbank’s brand Ambassador, Peter Currie he will conduct a tasting with single cask bottlings in cask strength on Saturday, where the a number of 156 bottles available Bourbon can be sampled. Springbank is, just like Cadenhead, the traditional family-owned company J & A Mitchell and maintains a few distilleries in Scotland, an own malting and bottling still and as one. The more”in the name stands for more high percentage specialities, such as the trend beer BREW dog and a special passion, whiskey truffles.

This sinful truffles have a high potential for addiction, I can not resist them self”so Peter Siegenthaler. Whether of bringing that to the Whiskey ship after Zurich, remains his secret. Detlef Sommer the company of Cadenhead’s whisky & more is general importer for Switzerland by Scotland’s oldest independent bottler William Cadenhead Ltd.. The shop for end customers is located in the old town of Baden.Von of the middle lane 15 out of re-sale in the retail trade and the catering is made. Cadenhead’s whisky & more also imported the trendy beers from the cult brewery BrewDog from Fraserburgh / Scotland for retail such as Wholesalekunden of Switzerland.

The exclusive, hand-made Bruichladdich and Longrow whisky Truffs make the business in the heart of Baden to the point of contact for all Schocoholics. Tastings are a further focus of the company. For private as well as institutional group in the 500th “Gloggehuus” or external. The repertoire includes special events such as whisky & food, whisky & film whisky & literature in addition to regular tastings. Company founder Peter Siegenthaler came for the first time in 1981 with single malt whisky in contact. For 10 years he works in the whisky industry. A graduate of the Bruichladdich whisky Academy he may call itself “Single Malt Ambassador“.


Rocket fuel and NEXT AUDIENCE now together look after online advertising customers from the automotive industry and the telecommunications industry. Hamburg, 02.09.2013 – rocket fuel, the leading platform for programmatic media buying, which leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence, and serve now NEXT AUDIENCE, Hamburg-based technology provider for data-driven online marketing, online advertising customers from the automotive industry and the telecommunications industry together. In the global cooperation the NEXT AUDIENCE SinnerSchrader subsidiary performs the data-driven ad serving and acts as a data management platform (DMP). NEXT AUDIENCE collects, aggregates and joins customer-specific data from the onsite newsletter – and media use, as well as the CRM and delivers targeted dynamic advertising based on certain profile logics. Rocket fuel sits on the profile logics of NEXT AUDIENCE, it is enriched with additional data and improves the media control based on previously agreed KPIs based on additional algorithms.

Rocket fuel offers the technical platform, the media shopping optimized through real-time bidding inventory sources. We are pleased about the partnership and the future cooperation with next audience. In our two senses it, data-driven programmatic buying of the German media landscape is to bring closer and we are looking forward to more joint campaigns,”Oliver sleeve explains managing director rocket fuel Germany. This global cooperation with our 360-degree data aggregation, advertisers are can address significantly more economically relevant ranges. NEXT AUDIENCE allows to its customers to use their own CRM data, without needing to share their data for the campaign level”it, adds Torsten Ahlers, CEO of NEXT AUDIENCE. Both companies are represented in Cologne this year with a booth at the dmexco on 18 and 19 September. About rocket fuel rocket fuel offers the leading programmatic media buying platform that leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence, to improve your marketing ROI.

Rocket fuels powerful advertising that learns”technology offers the best achievable results for advertisers. The system checks daily over 28 billion ad options and selects via RTB (real-time bidding) the best for the customers partnerships with major publishers and exchanges. “Rocket fuel was 2013 as no. 4 on Forbes’ most promising companies in America” list of excellent. Rocket fuel was founded in 2008 by rocket scientists of from NASA and online advertising veteran of DoubleClick, Yahoo!, Rocket fuel employs over 452 employees in 19 offices around the world including New York, London, Paris and Hamburg. about NEXT AUDIENCE the NEXT AUDIENCE GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of SinnerSchrader AG based in Hamburg, is a technology provider specifically for online advertisers. NEXT AUDIENCE is for the next generation of data management and ad serving. The new NEXT AUDIENCE PLATFORM provides advertisers a customized technology to delivery, tracking and to the optimization of data-driven online marketing, with the advertisers control their campaigns under their own control.

J.v.G. Build New Solar-Fabrik In Estonia

Normaalne *! J.v.G. build new Solar-Fabrik in Estonia Freystadt, Upper Palatinate which next solar factory made by J.v.G. Thoma”is already on the rise of this time in Estonia, the northernmost of the Baltic State. The plant is to make 15 MW and supply modules above all the Baltic States and Russia. “First much promising talks with EPC companies mentioned, the power plants ‘ build, are mentioned.

The production of solar modules is even important for Estonia because the country wants to be independent of electricity supplies from Russia. The customer in Estonia has opted for the EVA process of J.v.G Thoma; In addition to thin-film systems, this worldwide is the most common method to manufacture PV modules. Delivered an automatic Tabber Stringer and a laminator, by upgrading for the manufacture of Hochtemparturmodulen (desert module) is used. Thus, the customer invested in a solution with development potential. Green thinking is part of life in Estonia.

Renewable energy and Ideas for a sustainable consumption here fall on good soil, finally the most lush nature are surrounded. Even if the own land only 45.227 quality dratkilometer is. A size comparison: Bavaria has an area of 70.548 km. Interesting to know: more than two decades after the end of the Soviet Union, there are big economic differences among the States. Estonia alone can boast strong host sheep data, die Welt reported. Figured out the smallest of the former Soviet countries, which used to enjoy was ridiculed! At the time, the solar project located in the Rampup phase. “Hans Thoma, Managing Director of J.v.G.: the factory is expected to produce in the third quarter of 2013 with full capacity we work at full speed.” J.v.G. Thoma GmbH J.v.G. Thoma GmbH is industry leader with regard to the construction of entire solar factories. The company is holder of numerous patents, allowing the module technology of J.v.G on the market occupied a leading position. Current developments include the so-called desert modules and high-performance, flexible CIGS modules. J.v.G. Thoma operates internationally and advises and supports clients in all phases of the construction of turnkey plants. The seat of the company is Freystadt in the Upper Palatinate.

July Mischioff

For this reason we put for example in the Dye a exclusively environmentally-friendly colors and completely waive toxic solvents. Only through good working conditions and high-quality materials can we achieve our high standard of quality, “tells Misio and looks with anticipation of the coming collections, who he and his brother already developed and designed in the spring of this year. Presentation of the new designs in the news week of October Mischioff presented in October in a news weekly the new design of the rug Collections. The event will take place from 21 to 25 October in the Zurich carpet Centre in Embrach in cooperation with other carpet companies. Visitors can look forward to some new, individual and exclusive designs of the miso brothers. In addition, numerous lectures on the subject of hand-knotted carpets are planned and round off the programme.

Already in July Mischioff has transformed completely its showroom. Now there is an interesting combination and presentation of old and new collections to admire. Of course we get in the next time a new collection, but the carpets from the earlier collections not lose allure and exclusivity. A look always and at any time. The showroom not only got a new robe, but also the site shines no later than early October in new splendour. Also here is there to discover some new for the visitors “, says Dani Misio. Mischioff for all carpet dealer has more good news: the new labels for carpets contain even more information and simplify the work with the Mischioff collections in terms of design, colour and material.

About Mischioff AG for more than 20 years produces and distributes the Mischioff AG exclusive, high-quality and hand-knotted designer rugs. The Zurich company in the third generation is now run by Dani and Sascha Misio; the brothers are also responsible for the carpet designs of the various collections. The high-quality carpets consist exclusively of pure natural materials and are manufactured in manual work under fair conditions, occupied by the fair trade Label STEP. Mischioff supplies upscale retailers and does not see himself as a retail supplier.

Deputy Managing Director

New technologies should make low-cost healthcare New York/Berlin – rather than the doctor personally in practice to visit, could in the future simply by webcam examined many patients have. Interactive telemedicine is the keyword that could significantly change the medical sector in the coming years. The doctor visits via webcam are already no longer uncommon, particularly in patients who can come only with great effort in practice for a variety of reasons. However, in many other cases, tele-medical treatment could improve the future efficiency of the health system, the New York Times reported. The two factors that make more popular tele-medicine are necessary reforms of health care on the one hand and on the other side of technological progress.

In economic terms, the new business division already plays a role. The industry of the interactive telemedicine is growing in North America annually by about 10 percent and converts already 500 million dollars this year, so the forecast by the market research firm Datamonitor. The entire tele-medical area that includes devices for the monitoring and remote diagnostics, to implement already $3.9 billion. See also the press text message. Other technologies aimed at improving the health care system. Want liberate themselves from gigantic mountains of paper, incurred in everyday medical hospitals. X-ray images are no longer as a sheet but displayed on the computer screen, for the selection of their lunch time no cross patients make more on the traditional ballot, instead wishes directly in a small computer stored patient records are digitized and the classical archives shrink to the size of a computer chip.

It is technically possible that the doctor takes a notebook to visitation at the bedside”, says Andreas Koppen Hagen, Deputy Managing Director and supervisor of the St. Josef hospital, Bochum, opposite the WAZ. In the hospital compound of Augusta-sick-Anstalt, this vision is already a reality become.