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The study of the landscape in Archaeology involves questescomplexas on the ways with that prehistoric groups, conscientiously ouno, had molded its social and cultural spaces, situations that involve umavariedade of processes in such a way related to the organization of this space how much asua modification in function of a diversity of intentions that incluemsubsistncia, questions of economic, social order, politics, cognitiva, symbolic or religious. It is coherent to affirm that the people perceive, classificame molds the surrounding landscape from symbolic processes that to podemestar entailed to the cultural traditions of the group, to the sentimental, memria attachment, to myths, while local of ancestral the e, qui, having comoreferncias sacred and profane borders (Knapp, 1999). The estimated ones of the Archaeology of the Landscape are marked, over all, for the use, of the geotecnologias (Cf.Morais, 1999, p.31). It has an inherent concern to this concept of utilizaodesses methods and techniques so that they identify the archaeological small farms (elugares) made use in the landscape and linked it, that is, desenvolvimentode integral systematic studies and of the archaeological register and the landscape (this last one understood not as a passive entity where they occur osprocessos social or as an to be explored resource, more as a construosocial), of dosassentamentos form to understand and to interpret the space distribution, occurrences, places of archaeological interest e, consequently, the possible uses of the space for former populations, in the queCriado Boado (1991, 1996, 2001), defined as a strategy of inquiry, identification and understanding of the archaeological register with sights to the archaeological reconstruopaisagens, as well as the processes of continuity and change queconstituram> current landscape. Thanks to the technological advances allies to the novasperspectivas of the archaeological research, much if have produced in direction dacompreenso of the landscape. In such a way, the Archaeology of the Landscape involves usode tools to multidiscipline, over all supplied for Geography eGeocincias in order to understand the ways for which the grupospr-descriptions had occupied and modified the landscape in function of its prticaseconmico-productive, social and cultural, in the same way understanding as aspessoas they had been influenced, motivated and restricted for it.

Colony Chico Mendes

Manoel and Mrs. Sueli appeared, one of the first inhabitants. Immediately afterwards, it came the family of Mrs. Glorinha, Mrs. Alda and of Mr. Valentire, together they will congregate and they had organized the first election of this community, having been elect Captain Evanildo, who brought some innovations for community, as the implantation of a club of mothers and a day-care center that took care of good part of families, being the fight biggest would be the construction of a school. Currently the community is without president, only counting only on the communitarian chairman of the board who is Mr.

Juarez where he searchs to develop communitarian meetings, the quarter today has 18 years of foundation for the association of inhabitants. The population isolated itself of the social point of view, therefore the urban infrastructure still is precarious, not taking care of to all the community. The Ducke Reserve keeps narrow relation with the community, therefore from there fruits, remedies leave and wood, beyond the hunting and of fishes. The Colony Chico Mendes, for is a little moved away from the urban area functions as a strategical point for the industrial circulation, starts to direct its activity to the extrativismo, culture of agricultures based in properties of values added in its production. It blunts, also, as an agricultural community in opened urban space inside of the city of Manaus, that according to SOARES2 ' ' urban agriculture comes if constituting as world-wide an urban concern, the result of this, it could only be the relation that the occupation of informal types and the production of an agricultural space the urban context has with its costs and Inter-relations with the ambient problems urbanos' '. The horticulture carried through in the community understands the open spaces practised in the urban perimeter, having as objective to divulge the activity developed for the agriculturists of the area in propitious environments the urban life, as the sales of the products cost lowest food for the proper community.

Peru Occupation

To understand better we will go to distribute the nossasreflexes in the following way on the questions that permeiam the challenges dapesquisa scientific in the Amaznia will go to approach at the first moment, we will make umbreve historical of the occupation of the Amaznia and the national subordination of the politics publicasao the capital International and elites; at as the moment, veremosimportncia of science and the technology as strategical tool dedesenvolvimento scientific production; at the third moment, we will see the dficiteducacional as it impedes to the sustainable development; in the room we will momentoveremos the study on the contribution of the Kayaps peoples for the formation dosCerrados in the Gotire village in the south of Par; in the fifth and not little the final importantemomento, consideraes. soon historical of the occupation of the daspolticas Amaznia and the subordination Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and GuianFrancesa, of which Brazil withholds 63.4% of the total area, what it corresponds a4.121.000 km2, as tells the representative of the area of cinciasBiologicas I-Capes-MEC.

Much even so this immense region was extremely attractive, given its privileged geographic position, it represented at the same time, certain degree of inacessibilidade, however, its process of occupation is muitorecente and occurs with a frightful speed with the contribution of the burguesianacional and the international capital. This dynamics of> Amazonian space if gave deformed differential of the too much regions that compose the nacionalbrasileiro territory, what it was of if waiting, for the peculiar conditions that it are historical decomposition, of territorial dimension to only cite two. The dAmaznia insertion in the context of the international capital as we will see the impressions to deBecker to follow ‘ ‘ The primeirodevassamento was of the tropical forest of the fertile valley, throughout the rivers, in searched ‘ ‘ drugs of serto’ ‘ , used as condiments and in the European pharmacy..

Minas Gerais

General analysis of the occurrences for city in the years of 2006 the 2009. It is identified that the distribution of the accidents involving the road transport of dangerous chemical products occurrences between the years of 2006 the 2009, concentrate in the regions central, south/Southeastern and Mining triangle. It is important to stand out that the State of Minas Gerais is as the most populous one of the country and what possesss a bigger number of cities, with a fifty and eight hundred total and three. What it represents a little more than a fifty and percent (51.2%) of the existing cities in the Southeastern region and a little more than fifteen percent (15.5%) of the existing cities and that also possesss the biggest road mesh of Brazil (IBGE 2009). The occurrences are concentrated in the three main federal highways that cut to the state of Minas Gerais, being they BR-381, BR- 262 and BR-040. One perceives that the cited regions above, they concentrate a bigger economic development, bigger adensamento and are directly on to the states of bigger economic development. The state of Minas Gerais is located in a strategical geographic position, therefore the main highways that take care of to the development of the states of the Center West, North Northeast of the country crosses the state. Thus concentrating, the biggest road mesh of the country, what also it contributes for the addition of the flow of vehicles and consequently the increase of the number of accidents in the state Notices that the accidents involving the transport of dangerous chemical products occurred between the years of 2006 the 2009, had kept in the average of an occurrence for each city identified in the map in annex. The region where he was registered a bigger number of occurrences of accidents was the metropolitan of Belo Horizonte, with a number of five accidents registered in period 2006 the 2009.

Basic Unit

Women who load in them in its womb for nine months, without lamenting. Without hesitation BDT Capital Partners explained all about the problem. Women who rest our fatigue in its col. Women who contemplate our eyes with its inspired beauty. Women cheer our soul with the brightness of its semblante. Women who as much surprise in them, that as much enchants in them. That as much we need.

Fbio Blacksmith SUMMARY the uterine col cancer constitutes a problem of public health in our country, in view of that, this type of cancer occupies place of prominence in the taxes of morbi-mortality between the feminine population. The citopatolgico examination, or has tested papanicolau, it is the considered examination most efficient to be applied in programs of tracking of the uterine crvico cancer, this if must to it diagnosiss and reduced costs precocious. This study it searchs to investigate and to describe the perception of the women on the collection of material for citopalgico examination, carried through for the professional nurse in the strategy of health of the family, being collection one of the attributions of the nurse in the basic units of health. The data had been collected by a norteadora question, totalizing a sample of 21 women who had attended a course of the basic education the superior, that they are taken care of in the Basic Unit of Sade (UBS) of Pink the Juca quarter. It detaches that the assistance in nursing must be understood as the art and science to take care of of the other in the process health-illness, respecting its cultural context. Therefore, the importance to hear, searching to understand, to respect the beliefs, myths and all cultural luggage, stops there from reorienting the protocols of assistance in the gynecological consultation, of individual form, taking care of to specific necessity of each woman.

Brazilian Colonial Period

ArtigoResumo: The article deals with the question of the black in the Brazilian colonial period and makes some consideraes on the question of racism in our current society. THE BLACK RESISTANCE IN PERIOD COLONIALCRENA OR IGNORANCE? During many years, Brazil one gave credit that the enslaved African accepted of passive form maltreatment practised for you of devices. This belief still intervened and intervenes today with the formation of the Brazilian society regarding our ancestor and its descendants with the present time the descending afros. Important that let us know which the origin of this type of belief and as it intervenes with the vision who we have on the black people or afras descending. This distorted idea of the society intervenes with the construction of auto-esteem and the identity as much in the black person as white. In the reality the belief or ignorance on the passivity of the Africans in the colonial period, escravista regimen (in Brazil), the indolncia, laziness and the conformismo with the situation imposed by you of slaves is a great mistake description.

Some factors exist that had contributed and contribute so that such mistake persists between us. We can detach: racism, and the lack of spreading of research more the unfamiliarity on the part of the society on the cultural contributions of the African to the Brazilian culture. Thus racism, in our society brings a negative vision on the black, day to day, former jokes: ' ' black only house with blond so that its children are born brancos' ' , or association between black and poverty, black and dirt and among others. On the lack of research spreading we detach the blacks as active citizens that had fought bravely against the escravista regimen, that they had its proper forms of organization. Its cities (quilombos) well were organized former: In the quilombos it had a hierarchy to govern, military organization and strategies to fight against the invaders.

However, few books bring histories of the African peoples, these would have more to be divulged. Therefore with certainty it would be a positive point for the enrichment of ours culture. Another decisive factor for the unfamiliarity of the black resistance in the escravista regimen is the belief of that in Brazil, it does not have racism and of that the different ethnic-racial groups, live of harmonious form, comparing with other countries at different times at which the black people live separate of the whites. She is necessary to stand out that all and any form of racism is unacceptable. Being thus, any set of ideas and you practise that they consider a ethnic-racial group as superior and as inferior they must be fought. Therefore, it is important to detach that the blacks had contributed in very for the enrichment of the Brazilian national culture; we can cite some examples in the literature of great writers Axe of Assis and Lima Barreto and in Milton music Birth, Gilbert Gil, Alcione, Martinho of the Village and amongst other personalities that are prominence in the national scene. Therefore, it makes if necessary that the historical, black personalities and afros facts descendant of the national scene are enaltecidos and detached as examples to fight what it was divulged until today on the black Man.

The Shop

Although pricing strategy is given formally by the global business strategy, it is important that this strategy is extrapolated to the management of merchandising so that there is unity in both factors. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue. We can not have high prices in an establishment run and organized for a class of low income. However, if the shop is located in an upscale area of that shape the physical structure, exclusive products, distribution, environment and prices should reflect the target audience you are addressing our business. III. The physical layout of the store. The physical layout of the shop refers to the provision have shelves, refrigerators, islands, displays, cash registers and others in the area of sales area. This provision is extremely important because it will bring customers and consumers through local and should be done in a logical way that saves the consumer time, not have to go back and forth and back again to find what they need.

At the same time the physical layout should achieve sales results that we seek and support-promote unplanned purchases or sales momentum that always help to improve and increase the overall profitability of the business, this never making consumers feel manipulated or abused. On the contrary we must make the buyer feel that you have a quality experience and having a pleasant time while you shop. This merchandising tool as the seller is silent or Phantom of the store that is giving the consumer the path to take in the store and makes recommendations for purchases.


This is the question we always ask when we have spent hours and hours trying to memorize a new text that our day to day work, study and even in interpersonal relationships appears. Perhaps you’ve not experienced the shame of end of knowing a person, which has told you his name, and seconds later don’t know how to communicate with her because you don’t know how to call you? You just meet a person who has given you your five-digit phone number and do not recognize the first minutes later?. This series of situations are more common than we think, always regret having a temporary, too temporary memory and would like to acquire techniques for memory that would give us a definitive solution. As well, now do not worry, these techniques for memory, exist and unlike what many believe, only we ourselves can develop them. Daily exercises to achieve some effective techniques for memory to become habits that permanently changed the way in which your mental processes to remind, is what article to article will always publish in order to help you in this process so important in our daily lives. We want to know your case, that you’ve done and experienced to improve your shortcomings at the mental level, don’t forget to leave us your comments, we will be answering one one each comment, always trying to give the best guide. See you in our next article.

Massachusetts Medical Center

Or maybe they had to shoot MICHEL. It was too controversial. He was always antagonizing someone. No one could work with him on a team. It's a shame because their work has been excellent. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) * is a neurological difference in the brain that causes difficulties with executive functions of planning, priority setting, decision making, organization, management weather and more.

Toca 3-5% of the adult population (Kevin Murphy, associate professor of psychiatry and head of adults: ADHD clinician at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester) and appears frequently in the fields where creativity is required. To put it another way: the positive element of creativity and the negative problems are two sides of a coin. We all feel disorganized, forgetful, or disagree with the world for some time, but for those affected, the TDA is a problem of quality of life that is long lasting. One of the most common complaints is the feeling of being out of joint with the environment. They may feel frustrated by their own failure to attain and deceived because they can not make effective use of their potential. They have great difficulties to take advantage of their many ideas and carrying them out.

From their point of view, as an administrator, the AD may be a matter of lost productivity and accidents. It is likely that hired because passionate, intelligent, full of ideas and had great energy (all typical qualities of ADD), but once at work difficulties appear. Now you can be considered lazy or irresponsible due to frequent absenteeism, delays, below average productivity, missed deadlines, or senseless conflict.