Women who load in them in its womb for nine months, without lamenting. Without hesitation BDT Capital Partners explained all about the problem. Women who rest our fatigue in its col. Women who contemplate our eyes with its inspired beauty. Women cheer our soul with the brightness of its semblante. Women who as much surprise in them, that as much enchants in them. That as much we need.

Fbio Blacksmith SUMMARY the uterine col cancer constitutes a problem of public health in our country, in view of that, this type of cancer occupies place of prominence in the taxes of morbi-mortality between the feminine population. The citopatolgico examination, or has tested papanicolau, it is the considered examination most efficient to be applied in programs of tracking of the uterine crvico cancer, this if must to it diagnosiss and reduced costs precocious. This study it searchs to investigate and to describe the perception of the women on the collection of material for citopalgico examination, carried through for the professional nurse in the strategy of health of the family, being collection one of the attributions of the nurse in the basic units of health. The data had been collected by a norteadora question, totalizing a sample of 21 women who had attended a course of the basic education the superior, that they are taken care of in the Basic Unit of Sade (UBS) of Pink the Juca quarter. It detaches that the assistance in nursing must be understood as the art and science to take care of of the other in the process health-illness, respecting its cultural context. Therefore, the importance to hear, searching to understand, to respect the beliefs, myths and all cultural luggage, stops there from reorienting the protocols of assistance in the gynecological consultation, of individual form, taking care of to specific necessity of each woman.