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At its core publishing agreement the order – a contract for services, a feature which is the fulfillment of a special kind of works – intellectual, and the resultant outcome of these works – the result of intellectual activity – product. The author's contract after this time can only be made c natural person – the author. Under the contract, one party (the author) is obligated to order the other party (the customer) to establish the contracted work of science, literature or art in a tangible medium, or in another form. Material support of the product delivered to the customer in the property, if the parties' agreement does not provide for its transfer to the customer at the time use. In this case, a material carrier is understood the manuscript, painting, sculpture or other thing, which is embodied product. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ali Partovi. Work may be inextricably with the material carrier, so the law addressed the question of ownership of such a thing. Under a different (also material) form a work means, above all, his electronic record. In this case, the product can coexist on the different media (in computer memory, diskette, CD-ROM, etc.) and can be delivered to the customer on any of them either via the Internet. In this regard, the question of ownership of media work created in a similar form, is not significant, although the condition for the product the customer is in one form or another in the contract should specify. Features of the contract copyright order determined by the fact that he is in respect of work which does not yet exist and will be created only in the long term. Therefore, when drawing up the contract copyright order along with the condition of the subject matter of the contract – due to the creation of works of science, literature or art – is stipulated as essential for the contract copyright order, the condition of the surrender of the product to the customer. Agreement, which does not provide and can not define the term his performance is not considered to be concluded. The contract of copyright reservation along with conditions relating to the establishment due to the works and life of its delivery to the customer, should reflect and conditions for further use the created works. To this end the contract copyright order may provide the customer the right to use this product within the contractual limits or provide for the alienation of customer exclusive rights to the product created by the author. Accordingly to such a contract shall apply any provision of the Civil Code of the alienation of the exclusive right or provision of the license agreements. Drafting calibrated contract copyright order to detail the conditions described will help to avoid misunderstandings between partners, to protect intellectual property rights and other legitimate interests in the event of violations.


Sneakers have always been! It's a bold statement at first glance seems moot. Robotics shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In fact, the assertion that the sneakers in the broadest sense has always been difficult to challenge, we are talking about adaptations for running, created from improvised materials. A run was also always the case. Ancient people often had to catch up and even more frequently to escape. They could not help but notice how vulnerable bare feet. At every step of waiting for danger in the form of sharp stones, Poisonous snakes and invisible potholes.

To protect the feet, people used tree bark, animal skins, palm leaves. Evil poor, they managed to create something very remotely resembling modern universal athletic shoes. It is universal, that is, a sports shoe, which would be old enough for all occasions, when required to run, jump, climb the hill, climb trees, move gravity and so on. Universal shoes still exist. For tens of thousands of years they have improved to such an extent that the ordinary athletic shoes have become a complex technique with a mini-computer, and the little motor cable system.

The price of these devices seems fantastic, even in comparison with the best models of sport shoes from leading manufacturers. But it is – an extreme, which will not be saved in the production of things designed for a wide demand. Manufacturers of athletic shoes are often trying to catch two rabbits at once, or to sit on two chairs: to please the fashion trends in clothing and footwear for all and please, along with the request professional athletes. Creating new models, such as running shoes, they are more concerned about the abrupt appearance than about the functionality of a professional shoe for running. But running has always been. And a long time ago it is clear that stops working during the run is not quite as during walking. Human feet are divided into three groups according to the nature of the arch: giperpronatory (excessive flattening; joints while running and overwork lose their stability), gipopronatory (insufficient flattening of the foot badly softens the load) and neutral pronator (the norm). For the latter group are suitable stabilizing shoe type (stability), for the first – controlling (control) jogging shoes – the most control pronation, the second – the neutral absorbing (neutral) sports shoes, promotes a more natural movement of the legs. To set up your group, you have to pass a simple 'wet' test: take a sheet of thick paper, put it on the floor, soaking his bare feet, stand on a piece about half a minute, then get off the sheet and a pencil to outline the boundaries of wet spots. Most of the problems associated with the character of the arch, disappears in the case of proper running technique – an athlete lands on the front of the foot, holding his leg, slightly bent at the knee joint. That is exactly what did our ancestors, for the simple reason that a child ran barefoot.

iPod Players

IPod players are among the safest in the world. There was even a rumor that a bullet from AK47 released in the U.S. soldier in Iraq, stuck in the player and did not bring any harm to the soldier. Yeah, right in the 'apple' =) this is true or pr, you decide. Personally, I I think, that the empty gossip, the next story for the program 'Mythbusters' With all due respect to iPodu, AK47 is why it more respect. Well, this little digression. If you're reading this, then you most likely problem with the iPod.

I hope that you have no shot =) and you will be able to easily handle all problems. To do this, execute the program 'magic' five 'R': Reset (restart), Retry (retry), Restart (restart), Reinstall (re-installation), Restore (Recovery). If you would like to know more then you should visit Pete Cashmore. 1.RESET: If you are the unknown, how to restart your player, look on the official page of Apple. Likely to reboot will solve your problem. 2.RETRY: Try connecting your player to the computer via another port usb. Also the problem may lie in the beaten sync cable. If there is an opportunity to take a different cable, then connect the player through it. 3.RESTART: Simply reboot your computer connected to iPodom 4.REINSTALL: Download the latest version firmware via iTunes and updated.

Do not forget to make backup predvaditelno library. 5.RESTORE: If all else fails, you can restore all the player settings to the factory level. How do we read on the official page of Apple. If all 5 points have not helped, I am your sincere sympathy. I almost cried when my first apple player covered himself with hdd And what can you do fate In principle, you can call in support or refer to the seller (if the player is under warranty) or contact the service repair. In the latter case, the forked-Bake iPoda repair is not cheap. However, you can take this opportunity to protyuningovat player: put a new battery or more solid hard drive And you can just buy a new iPod Something I'm dreaming, if you read this article just in case, then I wish you that this case did not come.

Modern Street Lighting

Modern street lighting with LED bulbs while you lose during the day barely a thought on the domestic lighting, it dawns in the evening hours more in the heads if you again notice that you actually at home should check the Leichtmittel, since they are also so slowly come in the years. In the design of road lighting the LED arrived in the past few years more and more into the foreground bulbs, because they have a lot of advantages compared to the normal light bulbs. Especially when it comes to the lighting of large parking, rest areas or campsites companies leave nothing to chance and placing greater emphasis on LED bulbs. At all places where constant traffic is listed can used products also not saved are, but you must use always high-quality lamps, combine the strength and quality. When it comes to modern street lights with LED bulbs, you should always buy its products for major manufacturers to be sure, that you not powered off with cheap products, which can guarantee no efficient lighting over the long term and thus not authorisations the cost can.

When it comes to street lighting should include the Web page of Ronotic is definitely in the bookmark. This provider is a pioneer when it comes to modern LED technology for demanding applications. If the illumination of parking lots, warehouses, roads, ways, or entire campuses, at Ronotic get care products for every area of application. The development in the area which remains LED bulbs are not available, but moves forward in full swing. So the efficiency and light output, improved always in recent years which not only has a positive affect on the own purse. Through the use of high-quality LED you can today operating costs by up to 60% lighting, what represents an enormous price difference in a large Beldeichutng.

Of course you should also mention that modern LED Leichtmittel are free of toxic substances such as mercury, and thus pose no threat. Also emitted light from LED is lighting insect friendly, because these are attracted not by the radiation, so as is often the case with ordinary light bulbs. On the Web page of Ronotic you will find LED light sources and solar street lighting for all imaginable applications. Especially when it comes to the lighting of very busy streets or entire campuses, one should look at the offer of Ronotic. LED lights are the future of modern street lighting and are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to conventional light sources.

Matthias Germer

The special testo 835-T2 is the extended measuring range up to 1500 C. Pete Cashmore is often quoted on this topic. The device is mainly used in the glass, ceramics and metal industry. Wherever people due to the high temperatures can not close enough to the object to be measured up, testo 835-T2 is used. So the temperature can be monitored, for example, in the production of glass is safe, to ensure the quality standards. All unit types of the 835 series is suitable for simple sample measurement as well as for continuous measurements. Readings can be associated with specific measurement locations in the data memory of the device. The evaluation of the data on a PC can be done later.

The integrated measurement of the emission level represents another significant advantage of testo 835 series. It allows the user to select the preset emission degree of a certain material from a list stored in the device. The emissivity this elaborately manually has to be calculated and users get fast and accurate measurement results. All testo 835 series devices are easy to use and offer yet extensive monitoring and analysis options. You help to save time and money and ensure to comply with quality standards”, finally, so Matthias Germer.

More information: testo835 illustrations 1-3: the infrared measuring instrument testo 835 image: Testo AG the Testo AG the Testo AG, headquartered in the high black forest is worldwide one of the leading manufacturers of portable and stationary measuring technology. The high-tech company provides among other things for the climate and environmental technology, industrial applications, emission measurements and the control of food quality measurement solutions. Every year the company invests on average about 10 percent of its sales in research and development and thus operates an above-average expenses for future-oriented technologies. The company operates with 31 subsidiaries and over 80 missions around the world, and has approximately 2,300 employees.