IPod players are among the safest in the world. There was even a rumor that a bullet from AK47 released in the U.S. soldier in Iraq, stuck in the player and did not bring any harm to the soldier. Yeah, right in the 'apple' =) this is true or pr, you decide. Personally, I I think, that the empty gossip, the next story for the program 'Mythbusters' With all due respect to iPodu, AK47 is why it more respect. Well, this little digression. If you're reading this, then you most likely problem with the iPod.

I hope that you have no shot =) and you will be able to easily handle all problems. To do this, execute the program 'magic' five 'R': Reset (restart), Retry (retry), Restart (restart), Reinstall (re-installation), Restore (Recovery). If you would like to know more then you should visit Pete Cashmore. 1.RESET: If you are the unknown, how to restart your player, look on the official page of Apple. Likely to reboot will solve your problem. 2.RETRY: Try connecting your player to the computer via another port usb. Also the problem may lie in the beaten sync cable. If there is an opportunity to take a different cable, then connect the player through it. 3.RESTART: Simply reboot your computer connected to iPodom 4.REINSTALL: Download the latest version firmware via iTunes and updated.

Do not forget to make backup predvaditelno library. 5.RESTORE: If all else fails, you can restore all the player settings to the factory level. How do we read on the official page of Apple. If all 5 points have not helped, I am your sincere sympathy. I almost cried when my first apple player covered himself with hdd And what can you do fate In principle, you can call in support or refer to the seller (if the player is under warranty) or contact the service repair. In the latter case, the forked-Bake iPoda repair is not cheap. However, you can take this opportunity to protyuningovat player: put a new battery or more solid hard drive And you can just buy a new iPod Something I'm dreaming, if you read this article just in case, then I wish you that this case did not come.