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Success Change Management

Implementation of marketing software as a key role analysis, reconnaissance, communication: the human factor plays the key role in the implementation of marketing software. In the introduction of innovations, many companies encounter resistance within the ranks. The person with his fundamental desire for stability feels changes as a threat: “Change” is not understood as an opportunity, but scares. A recently completed undergraduate work at the Hamburg School of business administration has examined what factors in the introduction of software for marketing planning and controlling promise success. Angel investor contains valuable tech resources. For author Christian Frank is that changes can be successfully overcome only with a structured and sustainable approach. A clean run change management process is the decisive success factor.

Jochen Mayer, business consultant of the doubleSlash NET Business GmbH confirmed that. For about ten years enterprise software solutions developed for marketing departments large corporations. For more information see this site: Viacom. With the marketing Planner, now also a Web-based solution for planning, control, information and reporting of marketing and sales activities on the market brought the Friedrichshafen IT specialists. “Initially was the main focus on the functionality of the software. Meanwhile, design and develop modular enterprise marketing management solutions for companies such as Hugo Boss, the BMW Group or Deutsche Post. Change management is doing an important and yet often undervalued factor of success”, says Mayer. From the experience of many projects, the consultant knows that a special challenge is that in the marketing and communication departments already with “Office Software” are used.

The employees are accustomed to dealing for example with Excel and find emanating from the possibilities offered by the existing software, usually passable solutions for their problems. The practical experience of the doubleSlash experts confirmed the findings of the research: routines are reluctant to abandoned. When the employees not immediately a better usability and advantages for the own work realize the danger is great that they return back to their ‘Excel’ or complicate the implementation. The project to define, correctly set requirements to realize clear benefits for the user, all stakeholders in the boat to get and keep informed are the success criteria that make all the difference, whether five people with the system will work or 5,000 “, Mayer explained. “Change management is a critical success factor in the implementation of software solutions for marketing certainly. “Nevertheless, the classical factors of success are still valid: good software, good project management, the training of staff, investment security and integration of new software solution into the existing IT landscape.” The success factor has change management with the introduction of marketing software also Rainer Rahul, editor-in-Chief of the magazine of INDUKOM researched. The B2B Magazine for Industrial and communications grants (03/2011) interesting insights into the world of change management in the current issue. About the company doubleSlash the doubleSlash NET Business GmbH is specialized in project business and product development in the field of enterprise software. The range includes the entire curriculum vitae of software: from consulting and conception, development to operation and maintenance. doubleSlash was founded in 1999 and has today over 80 employees with an annual turnover of EUR 6.2 million.

Accurately Communicate Brands

da kapo, the expert for (digital) brand communication, presents the interactive, multimedia since kapo APP for iPad. The digital age has revolutionized the classic branding. The importance of mobile apps for smartphones and tablets has gained enormously in importance. The electronic communications continue to evolve at an incredible pace ceaselessly and are the most important and most especially direct possibilities especially in customer loyalty. To know more about this subject visit Pete Cashmore. The successful combination of traditional and digital marketing today is the challenge, which is to deal with it.

The Furth communications agency as kapo this spans print, PR, and POS communication dialog marketing to Internet concepts and mobile communication and carries brands so accurately to the target. The latest version of the agent’s own multimedia app made for iPad is a current example of this, as the digital world can be used intelligently and with creative ideas. But also for how brands communicate with strategic strength and creative ideas on the point can be placed. da kapo developed strong brand concepts with cross-media focus and the goal to bring the messages of the potential prospects successfully. With this aim, the agency designed campaigns that optimally use all channels of communication. These include sites, whose Inhalte including automatically adapt to all devices (responsive Web design).

Of course packed with just the right messages, emotional content and user-oriented usability. The latest version of da kapo-iPad app shows that stands the enterprising companies: it’s appealing, creative, targeted and efficient. Contrary to a classical Web page, that is not usually laid out on the screen size of smartphones and tablets, an app in addition offline provides access to all content and features. Fast access with just the swipe of a finger and direct contact facilitate communication between company and customers or users. This is the future more efficiently Customer retention and acquisition of new. Because the use of the media moves increasingly into the digital world, especially on mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

BBs Smartgloves

Smartgloves and smartpen provide warm hands and proper use of the touch screen is in cold winter days it not always easy to accept a call on the phone or write an email, because gloves make often impossible the operation of smartphones and tablets. To provide warm hands but also in the winter days, there are appropriate advertising materials that guarantee a problem-free use of the touch screen. The frequent use of smartphones or Tablet-PC BBs are these smart advertising increasingly in demand. Two different paths can be used with the Smartgloves and the smartpen, a touch screen to operate and maintain yet warm hands. Advertising material be used both the Smartgloves and the smartpen with an individual message as provided and ensure a sustainable advertising contact at each use.

The smartpen is a pencil, which consists of aluminium and thanks to the special tip on each touch monitor ensures a precise and correct use. The advertising message on the PIN is placed by means of engraving and is an ideal trade fair advertising through the high-quality workmanship. Of course, the pens can be used also as Samplingartikel for POS and promotional campaigns. In connection with the transmission of digital content which can be read about QR codes, the smartpen is used immediately. Who wants to use no tools, for which the Smartgloves gloves are ideal advertising media. The gloves are provided with a Werbestick and therefore provide a long-term and lasting advertising effect.

While the glove is made of acrylic fiber, are the fingertips of a special conductive material, which propagates the heat and thus allows a touch screen operation with gloves. Due to the frequent use of smartphones and Tablet-PC BBs smart advertising more and more frequently used. The enormous popularity of this promotional products ensures that these are also used as mass advertising. High-quality promotional printing as well as the engraving provide for the use of an effective advertising space. Straight for the winter, the smartpen as well as the Smartgloves are popular advertising media. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT offers also the smart promotional items in addition to the digital advertising materials. All other information about the smartpen and Smartgloves, see advertising/mobile-zubehoer.html.


The three! Advertising agency critical customer proximity with social media monitoring (SMM) companies can opinions about its offer and market developments quickly as never evaluate. Hear from experts in the field like Kai-Fu Lee for a more varied view. But too rarely used so far really the possibilities of the SMM. For entrepreneurs, it’s actually a dream: one, ran the decades market research behind countless interviews and focus group discussions were dedicated and anything else the marketing strategists. a>. “All that to the great unknown with name target group” to come on the track, their likes and dislikes to guess and to integrate profitably into the realization of the own offer. The dream, he is as simple as it seemed unrealistic: peek into the minds of the audience to catch, untarnished by factors such as subsidizing social desirability, affecting the statements made by participants in any context declared as market research. In short: it is the dream to know what customers want and it optimal to respond.

Who demand look through has, can improve its offer. Prerequisite for a truly authentic opinion is generally that the participants voluntarily speak out arenas of freedom of expression, so not motivated by incentives, which are artificially created for example by the company. This results in otherwise to the sense of social obligation and thus in turn potentially falsified answers. The formal design of the statement as well as channel and addressed of its communication contribution can choose the participants. It is important: self-determination is Trump, you want to get an honest opinion and King actually make the customers. “And here they come into play: the social media, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and social media, co. named after their social ‘ primary goal, of communication, allow their users the unfiltered Exchange with a theoretically unlimited number of other users. Where used, the mass media and their gatekeeper held the broadcast monopoly, offer social Networks and blog today’s arenas of freedom of expression almost without access restriction.

Internet Networks

PreSales marketing for my business success over a billion users recorded the world’s largest social network: Facebook. However, not only the industry leader has an unprecedented marketing reach: XING, Google plus, LinkedIn, they all attract millions of people their platforms. Robert hub Kalan has in its innovative marketing strategy, PreSales marketing, these social networks deals with, studied and analyzed. As a recognized expert is he today show us how Facebook, XING and co. Kai-Fu Lee contains valuable tech resources. in the own customer acquisition can be integrated and what dangerous cliffs to circumnavigate it applies. Social networks, the unknown nature of the crisis of conventional marketing tools and in particular with the demise of the cold has taken place a rethink in many companies. Looking for alternatives, even little Internet-savvy companies handlebar discovered the exciting world of online social networks with sometimes disastrous consequences. Rather than open up new customer groups instead of increasing sales, lost many companies their reputation, reputation, reputation.

But what fail so many responsible? In just a few minutes a profile is created, with two or three clicks of the mouse the latest press release uploaded. The letter of completely unknown users who more or less fit in its own target group, is possible almost without effort. The functions of social networks are can be used easily and quickly and precisely what makes it so dangerous for newcomers. Within these online worlds are very own laws that it note? Even global players such as Deutsche Bahn fail sometimes on these dynamics. Some time ago, the flagship company has tried with seat in Berlin to jump on the bandwagon of social networks. You wanted to be young, innovative and customer-friendly.

Actually made it for those responsible, create a Facebook profile. But following this effort they made break probably once. What followed was one of the first Shitstorms”in Germany. Within a very short time, countless users made the profile of the Deutsche Bahn the unofficial complaint Center.

Award For

Agency wins German Prize for business communication under the auspices of Klaus Wowereit and under the direction of Prof. Dr. Reinhold Roski, the jury in Berlin honored eight Prize winner with the Golden sparks.” “In the category of best Public Relations” for the campaign the future of reading “for their customers Internet GmbH wins ad publica public relations GmbH. The prize was awarded for the 13th time. Hamburg, June 2013. At a festive Gala, the jury in a TEPEE at the Chancellery 2013 honored the winners of the German Award for business communication.

The Golden spark”was awarded in eight categories to companies which are characterized by excellent communication. The jurors had nominated 50 finalists in eight categories from more than 1,200 high-profile campaigns on the basis of a scientifically drawn up criteria. “” the future of reading from WINS with the campaign is ad publica “for the customers Internet GmbH in the category of best Public Relations”. Developed for the launch of the brand Communications campaign consisted of strategy development, agenda-setting, issues management, public relations, public relations and internal communications. The German Award for business communication has existed for 13 years and is an award received for targeted, effective and innovative business communication companies and agencies from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Prominent patrons of the price are Berlin’s Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit and Federal Minister of Economics Dr.

Philipp Rosler. Best Public Relations to the grounds it means: against the background of the growing E-book market was from Target was to create to convert this confidence and ultimately also to motivate actions through targeted PR measures a public interest for the new brand. The exclusivity strategy used, the principle of secrecy and targeted cooperation with Keymedien were sent and brought a very interesting drama in the relaunch. The interest of the was media therefore safely.” To Heiko Biesterfeldt, Managing Director of the Agency for press and public relations: We thank the jury for this award and the recognition of our work related. To win this prize encouraged us to run our campaign also remain knowledgeable and passionate”. Link to the press release: en/news-stories/ad-publica/Golden spark 2013 / about ad publica: the name says it: ad lat. Add to publica lat. publicly. Ad publica in the fields of strategy, positioning, as well as corporate and brand communications, advises as owner-managed public-relations agency in Hamburg and Cologne. For external and internal audiences, the Agency developed a performance-oriented PR measures, consistently creative strategy, challenging public relations and social media relations and corporate communications network to successful public relations. Also as an agency for change communication, Crisis PR, SEO, event communication and corporate publishing is ad publica established with its customers. MORE information and images: ad publica public relations GmbH Heiko Biesterfeldt Bush Street 12, 20354 Hamburg, Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 317 66-300 fax: + 49 (0) 40 317 66 301 mailto: