PreSales marketing for my business success over a billion users recorded the world’s largest social network: Facebook. However, not only the industry leader has an unprecedented marketing reach: XING, Google plus, LinkedIn, they all attract millions of people their platforms. Robert hub Kalan has in its innovative marketing strategy, PreSales marketing, these social networks deals with, studied and analyzed. As a recognized expert is he today show us how Facebook, XING and co. Kai-Fu Lee contains valuable tech resources. in the own customer acquisition can be integrated and what dangerous cliffs to circumnavigate it applies. Social networks, the unknown nature of the crisis of conventional marketing tools and in particular with the demise of the cold has taken place a rethink in many companies. Looking for alternatives, even little Internet-savvy companies handlebar discovered the exciting world of online social networks with sometimes disastrous consequences. Rather than open up new customer groups instead of increasing sales, lost many companies their reputation, reputation, reputation.

But what fail so many responsible? In just a few minutes a profile is created, with two or three clicks of the mouse the latest press release uploaded. The letter of completely unknown users who more or less fit in its own target group, is possible almost without effort. The functions of social networks are can be used easily and quickly and precisely what makes it so dangerous for newcomers. Within these online worlds are very own laws that it note? Even global players such as Deutsche Bahn fail sometimes on these dynamics. Some time ago, the flagship company has tried with seat in Berlin to jump on the bandwagon of social networks. You wanted to be young, innovative and customer-friendly.

Actually made it for those responsible, create a Facebook profile. But following this effort they made break probably once. What followed was one of the first Shitstorms”in Germany. Within a very short time, countless users made the profile of the Deutsche Bahn the unofficial complaint Center.