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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Chilean Wine Industry

But three centuries passed before that there is a turnaround in the Chilean wine industry: in 1851 Silvestre Ochagavia introduced French strains on your property of Talagante, and thus He initiated the replacement of the old Spanish vines for Cabernet, Cot, Merlot, Pinot, Sauvignon, Semillon, Riesling and others that constitute the base of wine production in this South American nation. Shortly afterwards, the same Ochagavia returned to hit Chilean wine production with the hiring of a French winemaker, Joseph Bertrand. The idea spread to other producers, and at the end of the century the leading wine companies had hired technicians European, mostly French. Exports of Chilean wines to Europe began in 1877, and its quality was featured in exhibitions of Bordeaux (1882), Liverpool (1885) and Paris (1889). 20Th century in 1900, the vines were already covering 40,000 hectares of the Chilean territory. The surface destined to the wine industry continued to increase until 1938, when it was of 108,000 hectares.

The history of Chilean wine in the 20th century was not easy. A law of alcohols virtually forbade the planting of vineyards and the transplants of vineyards, while the second world war closed the door on imports, including those of wine-growing machinery. The law which restricted the vineyards was repealed in 1974. Since 1980 the regulatory liberalization and the economic opening of the country detonate a revolution. The wine sector was assembled of modern machinery, improved irrigation and planting technology, incorporated stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels, began to use better quality bottles.

The highest production, coinciding with a significant reduction in local consumption was reached between 1982 and 1983. Both elements caused a crisis of proportions, with falling prices and crop replacement. It was just at this time when the schema of traditional family owners of large vineyards began to be replaced by economic groups or corporations, even with international participation, which definitely boosted the modernization of business. In the 1990s the Chilean wines definitely consolidated its presence in the international market, with excellent results and a well deserved prestige. Exports to Europe, United States and mainly Asia, have grown every year reporting a total of $601,6 million in 2002. Currently Chilean wines are exported to over 100 countries on five continents. Wine is a drink for healthy adults, not recommended to pregnant women, infants and children under 16 years. It is healthy only when it is drunk in moderation, that is, with respect, education, culture and intelligence, which allows you to enjoy it with all five senses. The biggest wine charms are in its chromatic nuances and aromas, nor much drinking or drinking quickly increases the pleasure of wine, but rather the opposite. The wine is made to accompany other foods and not as an objective by itself, however, is acceptable in moderate as an aperitif or digestif quantities. Harmonize a wine with food, as well as with opportunities, it is an art.


There are many myths that have been created for a long time around the operation of microwave ovens. These myths have generated some disbelief in users to the when cooking in them as in many households worldwide use is specifically to heat the food, most do not prepare it, which turns out to be one of the main functions of this appliance. Here we platearemos then some myths of relevance that have generated distrust in users of these household accessories, which can be cooked any, how to cook paella or any other own 1 household delight. What heat food in the microwave kills the nutrients? FAKE a microwave oven works by emitting radio waves called and popularly known as micro waves. These waves do not aggravate the food particles, make it vibrate, which causes heat. You can cook food in the microwave and heats faster than that in an oven, so this should retain more nutrients. 2 Can the microwave radiation generate cancer? This could be true, but if your microwave oven is operating correctly and has been well maintained, it will not generate enough radiation to cause cancer. 3.

What heated in the microwave in plastic food packaging releases toxic chemicals called dioxins in foods? FALSE according to institutions that have investigated this fact plastic containers and plastic packaging that occur today do not contain dioxins. It’s more today there are plastics and polymers especially designed to heat food in the microwave without suffering any effect to its estructuraplatica and foods containing. Also keep in mind that when there is heat in the microwave oven, food can become very hot quickly. So I have to be very careful when taking food out because any could burn with them. Similarly, it should be recalled that the science and technology of food design food specially prepared to finish cooking in the oven microwave, for which there is no danger and do not receive the necessary nutrients for the body because these foods are created for this appliance awaken their potential food or nutritious.

Security Cameras

A night vision security camera may sound like something that our agents of order can be used, but it is most commonly used by home and business owners you might think. One of the major uses of these security cameras is in great parks of parking. As you know, security guards may have a difficult time with the safety of the day, and by night becomes even more complicated by the visibility that exists during the night. This is the reason why a night vision camera is necessary to keep secure any property. Night vision cameras are not science fiction. It produces an image based on body heat and illuminates it through the Chamber.

These security cameras also work well on the outside of buildings when there is no light present, but the building must be guaranteed. Here is where the night vision devices offer great benefits and protection. Night vision spy cameras they are widely available. On the Internet there is a wide range of information at your fingertips that can help you in any need on any camera in specific. Some may say that the cameras spy night vision are useless and they are not necessary, but if you need security, then it made sense. After all, the good thing is that any safety or security system camera is distinguish images. If you need the best in technology a security camera with night vision is the solution most appropriate.

Teresa River

Pals is a small town of the Costa Brava that preserves one of the most beautiful historical centres of the Mediterranean. To little meters, in addition, is an extensive beach that until recently was known for its huge antennas, which decided to fly about 5 years ago. If you’re on vacation by the city condal hosted in an apartment in Barcelona do not hesitate to visit this medieval village. The vegetation of the municipality of Pals beach is dominated by forests of pine and white pine that extends to the vicinity of the massif of Begur, South of the Township. On the other hand, the vegetation of the environment is also remarkable in les Basses d’en Coll d. Around the lagoon of sweet water appear Canizares, while the sand dunes of the beach can be found in one of the most important samples of vegetation psamofila of Catalonia. So it makes the beach of Pals, is long and wide, extends from el Raco Beach and tip Espinuda of Begur to the Fonollera beach.

In one of the sections ran parallel to the facilities of the Radio Liberty station, demolished in March 2006 after almost half a century of emissions. It was the anti-Communist station antennas. Between the stretch where they were antennas of Radio Liberty and the Daro River, the space is known as the beach of Grau and has sand dunes and sparse vegetation. Facilities of a golf course of 18 holes are parallel to the coast. Close to the mouth of the River Daro El Mas Pinell urbanisation is located. History according to ancient historical documents, on the coast of Pals had an important seaport with movements of boats, commercial transfer of sales and place to stop for boats, with a rich and valued bar according to the fishermen of the era, year 1607, as the best sardinales of the Catalan coast bar. Some historians argue that Cristobal Colon not left Palos de la Frontera as it points out the official story, but this port of Pals of Catalonia.

That port disappeared by the diversion of the River Ter in the 18th century when the Council of the Kingdom, intending to prevent flooding, diverted its course southward. As I have already mentioned, Pals has an important medieval historical center, including the Romanesque tower built between the 11th and 13th centuries, known as the Tower of the hours. Also, within the Gothic quarter of the villa there are cobblestone streets and arches of half point, facade with ogival Windows and balconies of stone. The wall of the city consists of four square towers dating from the 4th century. The Josep Pla viewpoint (from where you can see the fields of Emporda and the Medes Islands), the plaza Mayor, the tombs in the main street and the Church of St. Pere are other tourist spots of the city. Towns that you can visit near Pals: Torroella de Montgri, Fontanillas, Palau-sator, Torrent, Regencos and Begur. Where to eat Golf Platja de Pals restaurant Sa Punta restaurant Can Bonet El Pati of Pals Restaruante Ca the Teresa rented an apartment on the Costa Brava near Pals to enjoy this town and its environs. Also see apartments Sitges.

George Burns

Some of the advantages obtained from online advertising are: cost: the cost of similar advertising in print or on radio or television, compared to the cost of if on internet, it is in favour of advertising online. More people can be reached by a much smaller cost to advertise online, this ensures you make money easy, unlike any of the other traditional advertising methods. Availability: The availability of advertise to potential customers to advertise online, far exceeds the availability with traditional advertising techniques. Every person on the planet who has access to a computer can view an online advertising. On the other hand, only those who purchase printed publications, or those who are listening to a radio station in particular, or who are facing a television programme in particular, will see ads placed on those sites. Cost of advertising plus low per sale: the fact is that it is much less expensive to advertise on the internet that advertise in print media, radio or television, and advertising is more effective to produce sales since it is better directed. In studies of relativity of costs of advertising techniques, has been proven that online advertising is more effective than traditional advertising techniques.

It is more effective in cost, this allows you to earn easy money and is simply the method of efficient advertising that has been used to date. Yes, advertising pays, and online advertising pays better than other more traditional methods. The many disadvantages online advertising years ago there was a movie starring the late George Burns, entitled God Mio II. In the film, a little girl asked him to God (played by George Burns) why there were bad things. George answered that he (God) had never found the way to create a high without a bass or a good without a bad, even the words to do so. I think that’s as good as any, response because there is always its corresponding disadvantage for every advantage, and online advertising is no exception to that rule. An of the disadvantages of online advertising is the apparent lack of cost control that brings by default. For example: If you choose to put a banner advertising on a website, it is safest that they charge you a PPI (pay per impression).

This means that, whenever anyone enters this web site and your banner is displayed, they charge you a fee perhaps not a great rate, but a rate anyway. And these small costs can be much money. The effectiveness of these types of banner advertising is somehow questionable also. They may charge you up to thousand dollars, and that nobody has clicked on your banner ever, but even so they charge you for every time that is shown. Only you can determine if this type of advertising is really effective for you and your product or service. Another method of advertising for pay in internet that may or may not be effective, is what is called PPC (pay per Click). This is how they charge you to ads that appear on search engines. They charge you everytime your ad is clicked. Of course, when someone clicks on your advertising, means that they are visiting your web site, so you probably have more chance to make a sale so do it with advertising PPI.