There are many myths that have been created for a long time around the operation of microwave ovens. These myths have generated some disbelief in users to the when cooking in them as in many households worldwide use is specifically to heat the food, most do not prepare it, which turns out to be one of the main functions of this appliance. Here we platearemos then some myths of relevance that have generated distrust in users of these household accessories, which can be cooked any, how to cook paella or any other own 1 household delight. What heat food in the microwave kills the nutrients? FAKE a microwave oven works by emitting radio waves called and popularly known as micro waves. These waves do not aggravate the food particles, make it vibrate, which causes heat. You can cook food in the microwave and heats faster than that in an oven, so this should retain more nutrients. 2 Can the microwave radiation generate cancer? This could be true, but if your microwave oven is operating correctly and has been well maintained, it will not generate enough radiation to cause cancer. 3.

What heated in the microwave in plastic food packaging releases toxic chemicals called dioxins in foods? FALSE according to institutions that have investigated this fact plastic containers and plastic packaging that occur today do not contain dioxins. It’s more today there are plastics and polymers especially designed to heat food in the microwave without suffering any effect to its estructuraplatica and foods containing. Also keep in mind that when there is heat in the microwave oven, food can become very hot quickly. So I have to be very careful when taking food out because any could burn with them. Similarly, it should be recalled that the science and technology of food design food specially prepared to finish cooking in the oven microwave, for which there is no danger and do not receive the necessary nutrients for the body because these foods are created for this appliance awaken their potential food or nutritious.