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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Inflatable Promotional Shapes

One main focus of our agency is to produce any inflatable and dynamic designs. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. This is the easiest and proven way to attract mass attention. Inflatable structures can be manufactured as an exact copy of your product, logo or character that can be installed at the entrance, on the roof, as well as use in exhibitions, places of public recreation areas of the city (parks, embankments, bars, restaurants, etc.) Inflatable advertising design – is a shell of a strong fabric which is filled with air, a special built-in blower. Special cutting and subsequent assembly shell give it a definite shape, corresponding to the agreed design project. Air blower is designed not only for the initial filling of the shell, but also for the subsequent maintenance of internal pressure throughout the operation.

Blower to run continuously, which is located generally within the inflatable structure, it requires continuous power. With this construction, the balloon or inflatable figure of another form, is highly reliable, because even if we get a cut or puncture the shell – the blower automatically equalizes the pressure and our inflatable structure is as though nothing had happened. A significant argument in favor of inflatable structures is the mobility, simplicity and speed of installation of the original advertisement. Aeromost – 'dancing man'. This pneumatic figures, made in the form of the human body tissue, which is inflated with air. The air goes through special valves, due to this figure in motion. She waved her hands, creating the illusion of dancing man ..

Tablet Netbook Prober Tablet

Company PROBER always one step ahead of all the known and lesser-known manufacturers. Since the beginning of 2010, the company has released a new line of Internet Tablets Tablet PC TP05 and TP10 and netbooks with a diagonal of 12 and 13 inches. In the framework of industrial policy company incorporated fully satisfy customer needs, achieved at the expense of high quality and attractive price. Powerful production systems and the latest developments, coupled with a constant study of the needs of customers give rise to innovative solutions that ensure reliability and high performance products. This decision was embodied in the line of Internet Tablets Tablet PC TP05 and TP10 a new generation.

Prober TP10 tablet with touch screen 10.2 inch is based on Intel Atom N270 processor clocked at 1.6 GHz, has 1 GB of RAM, a hard disk drive 160 GB, and also has a built-in webcam and connectors a headset that allows you to use the tablet for video calls through Skype. Great advantages compared with similar tablets are 3 ports USB, allowing to expand the volume of stored Information from external drives, connect the keyboard and mouse, and use the 4G-Yota modems for Internet access. Tablet Pc Prober TP10 controlled by the operating systems Windows, which offers the user the ability habitual use of functional computer: listening to music, watching movies and images, documents, correspondence, internet surfing, video and much more. Features include: CPU: Intel N270 1.6 Ghz, RAM: 1 GB Hard drive: 160 GB Webcam: 1.3 megapixels, a diagonal touch screen: 10.2-inch LCD with a resolution of 1024×600, USB x3, VGA Jack x1, audio jack, card reader 5-in-1 , Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery capacity of 3000 mAh. Price Prober TP10 is 19 890 rubles.

Table Wines

First of all, the glasses must be perfectly clean with no trace of detergent, as they can just ruin the wine. Wine glasses are perfect forms 'tulip' in the high leg. This form, tapering towards the top, allows to concentrate flavor in the glass. For red wine glasses are used for slightly larger volume than for whites. Champagne and sparkling wine is best to choose a high, narrow glasses – this form facilitates the formation of foam and slow exhalation. For fortified wines and liqueurs are suitable 'bellied' glasses on a short stalk. Wine never filled to the brim and it is not in the economy, and the space required for the manifestation of the guilt of all the wealth and flavor intensity.

Light red wines poured a little more than half a glass, Vintage Red: 1 / 3 glass; White: 3 / 4 cup; Champagne glasses filled to the brim, leaving about 1 cm of free space; Table wines: a glass half-filled. Serving temperature of wine is important for the manifestation of its flavor. The wine is very sensitive to perepadku temperatures, so in any case do not refrigerate it in the freezer or heat the battery. Champagne, white and rose wines are served chilled, and red a few degrees below room temperature. The colder the wine, the less feel the alcohol content. Too low temperatures kill aroma of wine. When pouring wine by the glass is instantly heated by 1-2 degrees, so it is cool somewhat stronger, especially in summer.

Drinking wine should be, holding the glass by the stem so that it does not get any warmer than the touch of your hands. Exceptions are liqueurs and fortified wines, which conversely release aroma with a light heating. It is a mistake as the view that the champagne to pour into frozen glasses and serve with ice, from that lost the characteristic sparkling wine.

Bible Kafa Table

Cover image: in Russian: Bible of Capha on ongliyskom language: Translate this book into the language of your people! At two sites the author accompanies its publication in the following words: 'We have to admit: 1. The science of the formations of this time does not exist. 2. All found artifacts on abbevilya not go, and those monuments that date back to earlier times, the so-called archaeologists did not ascertained. 3.

So-called Neanderthals – an absolute fabrication and quackery, these people lived in the Temple Society in caves they never lived, but had in them shrines and temples, where they performed their rituals and sacrifices of the Great Mother, and other deities. These people can not 'Pithecanthropus', lived quite civilized, as much as possible in conditions of stone technology. 4. People never built 'dwellings of mammoth bones' – these were religious monuments, and those 'archaeologists' who slander 'scientific' fantastic article on a similar theme, that people lived in huts made of bones in an incredible 'glacial' – are clear violations in a reasonable area. 5. They paint the glaciation was not there either.

6. The man never and under no circumstances could arise in Africa, which has become the preserve of the monkeys'. 'The author finds that the caves were not' house '' Pithecanthropus', that they were ancient shrines and temples, where the old man sent his worship, that it is not about pluzhivotnom, who was' wandering 'way of life, but the temple Companies Neanderthals, who were in their own way – as far as possible with the technology of rock – enough civilian lifestyle that archaeologists unearth 'cave dwellings' rigged 'predcheloveka' on actually destroy the whole layers of culture and ideology, come down to us from the era of stone technology, and fixed in stone artifacts, animal bones and the very arrangement of the caves.