Cover image: in Russian: Bible of Capha on ongliyskom language: Translate this book into the language of your people! At two sites the author accompanies its publication in the following words: 'We have to admit: 1. The science of the formations of this time does not exist. 2. All found artifacts on abbevilya not go, and those monuments that date back to earlier times, the so-called archaeologists did not ascertained. 3.

So-called Neanderthals – an absolute fabrication and quackery, these people lived in the Temple Society in caves they never lived, but had in them shrines and temples, where they performed their rituals and sacrifices of the Great Mother, and other deities. These people can not 'Pithecanthropus', lived quite civilized, as much as possible in conditions of stone technology. 4. People never built 'dwellings of mammoth bones' – these were religious monuments, and those 'archaeologists' who slander 'scientific' fantastic article on a similar theme, that people lived in huts made of bones in an incredible 'glacial' – are clear violations in a reasonable area. 5. They paint the glaciation was not there either.

6. The man never and under no circumstances could arise in Africa, which has become the preserve of the monkeys'. 'The author finds that the caves were not' house '' Pithecanthropus', that they were ancient shrines and temples, where the old man sent his worship, that it is not about pluzhivotnom, who was' wandering 'way of life, but the temple Companies Neanderthals, who were in their own way – as far as possible with the technology of rock – enough civilian lifestyle that archaeologists unearth 'cave dwellings' rigged 'predcheloveka' on actually destroy the whole layers of culture and ideology, come down to us from the era of stone technology, and fixed in stone artifacts, animal bones and the very arrangement of the caves.