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Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Japanese

First, the voltage electrical network in Japan is 110 volts. Accordingly, power supplies, computer (and the rest) technology designed to precisely this tension. Our network of its 220 volts for the Japanese techniques require adapters or transformers replacement power supplies. The exception is the device with power supply units are compatible with the voltage of 200 volts. Secondly, in Japan, even the new computer equipment for sale with proprietary software that is already installed on the device. Therefore, a brand new computer (not to mention second-hand devaysa) will communicate with you in Japanese. Accordingly, the need reinstall software.

In most cases, this reset will not cause problems even for not very advanced users. And experts surely will not be easy. Council finally: remembering Japanese love to frequent changes in technology, shop beushnye devices – on the Internet auction you can easily find a very decent machine, exterior and interior contents of which are excellent and the price is considerably lower than a similar new one. USB-accessories, memory cards, card readers That's really what is found in abundance on the internet auction site Yahoo, so it's all kinds of usb-devices, the most incredible models, shapes, colors: usb-flavors, usb-memory (flash memory), useless, but funny and original mugs heated and devices for automatic mixing of sugar. Sold a lot of computer mouse, from the most ordinary to the exotic species and color. Full of different mouse mat bizarre shapes and colors, with padded wrist and under free. Many other small devices. All of the above may well be useful not only you but also make a great gift or nice souvenir.

At an auction to buy Yahoo is not an issue cards from different manufacturers, types, and capacity. Huge selection, not only in capacity cards but also the speed of their work, shape and color. And if the price of memory cards are about the same as in our computer stores, the choice is much wider. You will pick up the flash drive without difficulty, not only suit you on technical parameters but also in appearance (you can find quite bizarre samples, essential as small, but useful and enjoyable gifts).

Computer Games ?

It is further complicated over time, especially now that in a couple of days off then you are absolutely obsolete. No matter the field where you do your homework. We will focus on daily life and routine of the Spanish in the last thirty or forty years. With thirty enough. The changes we have “suffered” are perfectly portrayed in the series “Remember when …” Spanish TV that emits from a few seasons. The main protagonist is Antonio Alcantara, perfectly recreated by Imanol Arias wrapped by a large cast of great artists. Are identified in the series has undergone changes that Spanish society since the late 60 … Now go in the transition from the late 70s.

At this time is that I attempt to describe. And who, within the quarantine and does not remember the joy that we came with the death of Franco? Not at the end of a long dictatorship, but by the aatres days! we were not going to school for the death of the above. little a hard, no doubt, but we were kids and we saw nothing that we were waging a few days of study and homework to be exchanged for the games tomorrow night. a little hard for women in our country. I remember being a wally, my mother could not go to the bank to withdraw money if he had the consent of my father, there were no ATMs, of course-not even go buy a single machine, must be accompanied by husband to give conformity and paid, as the wives were “incapable” of handling money wisely …

JA, JA … and we are talking about four days ago, early 70’s! grew more ominous delay a society! Last time also for husbands, early 80’s legalized divorce in Spain (1981). Many were those who were shaking (and yet trembling) with one name, the word divorce … Reaches 1983 and I came of age. It was later that year when the first autonomous television channels began their emissions. Until then we only had two TV channels. And programs beginning at noon until midnight … then nothing .. the test card … In the late 80s, early 90s, came from private broadcasters and emissions from morning until late at night. We already had – were those who could-some consoles (PlayStation primitive), and also heard of some equipment in some offices had called computers. We were going to get rid of all the hard work, they said. Now, I have three children that roam the score and I still look in amazement when he noted that the first command of the TV I had more than 20 years before had not. Nor was much needed … with only two channels! I told him a few years ago, a journalist friend “I’m getting old, I have many memories.” Beautiful memories.


There are two ways of doing this: one by saving the image directly in the database as type blog, but this way will not use it due to which, over time, tends to slow down the database due to the size of the images; then use the second form in which it is save it route image to then view it and in this way we avoid to eventually put slow database manager system. Now I am going to share this little knowledge. First let’s see the steps to achieve this: 1. creation of the database, in this case with a single table to be able to illustrate the example in a simple way. 2. Creation of the html form, which will allow us to be able to save the image on your computer. 3.

Creation of the php file to be able to save and send the data to the database. 4. Creation of another php file, which will allow us to be able to view the query in the database. DEVELOPMENT: 1. tool used: XAMPP 1.7.3! with this tool you you save a huge amount of work and time spent on configuration, allowing you to devote himself to more rapid software development.

You can work with XAMPP (mysql php and html) which is what is needed in this case to give solution to the problem. Name of the database: in this case we will assign practicaimagenes, and the use of a table with the names of people. Structure of the table people, which will contain three fields: the first id_persona which will assign the key or primary key of type integer or int (40) and not null or null, the rest if it can be non-null or null, however, following field named Photo type varchar (60) and another called field name type varchar (30).In accordance with the foregoing explanation, people is the name of the table; id_persona is the first field in the table that will serve to save the identity card or personal identification;Photo is the second field of the table that will store the path of the file or fotografiaa show and the third name field that it will serve to save the name of the person. 2.

Microsoft SQL Server

The language of the server is executed on the Web server. In recent years the server-side programming has become more popular than the client-side programming, since it is independent of the type of browser that this using the Navigator. Programmers are they refer to this as the cross platform. Perl, PHP, ASP and JSP are the popular programming languages on the client side. The databases have been developed to allow the dynamics of web sites. Dynamic web pages allow a high level of customization to retrieve the information. Provided that is written with the values of a form on a web page when those values are for a user ID and password, the characteristics of your ideal partner or an author’s name are talking about a dynamic web site.

This is just a way of saying that there is a database that is used to run the web site. The most popular used databases include MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. The WC3 aims to achieve consistent standards among all companies using technologies such as HTML, CSS and XML Web. Before the creation of the rules detailed by the WC3, companies used different standards, giving rise to possible incompatibilities. The WC3 copy this through the creation of a Open Forum allows companies to reach an agreement on the fundamental rules of WWW technologies. The future of Berners-Lee’s influence in modern computing is in the context of the Semantic Web.

Semantic means meaning. A semantic web is a website where the items that appear in a document have some sense and can be processed automatically by a machine in some form of data collection. Today, the winery WWW documents written in HTML are meaningless since they are only based on the presentation. Tim Berners-Lee laid the conceptual groundwork for the World Wide Web. It was his initial idea of creating a path where information can be exchanged and free with ease. Rules of the same and the lack of confidence in a central server, gave him an advantage of the Web and the cross-platform independence, which led to his meteoric rise in popularity. In turn, it gave rise to its popularity, popularized many programming languages, databases, markup standards, servers as well as viruses and worms. However, while Tim Berners-Lee is the father of the Internet, its evolution over the years is the result of the efforts of an extraordinary number of people. There is no doubt that 500 or 1,000 years from now, historians speak of the invention of the Internet as one of those historical events like the printing press of Gutenberg.


And (working with specific personal or operational techniques, as stated in the assessment phase. Highlight techniques and coaching interventions are adapted and applied to increase performance at work and contribute to its objectives). Do how long each session will last? ___ how many sessions will be required? _ will recommend additional work? (e.g., self-control, tasks, and various exercises to facilitate the Feedback in the following sessions of) coaching). Do do _ will be confidential sessions? _ relationship of rules of confidentiality that must be respected carried reports written about the coach? (do e.g., the coachee will oversee any report that compose the coach for senior management?) _ Once established needs of the coaching of the individual or organization, the next step to be addressed by the external coach is to submit a proposal for services to senior management, trying to make it as soon as possible after the initial meeting and enclosing an additional note showing the date of beginning of the coaching intervention. The proposal should be brief and include the following information: background.

Succinctly describe the circumstances justifying the proposal, such as, for example, who has made the initial contact, when has led to Cape, who was present at the first meeting with the senior management, etc. Identified needs. If the proposal is for a coaching program that will affect large sections of the Organization, will take place a brief description of the needs of coaching throughout the Organization on the basis of the conclusions of the needs analysis of coaching and the meeting with senior management. Also, identify the groups or individuals designated by senior management to participate in the sessions, as well as specific coaching needs. The proposal is for a few individuals, should focus exclusively on their previously identified needs. Coaching program. Outline the program, i.e., the number of sessions to perform and the general content of the same, as for example, evaluation, analysis of values, setting goals, planning actions, etc.

Organization System

Microsoft based on the theory of establishment of objectives, evaluates staff in accordance with very ambitious goals of performance, which respond to the acronym SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, results and within a certain time-based). So a programmer can commit at end of 3 modules of code, within a specified time limit or to reduce the number of errors from 1,000 to 50. Evaluates all staff every six months. These assessments are linked to increase in salary, bonuses, promotions and stock options. Such criteria and form of assessment, are perfectly in tune with the kind of people that the company recruits (the more ambitious and brilliant top universities), and with the strategy and culture organizational pursuing, namely to enhance competition and maximum effort in their employees, in order to achieve and consolidate a position of leadership). The evaluation systems are placed in a context that It has at one end very subjective criteria and the other very objective criteria. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages, but there is not an ideal system. An effective evaluation system implementation depends on both the design of the system and use this evaluators make.

There are various social and psychological factors influencing the evaluators that make that ratings are not always accurate. What’s more, accuracy is not always what is sought with the evaluations. The evaluation should be something more than an exercise that looks to the past and rewards or punishes the person for their work during the previous year. Also it should be directed to the future, to what the person can do to develop their full potential in the company. This requires managers to provide a (proper) feedback to workers who allow them to improve their performance. A path increasingly more used for this is 360 degree assessment. Evaluation systems are by deficit nature and require to be periodically reviewed and changed. This is not necessarily bad, since such changes serve to focus attention on the performance: does that mean?