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Studies Education

The mediation made for instruments is fact of that the human being if relates with the things of the world through intermediate tools. These instruments of the technology make a mediation enter the concrete action on the world and the world. The signs are posterior forms of immediacy, that they make a nature mediation semiotics. It has one of signs that still a concrete existence has, for example, the masculine bathroom and the feminine bathroom, you has for a hat for the boys and an umbrella for the girls, this is sign, therefore it represents the idea of feminine masculine and. Everybody shares the idea of this representation. The citizen is not only active, but interactive, because it forms knowledge and if it constitutes from interpersonal relations intra and.

in the exchange with citizen and I obtain proper that if they go internalizando social knowledge, papers and functions, what allows the formation of a knowledge and the proper conscience. One is about a process that walks of the social plan (interpersonal relations), for the individual plan (intrapessoais relations). The pupil is not so only subject of the learning, but, that one that learns next to the other what its social group produces, as: language, and the proper knowledge. The proposal innovative in the process education learning must be an efficient instrument capable to extend the possibilities of knowledge of the pupil, to the measure that considers necessary joint of the spontaneous concepts (previous knowledge) with the knowledge that if leave to take the pupil to construct (scientific knowledge), and that it explores the interaction possibilities intra and intergrupos aiming at to a didactic work capable to privilege the ZPDSs of the pupils. The levels of development of each being are represented by the Real and the potential. The Real is acquired or formed determining what the child already is capable to make for proper itself, it discloses the possibility of an independent performance of the citizen.

The potential becomes related it capacity to learn with another person The zone of proximal development is mentioned, thus, to the way that the individual goes to cover to develop functions that are in matureness process and that they will become functions consolidated in the level of real development. The zone of proximal development is, therefore, a psychological domain in constant transformation; what a child is capable to make today with the aid of somebody, it will obtain tomorrow. It is as if development process progressed more slowly than the learning process; the awaken learning development process that, to the few, goes becomes part of the consolidated psychological functions of the individual. (OLIVEIRA, 1995, P. 60). Consideraes final The intersubjetividade is in gnese of the individual activity and participates of the construction of the forms of independent action or auto-regulation. An individual construction is not known the one hundred participation of the other and the social environment, what it becomes essential the intersubjetiva relation, therefore is in this relationary space that has the possibility of the knowledge. Of this form the school is the place where the intentional pedagogical intervention unchains the process teach-learning.

Maria Ceclia France

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Office Boredom

Surely, monotonous and tedious office work, does not contribute to your good mood in the workplace. In order to diversify the work days, many people use methods that are unlikely to meeting a endorsement from superiors. Someone more interested in traveling on the boundless Internet – open spaces, with the study of news and entertainment sites, as well as communication in various forums. Others involved in setting records in the 'Sappers' and unfolding Solitaire 'Solitaire' and 'Spider'. But there are those who are not simple ones built into windows, games.

Output from these people, only one – to download games from the internet. Indeed, in the network there are a lot of resources devoted to mini – games. There is only one 'but', spoiling the whole picture. The vast majority of games on the site of this kind are classified as Shareware, that is, have different limitations on usage, as long as you are for them pay. Of course, if the game you liking, then why not buy it, especially as prices for games of this kind is very democratic (around $ 5). But there is a free alternative to shareware – games, which we'll talk with you this article. Called it – game console emulators.

For starters, let's look at the terms: The emulator – a program through which the run console games on a pc. rom – directly yourself game file that runs on the emulator. So, having understood the basic concepts, let us define consoles and games. First, immediately discard all modern consoles (Playstation 3, xbox 360, etc.), since they do not have a stable and quality emulators. Secondly, we will not take into account the consoles, games which occupy too large amount. For example, the minimum volume of one game for the first Playstation or Dreamcast will be a few hundred megabytes. In my opinion, the best option is eight and sixteen – bit consoles like the nes (Dendy), Sega Genesis (Sega Mega Drive) and snes (Super Nintendo). For the above consoles have been published a lot of games, many of which are easily able to compete with shareware – games. In addition, due to its small volume, they represent a great attraction for downloading them from the Internet. Judge for yourself in the archives of 200 megabytes will fit a few hundred or even thousands (if it comes to games for Dendy) ROMs. I can assure you that in the open before you abundant you will find a lot of games that you can permanently distract from the monotony of everyday life. In conclusion, let us summarize what has been said before. To start the console games on your computer you need an emulator. Moreover, for every single console (SNES emulator is not suitable for running games for the console Sega). After installing the emulator, you will need to run with the help of appropriate ROMs (Typically, a team of File – Open rom or Load rom, a menu of the emulator).

Small Kitchens

If a family has children, for their clothing on the bottom plate can be installed hooks. Good idea for a small kitchen – stained his hands. Kitchen in studio apartment kitchen bears a considerable functional load. It is not just a place for cooking, but also room for its reception. Therefore, how much thought out placement of furniture and equipment depends on the convenience and comfort of the "warm" place your home.

In domestic practice, the most common Front-row work. Given the technology of food processing, placement of equipment begins with site selection for the refrigerator. Next, install the desktop, cupboard, housing the utensils and food, washing, gas or electric stove. If the dimensions allow the kitchen, the sink can be separated by a desk with a storage capacity of detergents, etc. Given the growth of people, their ergonomic features, the height of the working surface is 85 cm from the floor, the distance from it to the bottom of wall cabinets, designed for dishes and products – 40-50 cm, the distance from the floor to the top – no more than 210 cm individual character of a kitchen in many ways determined by the organization placing of furniture in the dining area. To create a cozy interior is also influenced by the nature and finishing equipment included in the working area, well, something would have been present in the interior thread the tree. In recent years significantly increased the production and sale of various types of kitchen furniture and equipment of domestic and foreign production.

Journalistic Articles

The articulismo is a vice. As the drug consumption, the game or sex, can become a psychopathy that hooks its medical instructor and no longer allows him to escape of her. The comparison can seem exaggerated. Until ridiculous, if they worry to me. But already they will say to me to what comes, if no, so many blogs that they flood the cybernetic space nowadays. Many contributors were before mere authors of letters to the newspaper directors. Others are politicians, intellectuals and people of the common one that they have found in the electronic network a territory without borders where to set out his points of view.

Finally, also there are columnistas we say that conventional, which have changed him of means expressive or extended the support of their reflections to secure therefore a greater interactive hearing, than they say. In any case, the common denominator of all this fauna in which I include myself is the vanity. Legitim, if it is wanted, but vanity after all. That of being able to count the truths of the one until a star of the dawn provides a special and unique pleasure. Soon it is that almost nobody it finds out than one it says, but that one is another one to sing, intrascendente, even, for the onanista satisfaction of the own ego.

Then. Taken of that malformation if genetic or I am not acquired, I take writing articles, with major or minor intermitencia, for forty years. The articulismo is a sort to horse between the media and the Literature that have exerted of virtuous form writers to whom one admires deeply: in both last centuries, from Mariano Jose de Larra to Manolo Vzquez Montalbn, happening through Wenceslao Fernandez Flrez. The elaboration of articles, in principle, does not seem that she is too complicated. One of best the practising ones of the office, exquisite dandy Caesar Gonzlez Ruano, explained in the middle of the past century that an article is like a blood sausage: inside you can put what you want, but must be tied by both extreme well.