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The Disease

Transferred to the medicine this means: If a patient comes to the investigation and describes his complaints, must be clarified to associate is which group. At first everything seems plain as day and the diagnosis seems determined. In addition the diagnosis becomes more difficult, the cause should be undetectable. Ali Partovi often says this. So, a constantly decreasing circle is drawn with the hope to find the cause. Every opportunity must be taken into consideration and this is sometimes very complicated. “Sometimes it’s even impossible to find, sometimes you can find the cause until the cause when several onion skins” have been removed, which had changed the views on the cause. It is crucial that the therapist and the patient that there are many ways to the disease and the problem in finding the cause is now chronically ill people is aware.

So I had as a patient who complained about severe tooth pain and had no caries or otherwise comprehensible inflammation. To the same time, there was a big change in his life because he had bought a hotel due to a decision with his wife, which both should lead. He however not really wanted. He had promised her, out of love for her, felt unwell since then but only. This fact attracted such strong tension in him, that they moved to an excessive load on the mouth muscles and thus was the trigger for the pain. The pain 3 days went by after this had become aware of him. It I turned out then, that his wife only with reluctance wanted hotel because she wanted to make him right there. Both divorced once again from this hotel. With this example I want to them give a, that the complexity of health complaints sometimes hard to find out, since the cause in things is hidden here estimates the dentist, the patient as not important for the therapist, and therefore also not told.

Transcutaneous Scalp

As a result, a glaring deficiency in the Transcutaneous oxygen saturation of scalp tissue arises in the affected areas of the scalp. Measurements revealed a local oxygen reduction by approximately 40%. A significant lack of oxygen not only in tissues, but especially at the hair roots embedded exists so. This lack of oxygen has fatal consequences. The healthy growth of hair directly depends on a sufficient or at least sufficient blood, oxygen and nutrient supply to the hair follicles from the subcutaneous blood flow in the scalp area is therefore normally around 10 times higher than the subcutaneous blood flow in other areas of the body one of the first clinical signs of reduced peripheral blood flow is typically hair loss. The hair matrix cells, that produce keratin, have about 8 times higher to produce hair daily 1/3 mm Cell division activity than normal skin cells. They are therefore extremely vulnerable to fluctuations in their local metabolic quality, so in particular the undersupply with oxygen.

The biological processes in the hair matrix cells need this oxygen deficiency typically below the critical limit of 40 mmHG expire (oxygen partial pressure measured in mm of mercury). As a result, The hair roots verhornen specifically in these affected regions with the androgenic hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Shrink the roots, the hair follicle degenerate. Shorten the anagen phase of the hairs, the telogen phase stretches (over multiple cycles). The transition in the anagen phase no longer takes place. The hair remains down.

The typical voltage hair loss (alopecia Contentionalis) starts on the forehead, temples or the tonsure. The scalp tension is often much higher in these areas of the scalp. Slightly slower hair loss over the skull roof evolved, there are the blood and oxygen supply less severely affected. In old age, the hair is retained in a wreath of hair around the back of the head (donor area) supplied with sufficient blood and oxygen.


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Medical Association

First event of the women s Networking Lounge in Hall, March 21, 2012. Ali Partovi often addresses the matter in his writings. In Hall, an innovative networking concept that is doctors should not miss starts on April 18, 2012. The women’s networking Lounge offers physicians a platform to discuss their everyday. Right at the first event in April is a (un) possible combination doctor, mother and career woman about the controversial issue? “.” Doctors and the work-life-balance networking differently: the women’s networking lounge with a new concept specifically for doctors approached, moved the Exchange in a relaxed lounge ambience with cocktails and finger food. At each event, there are two lectures related to everyday practice are on the programme. On April 18, 2012, Dr.

Ina Lipp gives insight into their everyday practice with family life. She explains how with clear objectives, Division of labour and flexibility in professional like in the privacy of their activity as established family doctor and her mother role under a Hat brings. Single practice, cooperation and employment? The second lecture of the evening engaged in family-friendly establishment and cooperation models. Which presents Dr. Annette Baumer range from the independent doctor in single practice up to the employment in full – or part-time job.

The Attorney for medical law and owner of the law firm of AescuLaw lawyers also explains how doctors can avoid legal pitfalls in company contracts and gives views on health-care reform 2012 specifically for doctors: networking are physicians with feel good ambiance not only worldwide, but also in Germany on the rise. German Medical Association says there are rising in this country already about 140,000 working doctors. But although the doctors catching up numbers, sometimes even catching up to do in terms of business and strategic questions for the practice management is with them. Also Camilla knows Grimm from the tax advisory firm ADVISITAX mbH in Hall. As a business manager and accountant specializing in healthcare professions, Grimm advises many physicians and is therefore familiar with the requirements of practice everyday.

Social Network

That ninol understood that can trust you and that seras franca when necessary without having to hide or conceal something. Don’t underestimate his intelligence, especially because children learn very fast. Realize that but found an answer with you will find it on other side and what is worse in their own way or the way of malicious people who can cause damage. But you have tell a response at that time and fixed a date or time later, that will help you to gain time but you know the subject or not know as Trust to deal with it in the. Gives you your space and left to develop their own privacy, but always stay connected and aware of what makes. When have given you a good education sabra children to do on their own and take good decisions, is therefore important the example of mother that you give, not what say you, but what the notes it. Search for help and advice when deciding something important is difficult. It is very easy to make decisions wrong when emotions are altered.

It is better to have a neutral and reliable opinion, may be a trusted friend, a friend that has demonstrated that it is, a book, Internet or any other resource. Being a single mother is not a crime and you are neither the first nor the only. There are many like you and we all have the same doubts and fears. Like it or not, your child copy todo de ti. It depends on you, what you give to copy.

ANIMO! the first step is difficult but is necessary and worthwhile. Take control, is not an act magic that will make every problem go away. You must know it will be hard and many times want throwing in the towel, you will feel tired and depressed. Many times things are worse posted and feel that is not worth following. GLAD! Remember that when the night is more dark, is that dawn is near. Only resist a little more. To encourage you just hug your son, plays and laughs with the. Look at their eyes and see that the trust in you, you’re their only hope and refuge in this world. Another thing more, remember that you’re mother but also are a woman and a human being. Do not forget to have fun, go out with friends and rie. It gives a tour of the Park to relax nerves. ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Get an inventory of what you have and what you must discard goes ahead. Marilu Lopez Director of Social Network for unmarried mothers

Improving The Immune System

Reduction in the activity of hiv leads to the recovery of immune cells (CD4-lymphocytes). In human immunodeficiency virus, there are several enzymes. Against two of them are created medicines. Speaking candidly Pete Cashmore told us the story. First enzyme reverse transcriptase. Drugs that block this enzyme, "Timazid" "Nikavir", "Retrovir", "Zerit", "Hivid", "Videx," "Epivir", "Combivir", "Ziagen," "Viramune" and "Sustiva. Against a second enzyme hiv protease using such medications: Fortovase, "" Viracept, "" Norvir " "Crixivan," Kaletra. These preparations should commence if the number of CD4-lymphocytes in the patient's blood is less than 350 cells per 1 ml or with an increase in viral load of more than 10,000 viruses in 1 ml of blood.

Physicians practiced simultaneous reception of 3 or 4 drugs. Such a method of treatment called highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), because, although completely eliminate hiv and fails, but as a result of this treatment may reduce the content of the virus in the blood (viral load) to undetectable levels. However, if the number of CD4-lymphocytes below 100 cells per 1 ml of blood, especially below 50, significant increase in the number CD4-lymphocytes is extremely difficult. With the ineffectiveness of the original scheme are appointed by other combinations of drugs, but it increases the likelihood of resistance (resistant strain of hiv drugs). Since the first "blow to the disease," the most significant, care should be taken so that was chosen the most aggressive with respect to the virus combination. In testing the blood, but the number of CD4, number and CD8-cells. It checks the ratio of the level of CD8 cells to the level of cell CD4.

Systemic Contrindications Of Skin Problems

Also, do not forget that a particular person may be allergic to the pro-and anticoagulants, in this case, the use plazmoliftinga difficult. Indications for application of the method age elastosis skin. For more information see this site: Ali Partovi. Dryness, decreased skin turgor. Minor wrinkles. Initial manifestations of ptosis of skin. Prevention of formation of stretch marks, stretch marks skin “with a sharp decrease in weight. Rehabilitation of the skin after excessive insolation. Rehabilitation of the skin after a chemical, laser or a peeling. Age over 25 years. Contraindications Systemic diseases of the blood. Many writers such as Mikkel Svane offer more in-depth analysis. Inflammatory skin diseases. Pronounced ptosis the skin. Allergy to pro-and anticoagulants used in the manufacture of prp. Immunosuppressive state. Mental illness. How are produced plasma, platelet rich?

Blood was not traumatic for the patient and compare with taking a routine blood from a vein. Platelet rich plasma can be obtained from blood by means of special centrifuges. During the rotation of the blood is separated into three main components of the degree of density. The least dense platelet poor plasma (BeTP) is removed first. Platelet rich (which sometimes called “platelet-leukocyte” layer) is removed in the second turn, and the most dense red blood cells are separated by the latter. This method previously had a number of drawbacks: the need for a fence of a large volume of blood the mandatory presence of transfusion and skilled technician, concentration of platelets in prp. Modern centrifuges are much better. Therefore, we are working with much smaller volumes blood (20, 40, 60 and 120 ml). The process of obtaining prp is fully automated and takes 14 minutes and does not require trained personnel.