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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Material Value

Like values, the products of the work reveal in the change a social existence under identical form, different from their material existence and under diverse forms, like utility objects. Merchandise express its value by the circumstance of being able to change on the other. To put it another way, due to appearing only that way like value of change and. If the value is revealed in the change relation, this it does not generate value. On the contrary, the value of the merchandise is the one that regulates its relations of change and determines its relations with the others. This will be included/understood better with a comparison: A bulk of salt is heavy although its aspect does not indicate it and less still it specifies his real weight. We consider several copper laminae of weight already known.

The material form of copper like the one of the salt, is not either by itself an indication of its own weight; the put copper laminae in relation to the bulk of salt, will present to us the weight this last one. Thus then, the magnitude of its weight, that did not appear considered, the bulk of salt separately, are revealed when putting it in relation to copper: But the relation of weight between copper and the salt is not the cause of the existence of the weight of the salt. On the contrary, that weight is the one that establishes the relation. Of another side, the one of copper with the salt it is possible because both, although they are different by his use, they have a common property: the weight. In that relation, the copper is only considered like a body that represents weight. It is done without his other properties that and serves solely as measured as weight. Analogous, when expressing a value anyone for example, fifteen meters of linen is worth a suit the second merchandise only represents value.

Deals Cyber

Over 3,500 Flash offers to the Cyber Monday week at Amazon sale with up to 70 percent off at Zalando Carnival finale to the Black Friday at OTTO Berlin, November 29, 2013. “” Christmas and save are 2013 close to each other: (, the portal for free coupons and discounts, has found that 42 percent of respondents this year especially online of the specials on Black Friday “(29 November) and Cyber Monday” (2 December) benefit want to. Online retailers such as Amazon and Zalando should meet the savings needs of Germans with attractive discounts this year on days of action such as the Cyber Monday”, recommends Tobias Conrad, General Manager at Thanks to vouchers, as they are found, consumers can save in addition even twice when purchasing a gift.” On black-friday-cyber-monday.html, has summarized all discounts and deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Frequently Ali Partovi has said that publicly. Current Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals on over 3,500 The Cyber Monday lightning deals Amazon Cyber Monday week week 2013: A big celebration for all savers in the run-up to Christmas! On Amazon, there are discount until December 30, about 3,500 Flash offers and more than a million products at up to 50 percent. (More information about Amazon offers under: amazon) Sale with up to 70 percent discount Zalando Auch Zalando too before the Festival not with generous offers: Zalando offers you save with currently up to 70 percent. (More information under: zalando) Bargain final attends to OTTO Auch OTTO Black Friday Black Friday, sale of the century”part: on 28 November from 19: 00 top products with up to 90 per cent can be 24 hours discount shopped. At shopper can save smart voucher from an order value of 20 euro in addition with a 15.95 euros OTTO. (More information under: otto) Follow ( on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Stamp-Wolf Gets Online Shop Seal Of Approval By Trusted Shops

The Siegen company stamp-Wolf launched in May 2009 with a UTypia online shop for stamps and could rapidly very considerable results. Siegen, July 01, 2010. The Siegen company stamp-Wolf launched in May 2009 with a UTypia online shop for stamps and accessories and could rapidly very considerable results. As one of the few stamp shops and first UTypia shop ever stamp-Wolf receives the coveted trusted shops seal. This now also officially confirmed the trustworthiness of online shops: since May 18, stamp-Wolf may carry the trusted shops seal of approval for a secure website. Since that time, the customer has the option when ordering online for free for the buyer protection to login, which offers maximum financial protection at the Internet shopping. This service by trusted shops is to return non-delivery or non-reimbursement of the purchase price and therefore excludes any risk for the customer when purchasing the stamp experts from Siegen. With the Internet Is sales Wolf stamp very satisfied.

Also increase online sales by month-to-month ever. And in about 6 weeks since the awarding of the online shop label the stamp makers in turn could an increase in store sales recorded. “Managing Director Silke Eckmann,: stamp-Wolf again its good market position among the stamp manufacturers in Germany claimed by the uTypia shop.” First successes with uTypia shop by the positive experiences at our second pillar – WOLF signing technology have we decided a further sales channel to follow and our products online to distribute “, as Lutz Wolf. After a long evaluation, it was decided for a uTypia professional shop, Wolf website is integrated into the stamp. “Through the uTypia professional shop we can offer a simple and convenient way of ordering private and corporate customers, and resellers.” About stamp-Wolf the stamp factory founded 77 years ago, wants all your customers concentrate on.

The business leader Silke Eckmann and Lutz Wolf wishing that their customers feel comfortable and to get exactly the quality and care that they want. In product quality, the stamp factory sets Wolf for years on stamps by Trodat Trodat. For text production the Trodat premium has also four Trotec speedy laser engraving devices partners. Trusted shops certification dealer of safety tests must undergo, which include more than 100 individual criteria in the areas of credit, security technology, price transparency, information requirements, customer service and data protection. More safety and comfort when shopping on the Internet will offer to customers. Lutz Wolf, stamp-Wolf GmbH, Siegen

Technological Equipment

Original tooling should be as high quality as directly in the technological process of casting it affect the accuracy of the dimensions and geometry of the correspondence received by the casting. It so it's important to order this type of product from the professionals. As a result, the customer gets exactly what he needs. For foundry molds company must have a sufficiently high level production capacity. In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply. Material for tooling can be 3 types: wood, metal or plastic. Each of the materials vary in price and durability. Some organizations are taking orders for sets of tooling, even in the absence of special design documentation in the presence of the original. High technology, timely replacement of equipment in accordance with existing standards global industry – the foundation of the modern enterprise. David S. Levine is a great source of information. Typically, production tooling involves the provision of services similar kind: making castings and cold sheet-metal stamping, machining parts on cnc machines.

Community Service

Telephone directories will be distributed by email. Broadband will benefit 350,000 households. The average connection speed will be at least 1 Mbps. The Government has in the Council of Ministers on Friday approved a Royal Decree that develops the regulation of access to universal broadband of 1 megabit per second (Mbps), principle embodied in article 52 of the law of sustainable economy, reported the Ministry of industry in a statement. In addition, the new regulation the obligation for the operator to deliver the phonebooks in paper, provided that the Subscriber does not request otherwise. Now, they must distribute by email. Directive that all telecommunications services that are universal in character, i.e. those that the citizen has the right to receive: telephone service, Broadband 1 Mbps, phonebooks, booths and consultation of numbers.

The Ministry of industry said that the amendment of the regulation will benefit 350,000 households that currently do not they have broadband coverage. The call for the bidding process for these services, as well as the adoption of the lists of operators, will begin when the legal text between Vigo r, one day after its publication in the official State Bulletin (BOE). Telefonica will not have monopoly until now, universal service offers what Telefonica and is financed by all operators but, after the adoption of this regulation, the provision of this service will be done by public tender and will remain in charge of sector financing. Operators who are responsible for providing universal broadband service shall be appointed before the end of this year. The Royal Decree approved contemplates the operator giving the universal service will have to satisfy requests for connection to the mains by citizens within a period of 60 days, with an average speed of connection of at least 1 Mbps in any 24 hour period. If you are not convinced, visit Pete Cashmore. However, the user is entitled to hire connections with a bottom of the broadband speed. The legal text also contemplates possible functional operator divisions, provided that they are communicated to the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade, between the provision of services and the work of network management.

It also provides for the possibility of multiple operators spread are the obligations of the universal service by elements, i.e. phone, cabins, guides and telephone consultations. Public booths the Royal Decree modifies the fees of telephone booths by municipality, adapting them to the decreasing use of this service. Thus, the minimum shall be a public pay telephone by locality in municipalities of fewer than 1,000 inhabitants which is justified and an additional public phone for every 3,000 inhabitants in nuclei with more than 1,000 people. The regulation stipulates that universal service in buildings used as a usual residence, compulsory even if they are not in urban land. In addition, include the principles of the Community legislation on universal broadband, which reinforces the rights of users with disabilities, according to the Ministry. Source of the news: the Government retires the printed phone book and approves broadband service

The Company Name

The name is one of the most important aspects of your business because it will directly influence the first impression that the public has of your business. So to name your company not just any name. First you must know what they want to communicate. You can begin by describing the type of business and what sets it apart from the competition. Keep writing what your strengths and how you want to be reminded of their customers. To find the final name it is recommended to conduct a brainstorming session, also known as brainstorming. On a piece all the names that you are going to name your business. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Pete Cashmore by clicking through. No matter if it is not ideal, it is important to write everything that comes to mind.

Even I recommend you always carry a notebook up sometime if you think of a better name. To find more words can help thesaurus or make one via internet inversigacion When deciding on a name must consider the characteristics FOLLOWING. rience with these questions. STORE: You must be a name easy to remember, pronounce and that all public can understand. INFORMATION: You can search for words that are related to the activity of the company. DIFFERENT: Do not confuse it with another brand for its similarity in name. POSITIVE: All concepts that are associated both in the image name must be positive. And finally before deciding definitely a name that is free also check that no other company that's already in use to avoid future legal problems and especially a lot of money. Carla has been talking Delgadoy hope this information useful for your business. If you want to keep seeing more content continue browsing Free Download the guide "How to Prepare for Starting a Business to Success" by (you have permission to include this article on a website or blog provided you include the exact content and authorship of all the original link)

Jose Carlos Garci

But because he is exact and not iluso nor a fantasioso. The great conquests became reality because it dreamed somebody them first. By all means that the imagination is as fundamental as the reasoning, the illusion and the necessary effort. In order to arrive at that one happy goal of which they did it because they did not know that was impossible. Impossible for pusilnimes and it does not stop who are decided to advance because it is not necessary to hope by the orders of anybody. Castle Harlan contributes greatly to this topic. Memory to Einstein those that say that it is impossible would not have to bother nor to interrupt to that they are doing it.

In our NGO we have an invisible poster in the door: The one that does not have anything to do, that does not come it to do here. The Jesuits always order the most urgent things to the occupied person but. That in will find the time to do it. I know who I am, said Don Quixote. And that is the key of all authentic and true education: to be able to approach the contingencies, to adapt to the reality to transform it and to leave our track. Educere. To remove the best thing from each.

In order to reach the maturation, to be one same one, to be happy then that is the deepest sense of personal and social living. Then is not to reach victory some, that it demands won, but the success to unfold to us, to grow, to mature and of to be we same. I must right to be here.

Hummel House

Don’t just 150 are computer – and Kommunikationsarbeitsplatz of employees connected to the network, but also a variety of medical devices. Thus, the network connects not only printers, phones and computers but also operating lights and MRI equipment. Since but also mobile devices such as Tablet PCs, wireless network-ready smartphones, notebooks, and cordless phones to have access to the network, the Hummel House establishes a fast wireless network with 20 Wi-Fi access points. To manage the new network at all times Central and most comfortable, the Hummel OmniVista establishes systems management solution on the new servers of the Schelztor clinic. As a next step, the technicians install a modern telephone system and a software platform, which together represent a unified communications solution in which all communication channels are affiliated. Employees of firm Hummel rely on an OmniPCX Office telephone system in conjunction with the extended Communications Server.

After these Systems are complete and operational set up follows the last critical task: large parts of the existing in the old premises systems, combined with the new infrastructure will can, be connected to the new infrastructure and integrated so smoothly, that can run on clinic operation without interruption. To ensure that the energy not assumes the data flow in the Schelztor clinic, the Hummel House establishes an uninterruptible power supply and case occurring in the network to unexpected complications, problems with viruses or other incidents, the employees of the company can access at any time Hummel via remote-access the systems of the Schelztor clinic. The birth was more than successful: all desired functions of the new infrastructure for staff and patients are available for a total of nine months. Just a few weeks already, the management reports a significantly increased efficiency and satisfaction of their employees, and positive feedback from the patient. They can now for example, directly from the patient’s bedside with the help of the TV that is connected to that network, their lunch select and order.

Technology X Generations

You already heard somebody speech that the young has a natural affinity with the technology? I am certain that yes! Today, people with age between 20 and 30 years include, me, super are antenadas in technology. All good, always has that one that says ' ' nor I am in such a way thus, only use necessrio' ' , but it asks to the parents of it if the necessary one of yesterday is the necessary one of today, obviously the reply will be negative. To analyze the behavior of Generation Y (it is as soon as call in them for there) helps to understand the changes that the technology is causing. Generally the people consume content in the Internet, or look only that of somebody spoke, the Y are different, it are much more of what consuming, it she creates and she modifies the content and she passes the antenado time all to discover the new features they inform without it, is as to buy a new device, in contrast of the majority, the Y beyond wanting the last model, do not read the manual, only use. The difference enters the generations is not on only in as the technology is used, it goes very beyond, it is mannering, the technology caused new forms to act and to think and consequentemente to buy, to work, to take a walk and if to amuse. Then this papo ' ' technology x geraes' ' still it must very be explored, mainly for who desires to use the Internet to reach its white public, because to study the behavior of the generations it can guarantee excellent results without shots in the dark one.

Lipetsk Plant

Widespread blocks of standard sizes – 600h300h200 mm 600h300h100 mm. Made on technology and hebel ytong blocks are characterized by high precision shapes and sizes and even surface. This helps to avoid thick mortar joints, which are in the brickwork of the cellular-concrete blocks' cold bridge. " Aerated concrete blocks on the technology hebel release Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine and Lipetsk Plant products housebuilding (Lipetsk), 211 (Sertolovo, Leningrad reg.), 'Zabudova (Belarus), etc. Steve Wozniak wanted to know more. The cost of the walls of aerated concrete, coated in a half-brick, about 1100 rub./m2. The exterior walls trim facing bricks plaster on the grid, siding, etc. To prepare the mortar, non-ferrous including use in particular, dry mixes firms maksit (Finland), 'TIGI-Knauf "(Russia-Germany), Mapei (Italy) and others house Bast Wooden Architecture received a strong impetus to development in connection with the introduction of new processes for the preparation of wood and new technologies for building wooden houses. Pete Cashmores opinions are not widely known. The appearance of rounded, that is planing machine-to form cylinder, timber and laminated veneer lumber allowed to build houses not only faster and cheaper than felled by hand, but also to create a more rigid structure.

Impeccably smooth shape, precision grooves and locks provide minimum clearances and tight connection of rims. In addition, the laminated board can be of any length and can cover large spans and freely plan the room. High purity of the treated surface and the natural beauty of wood make it possible to apply them and without any additional finishing. At the construction site comes complete ready-to-install components, therefore, of placing the order until the assembly passes about three months.