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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Biodex System

Underwent an initial assessment and final isokinetic on a Biodex System 3 Pro computer (manufacturer:) Biodex. Type: System 3 Pro. N? serial: 10011116. Date of manufacture: 10/2001. Model #: 830-200.

Dynamometer: mobile. Computer system: System3 advantage software (3.27). (? til: ankle.) To quantify: the maximum moment of force (peak torque), time to peak torque, trabajomaximo, total work and average power. The minimum age of the subjects is 18 years and the maximum age of 32 years. The women’s team in the senior category of the University of Murcia, formed by 13 women aged between 18 and 32 sample forms. The average age of the sample is 22.6 years old. Do do athletes performed two tests, both, with your dominant foot: described as flexion of ankle, unilateral, in concentric concentric contraction, at speeds of 30? /segundos (5 repetitions) and 300? /segundos (10 repetitions). With 45 seconds rest between sets; three and four following weeks was carried out the same work protocol but giving the athlete of two tech socks of decreasing compression pro-sport brand medilast Sport (model athletics).

Both tests were conducted prior warm-up with a biciergometro brand Suntruck 120 Magnetic tension control at level 45 for 5 minutes of duration and subsequent warming articulate ankle executor performing ten circunducciones in both directions with the tip of the foot resting on the ground and ten circunducciones without support; and subsequent stretching of the anterior face of the leg in standing position of passively against the wall and passive form on the back of the leg stretch offering resistance with the hands resting on the wall. The experimental test protocol was as follows: Presentacion de el Investigador, the room and the isokinetic dynamometer. Signature of the document accrediting the study and research test. Takes measures for specific sports material (Medilast Sport). The subject measurement: height and weight in enclosed room. Presentation of the action Protocol for global warming.

Organization Training

From my personal opinion it seems that coaching rides with firm step toward recognition as a profession of development thanks to the making of institutions, companies and professionals caring for rigorously from the example and professional matching. If it is true that there may be a little saturation and confusion until you reach certification (100 hours for ACC not alone up to PCC with 750 hours) since it seems sweet to demagogues and opportunists who call coach themselves (am coach!) in your professional image to customers new and clueless. Image that appears making much harm, however life is very stubborn with the populist people that uses four tricks that non technical, because over time you end up seeing him the true face by misuse of the philosophy, rules, tools and coaching ethics. No doubt accessible training in time, money, and even more important in energy for those who are left to cajole (more in times of crisis that must attract people to the cause of survive). For this reason a few questions for reflection: What with the coaching that appears up in the soup?, does what the coaching that attracts both?, what impact we are creating?, do we find ourselves in a moment critical?, will end up by making it a recognized profession?, where is the example of congruence?, which specializations you are creating or promoting? It is true that I know some (people) professionals who have the skills of coaching and practice with their teams, clients and participants without show the world in your business card that they already are, simply do so with proximity and poise. The difference between coaching, consulting and training is a matter of fashion and very common because they are related although no doubt there are different nuances: attention and intuition of the experienced coach is the leverage the client’s own vision, wisdom, resources and promote action oriented to concrete facts in the closer and motivating scope (therapy why? and why coaching isn’t it?) However a consultant focuses from their business specialty in the achievement of the Organization’s performance through the application of technical knowledge and specific tools (much software!).

Finally the trainer is responsible for the transmission of specific information and skills training to their clients being able to use the skills of coaching. For me the key is not be COACH because you give the feeling of an orphan (ask someone who you are? and you will see how you answer with your profession). The coaches believe in alliances and the idea of exercise and enjoy responsibly (no more tags) as a professional co-active coaching.

Increasing Sales

Improving conversions or even more, sales in our endeavors is the result we get after working on specific points in our own websites or blogs; some factors to work are for example:-use cause a specific action through a window PopUps, this can be used to enter his visitor to the site offering you either a bonus, an offer to subscribe to your newsletter, a certain last minute offer, new promotions and can even use it to promote a new site recently created. You can also use an exit PopUp appearing when they leave your website, also for the majority of the options previously named. -An option increasingly used even in the both landing pages and corporate websites is the use of testimony, which provide a key ingredient for our business, credibility in us, our service or our product. The main thing here is to use real testimonials from ordinary people who talk about the benefits or advantages which contributed products purchased on our sites or our recommendation in the case that promote affiliate products. For these cases, it is advisable to continue a relationship far more amicably as possible with your customer and noting that you grateful which brings your comment to transcribe it into place. -A factor that we can not ignore is the graph of our products or services, more even if we offer ebooks, software and services of creation of web pages, etc. People react differently to the Visual stimuli of a certain product, mentally become an idea of what offers them and this surely this will help it to you achieve more sales or conversions. -Offer your customers options so that they can access their products or services, be sure to accept credit cards on your website Since the majority of online transactions are made through credit cards, but neither neglect the people who need their products and do not have credit cards, which use also checks, cards of debit, bank transfers, transactions with private companies such as Western Union, etc.

Euros Data

Sudespacho.NET, leader in management software for lawyers and advisers, has a tool for backup online, which allows you to schedule backups, and stores them in a data center of maximum security, the entire process of safeguarding the information is encrypted. Because not only for safety but for regulatory compliance as demanding as it is the data protection act, having an external backup is a lifesaver. An advisor to companies is often found in a situation that is faced with a loss of data has dramatic consequences. Each time more the value of the data, is invaluable, it is estimated that the value of a mega data costs 10 Euros. Aware of this need, has developed an AD HOC tool for professionals, which not only allows them to make backups, but at the same time allowing them comply with data protection regulations. The advantages of the backup tool are incalculable, on the one hand it is an online backup tool, and data are fully encrypted and hosted on a secure server, and on the other hand is an automated tool that automates the entire process of backup, allowing maximum security and reliability in processes of backup copies. Exists a free version available to those interested in the website of with a capacity of 500 megs, if you are a business consultant or a lawyer we recommend that you install it. Sudespacho.NET is a leading company in management solutions for professional offices, being the first company launched sectoral solutions to law firms and consultants in the cloud in 2003.

Mineral Equipment

Jaw broken machine (jaw breaker, jaw breaking machine), a kind of highly efficient, energy-saving broken equipment our company produced, one of many large and medium sized jaw breaking machine, especially in design and produces large jaw broken machine these two aspects, we have already in the domestic leading level. Hard ore materials are sent by vibrating feeder evenly to jaw broken machine for rough crushing, the pipes after coarse breaking from the tape walks pipes fed to the sand making further rupture the crushing machines walked to the vibrating screen sieve points, to reach the products size requirements, the material is fed into the sand washing machine cleaning, accountants, walks with output is products; product size requirements of materials does not arrive from the vibrating screen returns Sand Reworking constitute to closed repeatedly reincarnation. Productos pueden combinarse graded according to the user s needs and coexistence. If we adopted the dry production selection process, the thickness of the parting powder machine and dust removal equipment can be equipped. Upright the broken machine is used for the fine crushing This kind of vertical crushing machine is the most important crushing machine which is used in the crushing work, special alloys for hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt and other artificial sand or highway pavement stone rupture of processing machine. The broken machine broken than large, the particle size can be wanton swap, do not accept the board hammer, liner wear; no sun set, broken high moisture content should not contain the the mud large amount of material infarction; elastic conditioning institutions to enter not rupture material can be discharged initiative, not forming equipment damage. Cone crushing machine-cone breaker is a kind of crushing machine, pulley or coupling, drive shaft and cone Ministry of migraine pain sets forced to move to the next around a fixed para Actividades Swing, and then the rupture cone machine cone broken broken wall sometimes close and sometimes separate solid mounted in adjusting the sleeve the rolling Shirakabe appearance, pray to blow from time to time in the rupture cavity, cute and bending effects and complete rupture of the ore price roll roll-rupture foremost by the broken machine: fixed roll, chassis, body, movement roll cover, gear housing, drive shafts and other local constitute the long series of roller-rupture machine power primary thoughts on the power of the V-belt software systems from the outgoing, then through a pair of central deceleration gear, so that fixed rolling roll torque, again by means of fixed rolling roll the other end of the one pair of long gear drive motion rolling roller, two rolling rollers into a relative activity, so that the materials can be crushed, thus, ball mill has become an important machinery in the mineral industry.

Internet Business

Dear readers, if our idea is to start a business online, just as it happens outside, we must develop a new economy business market study electronic taking clear the game of supply and demand, the particularity is that now instead of come together in a physical space, our exchange of information, products, services and payments occur via telecommunications networks in a virtual market entails something that to analyze the two faces of the same coin, our business saw two lenses. Specifically we must get to know our business, how to market and customers. It is a methodological work that shows how your business can benefit from Internet. It allows you to identify specific points where to reduce costs, streamline operations, or introduce a new source of growth.Let us consider each of these techniques analyzed below and remember that apartir of the next article you will have the development of each of these, so don’t forget follow us for your orientation to the start your business online I.1.-have a business proposal, know the business Vs client-it must be understood the competitive advantages of your business to your customer as well as its debilidadesb – must exist a clear differentiation of their products and their serviciosc-market positioning in the market (brand, reputation, knowledge of your offer etc) objective (its final customer characteristics) d-is important to identify whether aguna there is a difference between what you want and what you really need must focus our efforts on addressing our concerns. Once identified the most important objectives propose us a plan of action I.2.-analysis of the design need identify the components of design appropriate to define your imagen:a – combination of colors for your logo and Esquemab – design aspects of aid to the navegacion.c-disposition of messages and aspects to avoid. I.3.-analysis of the Marketing in Internet must define which is the current market, to study the possibilities of This and new markets.