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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Payment Systems

The comp & Ben software promotes the lawful implementation of improving pay and ensures that tax inspections all documents consistently can be detected since one year HR IT Solutions, S.L.., successfully in use is the software of the comp & Ben. Employers from different sectors with staff of twenty-two thousand employees have optimized their pay systems with the software and you can manage them continually about. “The demand for more net” increasingly rises through the tax-free or tax-advantaged benefits and compensation components. Since regularly access the possibilities the net content optimization the renowned print and online media like Handelsblatt, Foundation financial test, evening newspaper, etc, employers are almost forced to deal more intensively with the topic. Charge optimisation – theme for the suggestion recently at comp & Ben the request of an engineer from a company with over 300 employees did, of the Charge optimization want to record in the suggestion. IT tool clean and clear analysis of the potential to be the comp & Ben HR create and reproduce the corresponding exact salary comparisons.

This is important so that the employer can at first define the strategy that best meets its business objectives. Experienced service provider took over the management in the past few years following the implementation of compensation optimization. But the increased demand on the part of the employer, the growing number of providers and the high wage costs of this originally very labor-intensive services necessitated the development of a practical and at the same time future-oriented software. Manage the first analysis about the salary benchmark for project execution and implementation in the payroll to manage legal and liability-secure payments in kind and modification operations at the participating employees everything can be done for more than a year electronically. What can be completed electronically, such as monthly price queries at the petrol stations for fuel grades according to the fuel vouchers, is done by a competent, German-speaking support center. “” The charge optimization with the software is not only convenient and affordable for the employer, but also a higher legal and liability security offers, as the manual “Management, is rather an additional benefit of the random”, explains Peter Freund, CEO of comp & Ben HR IT Solutions, S.L….

All previously TuV certified processes have been programmed into the software, that are required for the implementation and management. Since they now automatically expire, deviations or error are virtually excluded. That promotes the implementation of law and ensures that all documents for income tax or social security checks can be detected consistently”, as Peter Freund. High levels of satisfaction among customers and partners about the software, as well as the support expressed also the partners of comp & Ben highly satisfied, see references. Specialists from the fields of taxes, occupational pensions (bAV) and law firms have discovered the software to to expand your existing customer business and to successfully enter into the acquisition of new customers. Employers who right – and liability-safe and neutral management improve net income of their employees and at the same time want the personnel costs, look at the choice of the service provider it that this demonstrably works with a field-proven software in the implementation and management. Comp & Ben is so far the only software on the German and international market for this purpose.

Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberosterreich: Basel II Risk Management For Leasing

Short time-to-market with innovation risk rating platform GRZ IT one of the largest IT service providers in Austria, has for the Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberosterreich group, and their leasing subsidiaries created a centralized, web-based application for the evaluation of leasing applications from companies and individuals in the areas of cars, trucks, machinery and real estate leasing. The Basel II rating application is used by the connected agencies in the Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland and Croatia since early September 2009. Currently, the rating application contains four assessment models, which are used in different languages and versions. The response in the countries was very positive. The system has convinced the user with speed and simplicity”, so master’s degree Christina Wagner, responsible for the risk management of Eastern leasing subsidiaries of the Raiffeisen Landesbank Oberosterreich. Short time-to-market the Central Web application implemented within 12 weeks. Kai-Fu Lee often addresses the matter in his writings.

The time factor was an important criterion for the Decision of GRZ IT group, the application together with the service provider innovation and its risk rating platform to create. “Dr. Dr. Helmut Hamberger, project manager from the client, explains: in addition to the dynamism and flexibility of application the implementation speed and competence of innovation has convinced us”. Within a very short time, the rating experts of GRZ IT were group and the Raiffeisen Landesbank Oberosterreich rating platform and its graphical modeling tool to create rating models themselves and to develop enables, with the risk. Professional models, model experts have created the associated user interface and workflow for the release of ratings. Internationally uniform Basel II-ratings the Central Basel II rating application replaces a heterogeneous system landscape and ensures that the leasing partners international uniform valuation.

This innovation has ensured the comprehensive integration of the application into the existing infrastructure, with high security requirements were taken into account. For example, the permission system for managing users and the mail system were connected to send automatically mail-based tasks in the build and release process. Transparent and revision-safe rated the application allows the owners of Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberosterreich today, all operations of the rating current, completed, and even deleted including your results at any time to understand. For this purpose be historicized all ratings of Basel II compliant audit-proof. For the current assessment, as a result of rating is established, the valuation rules are the risk experts transparently in the form of graphical models available. The Central Basel II rating application you want to use more markets soon Outlook on the basis of the very positive feedback. In addition, GRZ IT plans group, to extend the application to the use of data from external providers and credit agencies. Download press release as PDF. Contact: GRZ IT group Christian Haile / account management Tel.

Brazilian Association

According to Abramovay, (2002), the types most common are depredations of the patrimony and interpersonal aggression. The transport of firearms and cutting weapons has been told quite frequently in Brazilian schools, many times resulting in serious wounds and deaths in the conflicts between students. As important references in the studies of bullying in Brazil, valley to mention Fante (2003, 2005) that it carried through studies in cities of the interior of the state of Are Pablo-SP and Lopes Grandson (2005) that during 20 years it was the front of the extinct Brazilian Association of Protection to Infancy and Adolescncia (ABRAPIA), and developed the Program of Reduction of the Aggressive Behavior between Students, with the participation of more than 5,500 pupils of 5as 8as series of Basic Ensino, in the city of the River of January-RIO DE JANEIRO. In 2009, the government of Australia received the results from a research on bullying, the done greater so far in accordance with the research, in which they had participated 7000 pupils, of 124 schools. One evidenced that the pupils of the eighth year are the biggest victims, being that of each three pupils, one of them is white of gozaes and attacks. The researchers had evidenced that, following the world-wide trend, virtual cyber bullying, or bullying he comes if becoming each more common time between pupils, mainly of the not governmental schools. This type of aggression is considered cruelest and devastador, much even so the pupils believe that to attack physically he is well more serious of what spreading ackward electronic messages (MACDOUGALL; CHILCOTT, 2009). Institute SM for Educao (ISME) pointed Brazil as champion in bullying, in accordance with the result of research carried through in November of 2006, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain and Mexico (FANTE; ROCK, 2008) Forms of envolvement with the Bullying According to Carvalhosa, Lima and Matos (2001) the victims are pupils or groups of pupils seen as white easy to the eyes of the aggressor, who, for n. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pete Cashmore offers on the topic..

Style Lighting

Style lighting in the interior of the interior of your apartment or house can not be imagined without svetilnikov.Izyskanno selected chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps and various lighting create a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort in your home, putting the necessary emphasis in the design of the room. Whatever the original would not have been all around, with no well-chosen lighting design is not complete. Try to consider the three basic styles of lighting, modern, classic and high-tech concrete examples. 1.Klassika. That come to us in the head at this word, if we consider the subject of lighting? Of course the correct forms, crystal, bronze, gold, luxury, and at the same time refinement. All it is, and one of the brightest representatives of this style is the production of world-famous factory Reccagni Angelo (Italy). Graceful lines and careful study of all, even the smallest detail and luxury nevyzyvayuschaya performance probably will not leave you indifferent and silenced even the most inveterate kritikov.Reccagni Angelo produces exclusively interior svetilniki.Vse they are sorted by series.

This allows you to easily pick up kit of lyustry.bra, floor lamps and table lamps made in one stile.plafony made in three variants, glass, crystal, cloth, or a combination of the above the aforesaid range materialov.Tsvetovaya classic white ceiling or beige color and design of the lamp itself is bronze in color (dark and light), gold, or wood (dark and light). Source: Steve Wozniak. Each series is represented by several versions differing in the number of chandelier lamps, from 3 to 24.Eto oznachaet.chto choosing a classic style you can easily Reccagni Angelo for buying what is more appropriate for the size of your pomescheniya.Vysokoe workmanship and materials of course reflected in the price of lamps, but believe me, they are worth. 2.Modern. Style rather than svoeobraznyy.V even a simple but very elegant and there is no room demokratichnyy.V straight lines, the ceiling often made in the form of a sphere or a hemisphere. soft diffused light, satin style can steklo.Etot go with any decor. Moreover, that the variety in style and color performance practically does not know granits.On combines the seriousness and the classics and cutting-edge contemporary tehnologii.Vybor manufacturer is difficult primarily because of their huge kolichestvo.V particular even Reccagni Angelo has a series of Art Nouveau.

We suggest you consider the lighting plant Odeon (Italy) and Eglo (Austria). The variety of colors and materials of which are made fixtures allows you to find exactly what your ideal room. 3.Hay-tech. The name itself-(high technology – high-tech) says mnogom.Stil be called ultra . it in the first place and all structure subordinated to this goal. Razlichny.Ot form of straight lines and right figures, to models of transformers with bundles of wires. Razlichny.Shiroko Materials used metal, glass and plastik.Kak usually very easy to use, easy to change the angle and intensity models are equipped with remote osvescheniya.Nekotorye upravleniem.Svetilniki in this style also produce a large number of firm.My suggest you pay attention to production factory Globo (Austria), as in our opinion the most reliable and high quality. Svetilniki.lyustry, sconces and lamps above mentioned producers, as well as many other things you can see on the site of an online store for Global illumination at


Therefore, you have convertirte in a safe person of same you. To make contact with enemy with him constantly does not demonstrate confidence in same you, but necessity. If you want to be successful in how reclaiming your man, you tendras that to transform. If you were already beautiful before, impressive and still more beautiful you haras. It sees the gymnasium. Mantnte occupied with the work and the friendly. Procupate by your life if you want to reclaim your man To have a life. rough. To know more about this subject visit Peter Asaro .

This does not want to say that you must olvidarte of him. But you must also live, preocupate by you, quiets more, engriete, arreglate, take care, amate, only developing to these qualities podras to love the others, to have a life means reirte of the things but small and to remove started off to him for the events that you have, you are important you do not forget it. If you wish to learn how to reclaim your man, you must be mysterious. It does not concern step how long since you broke, if you do not put yourself in contact with your ex- ones and beams your life of the normal way but and following you rule mentioned, will be the one in charge to let the first call even if it is only to know how it is going to you. This is exactly what you want that happens since this lays the way for future communications. The conclusion is, if you wish to be successful in how to reclaim your man, you must act against your impulses, especially if your head is still turning around, and you concentrate in mejorarte same. You can discover all the secrets and the proven strategies that guarantee that your man this of return in your life entering in Technical to attract, to seduce and to reclaim your Man

Click And Play

Thanks to new technologies we have seen how our life has been becoming much more simple and, above all, comfortable. It is possible that everyone agigantado advance we are living to escape a little to our understanding and be more complicated that even they think, but what is certain is that we now have many amenities which soon or we could dream. For example, have someone a few years ago would have thought that the purchase could be made without going even to the supermarket? Exactly, how we were going to be able to check and choose products if we didn’t have them before our eyes? And look at us now, entering a portal, by visiting the catalog and buying online. Now, if the previous night we have lost a series, we found on the portal of the corresponding television and satisfy our doubts about what has happened in the last chapter. If I want to know if a library or a bookstore has a copy specifically, the only thing we have to do is click in the corresponding web to get information and, in the second case, also your price. Now, children no longer have to purchase a board game to play one strategy with your family or friends, simply enter your network. And girls do not have to buy accessories for your favorite dolls, because on the web you can find fashion games, even those related with the famous Barbie. Games for all tastes just a click of the mouse. Original author and source of the article