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iPod Players

IPod players are among the safest in the world. There was even a rumor that a bullet from AK47 released in the U.S. soldier in Iraq, stuck in the player and did not bring any harm to the soldier. Yeah, right in the 'apple' =) this is true or pr, you decide. Personally, I I think, that the empty gossip, the next story for the program 'Mythbusters' With all due respect to iPodu, AK47 is why it more respect. Well, this little digression. If you're reading this, then you most likely problem with the iPod.

I hope that you have no shot =) and you will be able to easily handle all problems. To do this, execute the program 'magic' five 'R': Reset (restart), Retry (retry), Restart (restart), Reinstall (re-installation), Restore (Recovery). If you would like to know more then you should visit Pete Cashmore. 1.RESET: If you are the unknown, how to restart your player, look on the official page of Apple. Likely to reboot will solve your problem. 2.RETRY: Try connecting your player to the computer via another port usb. Also the problem may lie in the beaten sync cable. If there is an opportunity to take a different cable, then connect the player through it. 3.RESTART: Simply reboot your computer connected to iPodom 4.REINSTALL: Download the latest version firmware via iTunes and updated.

Do not forget to make backup predvaditelno library. 5.RESTORE: If all else fails, you can restore all the player settings to the factory level. How do we read on the official page of Apple. If all 5 points have not helped, I am your sincere sympathy. I almost cried when my first apple player covered himself with hdd And what can you do fate In principle, you can call in support or refer to the seller (if the player is under warranty) or contact the service repair. In the latter case, the forked-Bake iPoda repair is not cheap. However, you can take this opportunity to protyuningovat player: put a new battery or more solid hard drive And you can just buy a new iPod Something I'm dreaming, if you read this article just in case, then I wish you that this case did not come.

Start Logical

In that folder is created on the spot Driver Backup with all the necessary drivers). – Retention of information. When you install the operating system from scratch on a blank hard disk, the question of preservation of information is not relevant. If you reinstall, before it is beginning to care about safety located on the hard disk of valuable information. The computer has one or more hard drives ("HDD"), a space which is virtually divided into sections – the logical drives. Get representation of disk space, hard drive and its division into logical drives can go to "My Computer" (double-click the left mouse button on the appropriate icon on your desktop or go to the Start menu and Select a section of the same name). If you hover your mouse over any of the logical partitions, a window will appear with information on the full and the remaining space. Aggregate total amount of all logical disks corresponds to the disk space hard drive (HDD) on your computer.

When you reinstall the opportunity to reallocate the disk space on the hard disk (s) between the logical partitions and also change the number of the latter. In this case, the information stored in the variable logical partitions will be lost. If you do not plan to change the configuration of the individual logical drives that are on them, the data persist. In this regard, valuable files stored on changing discs, copy to removable media (flash drive, portable hard drive, cd / DVD-R / rw, etc), another computer or on an immutable logical partition (in this case Be sure to remember his name, why – will understand later). Here is to copy the folder with the drivers, "extended" from the old operating system by Driver Genius (see above). When deciding on the method of separation (or need ) hard drive into logical partitions must be considered that the optimal size of drive C, which is the default in Windows, should be 7-10 gb.

The remaining space on the hard disk can be will be divided into any number of logical partitions (on the user's choice). I want to note that all information stored on the desktop and in your My Documents folder is actually located on the C drive! Therefore, if there are valuable files, they should also be copied to the "safe place". So, if there is a workable "Install" Windows xp disk with the registration code, defective CD-drive carrier with the necessary drivers and useful information is already stored, you can install (reinstallation) of the operating system. read MORE

Office Boredom

Surely, monotonous and tedious office work, does not contribute to your good mood in the workplace. In order to diversify the work days, many people use methods that are unlikely to meeting a endorsement from superiors. Someone more interested in traveling on the boundless Internet – open spaces, with the study of news and entertainment sites, as well as communication in various forums. Others involved in setting records in the 'Sappers' and unfolding Solitaire 'Solitaire' and 'Spider'. But there are those who are not simple ones built into windows, games.

Output from these people, only one – to download games from the internet. Indeed, in the network there are a lot of resources devoted to mini – games. There is only one 'but', spoiling the whole picture. The vast majority of games on the site of this kind are classified as Shareware, that is, have different limitations on usage, as long as you are for them pay. Of course, if the game you liking, then why not buy it, especially as prices for games of this kind is very democratic (around $ 5). But there is a free alternative to shareware – games, which we'll talk with you this article. Called it – game console emulators.

For starters, let's look at the terms: The emulator – a program through which the run console games on a pc. rom – directly yourself game file that runs on the emulator. So, having understood the basic concepts, let us define consoles and games. First, immediately discard all modern consoles (Playstation 3, xbox 360, etc.), since they do not have a stable and quality emulators. Secondly, we will not take into account the consoles, games which occupy too large amount. For example, the minimum volume of one game for the first Playstation or Dreamcast will be a few hundred megabytes. In my opinion, the best option is eight and sixteen – bit consoles like the nes (Dendy), Sega Genesis (Sega Mega Drive) and snes (Super Nintendo). For the above consoles have been published a lot of games, many of which are easily able to compete with shareware – games. In addition, due to its small volume, they represent a great attraction for downloading them from the Internet. Judge for yourself in the archives of 200 megabytes will fit a few hundred or even thousands (if it comes to games for Dendy) ROMs. I can assure you that in the open before you abundant you will find a lot of games that you can permanently distract from the monotony of everyday life. In conclusion, let us summarize what has been said before. To start the console games on your computer you need an emulator. Moreover, for every single console (SNES emulator is not suitable for running games for the console Sega). After installing the emulator, you will need to run with the help of appropriate ROMs (Typically, a team of File – Open rom or Load rom, a menu of the emulator).

Large Live Opponent

In any case, clearly aiming light can be First orient much better aim: Kills another body opponent. So, in my head – if you deliberately do not doubt within himself and calmly be able to compel really impact the flame in the belly – to Large Live reliability, because then you do not hurt either simply is a considerable spread of bullets, there is no sweeping 'movements' competitor. Finally, in the middle and it is far better to deliberately set out to distances in feet – tutti you finally get an opponent perhaps, as including a really small deviation of the barrel just in the vertical plane of the greatest distance of a special drive to ensure that the bullets are flying quietly higher purpose. for a relationship with a human being the final fact gently accustom themselves to adjust the sight for about a shootout is simply far distance: a totally making a little bit short turn, carefully take it apart just below carefully keep 'fire intermittently' at an opponent, temporarily not quite carrier with intent to back grasp exactly alone in his own way has a great influence stroke To be sure, the shooting, in good faith try to dash finally hit with an AK-47, jumping and calmly moving side quietly. Thus, the force in good aiming light AK-47 and the bulk of other types of guns standing desire to place, and preferably – squatting. Therefore, the allowable roughly speaking, that is the focus as a move to fire – this for many the ability to combine movement with stops and squats.

Crisis – Is Not A Game …

Crisis and the gaming industry. Once, there was a time I was more worried about the crisis of the genre of television and computer games. Watching the next release of nfs, Tomb Rider, or Silent Hill. Or resuscitation of forgotten projects, for example as a Mortal Sombat or Street Fighter not to mention the numerous clones, I thought about the lack of revolutionary or even new ideas in the gaming genre. Yes, always happy about, reading about the next extension of Metal Gear, Resident Evil and Diablo.

Well, how Familiar atmosphere, loved the characters. Just as the right to provide the label with the number 3, 4,7 or 8 is not a guarantee that you will not spend their money for nothing But it is, so to speak, lyrical digression. And the theme itself of crisis (crisis), economic crisis, today the same way popular and relevant as not so long ago – when, with whom and how Sobchak What happens in the gaming industry on a global scale? I must say, very disappointing to come. For example, that Sony is planning to soon cut 16,000 jobs (which is 8% of the total number of company employees). Announced the closure of a television plant in Pennsylvania (USA) – one of the structural units of Sony. Many analysts attribute this to the fact that first began to fall sales of the popular console, PS3, compared to its closest competitor Xbox360. Today, during the Christmas sales, the U.S.