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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Microsoft Gold Certified

The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner for learning solutions and Microsoft certifications including MCSE and MCSA certifications other well-known providers such as Cisco, Oracle, CompTIA, Novell, and Sun offers as part of its course offerings. Also for security, project and business process management can qualify. Firebrand training was founded in the summer of 2001 by Robert Chapman and Stefano Capaldo in the UK as a training camp. Stefano was once even students an accelerated learning in the United States and the learning approach estimated such high quality, that he decided to establish itself as a company in England. The company with its innovative training concept was in the UK as IT training company of the year”of the year award in 2006 and 2007.

Due to the success was the management team able to terminate the franchise contract at the end of September 2007 and from 1 October 2007 to occur firebrand training as an independent company. In this way, the company can better align the courses on the needs of the European IT market. The German branch is headquartered in Rotenburg an der Fulda in the geographical centre of Germany. About the courses of firebrand training the aim of the courses at firebrand training is to impart knowledge to students in a very short time and to qualify them. The participants engaged in the average 12 hours daily the fabric. Experts from practice the knowledge by applying visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning methods at different times of day.

Queried the learned in testing and the participants will obtain industry recognized certifications for success. Also on this point, firebrand training differs from other providers. Save IT professionals and companies from all sectors of the economy through the intensive Learn valuable time and money, because they will benefit from a lower loss of work. With over 85 percent, an above average number of participants insist their certification courses right off the bat. Firebrand training it gives content spanning months or in courses from three to 14 days.

Brazilian Institute

Main pointer of trend of the commerce, the index of quarterly mobile average of sales in store of the refined retail for the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) showed that the businesses in the sector continue presenting small growth, but coming close itself to the stability, what indicates loss of breath. The index registered high of 0,37% in the trimester locked up in April before the finished one in March. The result of the mobile average of April shows a deceleration in relation to the refined results in March (1.01%) and February (1.02%). The expansion trend still exists, but the rhythm points with respect to a stability. In the comparison of April of this year with equal month of the passed year, the sales had increased 6.9%. However, it had fall of 0,2% in April before March with sazonal adjustment. With the result until the room 2009 month, the sales of the retail accumulate high of 4,5% in the year and 7,1% in last the 12 months.

Of the eight groups of activities of the retailing searched by the IBGE, only two they had registered expansion in April before March: hipermercados, nourishing supermarkets, products, drunk and tobacco (0.8%) and equipment and material for office, computer science and communication (8.9%). It still offers scarce of credit and the effect delayed of the reduction of the IPI on the consumption of household-electric and material of construction had contributed for the result, had pointed economists. For the next months, the perspectives are of recovery of the sales in the comparison monthly, but insufficient to revert the trend of deceleration of the pointer in the gathered of 12 months. For the year, the forecasts are of 3% expansion 4% by vol. of sales, before growth of 9,1% in the last year and 7% in the gathered of 12 months until April.

The Professional

The objective of the ethics is the moral, that in turn is the set of norms and customs acquired by the repetitive habit of practical its. The professional concept is what it evidences, for the society, the capacity and virtue of a being in the exercise of a work habitual of habitual quality of superior quality. (S, p 110, 2001) it affirms that: Each set of professionals must follow an order that allows the harmonic evolution of the work of all, from the behavior of each one, through a guardianship in the work that leads the regulation of the individualism before the collective one. In accordance with Vsquez (2006 p23): ' ' … The ethics is the theory or the science of the moral behavior of the men in sociedade' '.

S (2001, p 148) affirms that: All the necessary or demandable capacities for the efficient performance of the profession are ethical duties, these duties are imposed and started to govern the action of the individual before its customer, its group, its colleagues the society, the State and especially before its proper mental conformation and spiritual. All the necessary capacities for the performance of the profession are ethical duties and it would not be different in the accounting. The accountant has the obligation to keep the informed and guided entrepreneur on its businesses, in face of what it goes occurring with its capital, and, so that an integral image of quality exists the professional value must be accompanied by of an ethical value. However, the professional concept is the evidence, by means of third, of the capacities and virtues of a being in the exercise of a habitual work and superior quality. The obstacles to the professional recognition and the ethical position in the defense of the image right also exist, a victorious professional will not escape of males of the envy and such low feeling comes folloied of attitudes unprincipled people and antiethics as (passive calumny, defamations, treasons, resistncias, blackmails etc.

Michelin Figures

Voice interaction medium gives Silicon Valley/Berlin–a flirtation with Marylin Monroe, who discuss relativity with Albert Einstein and former U.S. President Ronald Reagan over his tenure, authenticity and commitment? The communication with historical figures in the digital afterlife allows the website Whose founder Peter Hodge and Eric have fed the software of their platform with tons of information edge and be trained to analyze questions and answer as correctly,”reported the economic week. But: So far you can communicate only in writing with the celebrities, using the keyboard in the chat. According Wiwo, the founding duo relies on cooperation with Hollywood. The film studios could use virtual animated cinema figures such as Indiana Jones and Star Trek Captain Kirk, to entice fans to buy movie tickets and DVDs.

According to the same pattern the advertising industry could be process: master proper by Procter & gamble are cleaning tips, the Michelin man fantasising about the correct tire pressure.” Even if it isn’t the Virsona makers to create realistic images of historical figures, but to reflect their personality, the step from the chat to the speech would be consistent, which would only make the virtual chat to an almost authentic conversation. The human voice is”an expectation, a presumption of authenticity associated liability, which counts for any other presentation media, says the Berlin media scientist and futurist Norbert Bolz ..Mitarbeiter. “For Bolz, the importance of the voice is already defined: If you go to your car and it can open and start by speaking to it, can never outdo”, he explains an old dream of civilization. Nothing seems as familiar as the voice of the US”confirms Mladen Dolar, Professor of philosophy at the University of Ljubljana, in his book, his master’s voice – a theory of the Voice”. This is the most natural interaction medium par excellence.

We use our voices and we listen to voices; our social life is mediated by voices”, so the philosopher. Experts evaluate the increase of voice-controlled services as logical. In the future, we will see more and more areas where language solutions prevail – banks, insurance companies, offices. The reason is that the language computer is accessible around the clock. The company can thus pass standard processes to the IVR system and give employees more time for consulting-intensive activities”, Lupo Pape, Managing Director of the Berlin company SemanticEdge reported. It gradually new systems in various sectors in the market would come meet the new quality criteria, but have also the appropriate technology to do that at all. Language-processing technology, it also Norbert Bolz is convinced, will in the Service company an even larger role to play, even if the voice is a customer self service exacts emotional setting other than the Internet self service, where you just know that you stand with a program in the dialog.


The sound waves are able to modify the organizational structure when they are transmitted through fluids. Based on this concept was used for the first time, ultrasound in cataract surgery in mid-1960 with the introduction of phacoemulsification. Thus, its use has spread to the various branches of surgery when the goal has been the selective destruction of unwanted tissues. The Italian doctor, Michele Zocchi in 1988, was the first plastic surgeon who applied the ultrasonic waves to selectively destroy fat cells of the body, its results have stimulated tremendous world-class research that continue the same, hence suffer its technology and expertise changes and new concepts and directions appear. For a sound wave, which is mechanical energy, whether it is necessary ultrasonic frequency is above 16 000 kHz, in plastic surgery that is generated from crystals that have the ability or whether they are piezoelectric capable of being deformed by alternating electrical current, the fluctuations of the deformation ultrasonic frequency vibrations to produce the same as the channels are amplified through the same cannula inserted between the destabilizing fat cells causing their cell membranes rupture, releasing their content, the same as that low pressure sucks through a cannula. In this way ultrasound is used to sculpt the body.

The best candidates for ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) are the same as for suction-assisted liposuction (SAL), who are patients of normal weight, elastic skin and fat accumulation that do not disappear or to the gym or diets with . Choose the ideal method for liposuction depends on surgeon experience and training, both techniques suction assisted both the SAL (conventional) or ultrasound-assisted LAU have advantages over each other and specific to a certain extent are complementary ultimately your surgeon will choose the most suitable for your particular case. Liposculpture Furthermore it is not recommended in patients with systemic diseases, heart, lung, diabetes, and degenerative diseases. The specific complication for the use of ultrasound is the local skin burn, which avoids complications if the surgeon is well trained in their use. Finally, liposculpture is a simple surgical procedure, for patients who have decided to change their lifestyle to a healthier and should therefore be disciplined to be an undertaking, prior to the patient to care for their results by making exercises and diet. Dr.

RSS Feeds And How To Use Them

RSS is the most important technology to reach the Internet from blogs, however, taking RSS feeds among webmasters and web visitors is still very low. The Sunday Times issued a survey to see how users of household Internet, RSS does not appear in it at all. It is true that RSS is not as ubiquitous as email, e-mail, but have existed since the beginning of the Internet. RSS and RSS are relatively new to Internet users. If you are a webmaster can benefit from this new technology that will let you talk directly with your visitors and keep them updated with what you're doing.

You can catch up with Feedster According RSS feeds, one of the major RSS search engines, there are more than 9 million feeds in its index. RSS is a technology that is serious, can be ignored now, but you will find yourself far behind other webmasters when it comes to the benefits of having their own food. To give context to take a RSS look at Bloglines, probably the greatest power aggregator on the Internet. When you subscribe to a feed using Bloglines tell you how many of his readers are subscribed to the same feed. Slashdot is over subscribed, in addition to feed its own has some 35,000 subscribers to its RSS feed. Remember that only other users of Bloglines which reflects only a small fraction of its readers. Let me take you through some of the benefits of having your own RSS feed.

If you take the example I use for feed readers of Slashdot. Each time a new item is published to the RSS feed that is available to all individual subscribers immediately. It is guaranteed that each reader receives the message if they choose to read or not. If you do that with email you would be lucky if the majority of his readers, even received the message due to spam filters and other obstacles. Unlike e-mail from an RSS feed is zero maintenance. There is no mailing list to keep, no server needed to send your message, all we are doing is updating a file on your server. No need to worry about being accused of spam, double opt in or addition to the spam problem. I left the best for last. You can even have detailed statistics about your RSS feed through a third party such as Feedburner, all free. Feedburner will monitor requests for your feed to see how many readers have, and even tell you which topics have been selected. Plus Feedburner saves you valuable bandwidth and eliminates any concern about the compatibility of your RSS feed. I have been publishing an RSS feed for several months, has worked so well that I decided I do not need the hassle of a newsletter. The only time I use email now if I want a personal conversation with someone, that's what is great in email. Allan is the webmaster in an RSS resource for webmasters. Learn how to use RSS to attract and retain visitors to your site.