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The current media use of 12-to 19-year-old JIM study confirms relevance and credibility of the newspaper Frankfurt/Main, December 11, 2012 trust young people between 12 and 19 years on the newspaper. That shows the currently published JIM study of media education research association Southwest. On the question of which medium they most likely would rely on conflicting reports, calls each second (48 percent) of 12 to 19 year old newspaper. Place two reached the television with 22 percent, followed by radio and Internet (17 percent and 11 percent, respectively). The JIM study confirms: even the young readers will appreciate the credibility of the newspaper. Increase in usage between 12 and 19 years with increasing age increasing sharply the use of the newspaper. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge.

So 58 percent of 18-19 year olds read a printed daily newspaper already regularly (daily or several times per week). There are 41 percent of 12-to 19-year average. More usage increases interesting meaning and trust: While the importance of the daily analog for actual use grows with increasing age, other media such as television or PC / video games lose relevance when consistently high for young people. 60% Of 18-19 year olds keep the newspaper for important or very important. Only 48 percent in this age group importance to a such television, 38 percent are for the PC / video games. The credibility also increases with increasing paper consumption.

You reached the 18-19 year old up 52 percent. As young people get older, the television is even more irrelevant. The newspaper, however, is gaining importance with growing up and boosts their credibility,”Markus Ruppe explains Managing Director of ZMG newspaper marketing company. It is exciting when you look at young people over the shoulder.” JIM 2012 stands for youth information, (multi) media is media behavior of 12-19 year olds in Germany from a representative sample, n = 1,201 persons telephone survey (CATI) from may until June 2012 annual survey since 1998 editor of the study series is JIM the Kulturring Research Association Southwest (mpfs), worn by the Landesanstalt fur Baden-Wurttemberg communications and the National Center for media and communication in Rhineland-Palatinate. in cooperation with the SWR media research, as well as the ZMG newspaper marketing company. The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers.

Michelin Figures

Voice interaction medium gives Silicon Valley/Berlin–a flirtation with Marylin Monroe, who discuss relativity with Albert Einstein and former U.S. President Ronald Reagan over his tenure, authenticity and commitment? The communication with historical figures in the digital afterlife allows the website Whose founder Peter Hodge and Eric have fed the software of their platform with tons of information edge and be trained to analyze questions and answer as correctly,”reported the economic week. But: So far you can communicate only in writing with the celebrities, using the keyboard in the chat. According Wiwo, the founding duo relies on cooperation with Hollywood. The film studios could use virtual animated cinema figures such as Indiana Jones and Star Trek Captain Kirk, to entice fans to buy movie tickets and DVDs.

According to the same pattern the advertising industry could be process: master proper by Procter & gamble are cleaning tips, the Michelin man fantasising about the correct tire pressure.” Even if it isn’t the Virsona makers to create realistic images of historical figures, but to reflect their personality, the step from the chat to the speech would be consistent, which would only make the virtual chat to an almost authentic conversation. The human voice is”an expectation, a presumption of authenticity associated liability, which counts for any other presentation media, says the Berlin media scientist and futurist Norbert Bolz ..Mitarbeiter. “For Bolz, the importance of the voice is already defined: If you go to your car and it can open and start by speaking to it, can never outdo”, he explains an old dream of civilization. Nothing seems as familiar as the voice of the US”confirms Mladen Dolar, Professor of philosophy at the University of Ljubljana, in his book, his master’s voice – a theory of the Voice”. This is the most natural interaction medium par excellence.

We use our voices and we listen to voices; our social life is mediated by voices”, so the philosopher. Experts evaluate the increase of voice-controlled services as logical. In the future, we will see more and more areas where language solutions prevail – banks, insurance companies, offices. The reason is that the language computer is accessible around the clock. The company can thus pass standard processes to the IVR system and give employees more time for consulting-intensive activities”, Lupo Pape, Managing Director of the Berlin company SemanticEdge reported. It gradually new systems in various sectors in the market would come meet the new quality criteria, but have also the appropriate technology to do that at all. Language-processing technology, it also Norbert Bolz is convinced, will in the Service company an even larger role to play, even if the voice is a customer self service exacts emotional setting other than the Internet self service, where you just know that you stand with a program in the dialog.