There was plenty to share. Each participant was able to present his company with the personal challenges in the business marketplace. One reason for the exchange of information was so easily. Experts from speakers and solution partners stood for individually agreed 4-eye discussions to deepen specific tasks and to show first possible solution approaches. At the end of the event, the participants were very satisfied with the tag: it was an imaginative day with lots of interesting talks and valuable impulses for the future. “, Karin Hauser, target mentor.” Congratulations to the very successful event. It has great pleasure to participate and to introduce itself.

“, Matthias Muller, Markus Grutzeck and his team TeleSys compliment: successful call center 2009” content plays in the first League of the industry events. Very good lectures, super atmosphere and professionally organized. This includes a first class service, a free eBook and all presentations in PDF format. If you are not convinced, visit Samsung. Way to go and thank you for your long-standing commitment to our industry! “I want to thank again Christoph Busch, consulting economics and business administration. It was a great event which has brought me a lot of fun, but also good conversations.

“Simone Fojut, CallCenterProfi I must say, that your event really very like me. It distinguishes itself by a special personal touch, because it is not organized by one of the classic Organizer, but nevertheless content on very high and appealing. Congratulations on this! “Dr. Udo von Fragstein, Franz lawyers.” The next event will take place at the 09.11.2010. Contact: Markus sonal sonal Software GmbH Hesse-Homburg-Platz 1 63452 Hanau / Germany Tel.: + 49 (6181) 9701-0 fax: + 49 (6181) 9701-66 email: Web: Twitter: Markus_Grutzeck