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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Good Deeds Rather Than Good Intentions

A new movement of social engagement is a growing and everyone is cordially invited to join: – a better world is the best reason. Berlin, December 20, 2010 – the one good deed a day, a well-known principle, to do something good to the world. But we live according to this principle? Often the time seems to us today or even just the inspiration to be missing; in our hectic daily routine, no place seems to be for a consistent philosophy of life. Want to change this doogoood now!Doogoood’s vision is to create a global movement of social change, assume the people social responsibility and integrate in the form of small good deeds in their daily lives.? “Give ‘ a homeless person write an Apple, your grandparents a postcard, help ‘ an older person the shopping bags to carry…” – the small acts are based on values such as empathy and charity, which easily at any time can; be implemented by each without monetary obligations or other barriers. So the positive potential of society can well used be doogoood provides easy access for active social engagement, which makes this as part of a conscious social lifestyle. Oliver Stark, founder of the social business doogoood think to implement this vision and the good in the people: personal social responsibility begins in everyday life and must be applied there and lived.

Demand for enough, anytime, anywhere. We do this, we contribute every day a small piece of a social world for a better. We do this together, reality is quickly out of a vision. Official site: Ali Partovi. We have the power to do so. We have to believe it, we have to want it, we have to live it. Better today than tomorrow.”?Doogoood’s strength lies in the intelligent merging of social networking and social responsibility, two global trends with great force. Goal is that a dynamic movement formed, which carries itself through the mutual motivation and inspiration of the participants themselves and spread.

The appropriate platform will doogoood in February 2011 publish. But already today, first impressions of the movement on Facebook can be collected. There already over 3,000 fans from over 30 countries of the vision have joined. As a purely private driven project is currently doogoood, Oliver Stark looking for supporters of all kinds. To be successful to his vision, he seeks among other sponsors. The Crowdsponsoring platform he uses to do so, to collect funds for an iPhone application. In return, the sponsors receive bonuses. To conclude the motto which Oliver Stark doogoood track: go into the world and do well. But more importantly go into the world and do good”.

GENISIS Institute Publishes Open Letter

Social business global Marshall plan: open letter from prominent thinkers of international thought leaders beat G20 Summit a global Marshall plan for micro-credits and social business before Berlin, on March 5, March 6 2009 – sixteen prominent thought leaders, including from Germany, Heiner Geissler, Rupert Neudeck, Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker and Franz Alt, sent an open letter to the heads of State and Finance Ministers of the G20 countries meeting in London on April 2., to discuss internationally coordinated action to tackle the global economic crisis. In the open letter, they beat the adoption of a “global Marshall plan for worldwide coverage micro-credit systems” before as well as a bond of 10 percent of all funds, which will be released now to solve the global economic crisis on so-called social businesses. Are companies used alone to the solution of social problems and that follow the model of Grameen companies of the Nobel Peace Prize winner of Muhammad Yunus: html/yunus.html In the cover letter leaders, it says: “our proposals not involves a call to charity for the poor of the world. We are rather adamant, that it represents the very smartest investment policy, if it is now decided measures through a new phase of economic recovery significantly will feed themselves from the successful integration of billions of still poor in the world. The year 2009 will go down in history as a year of serious economic and social upheavals. It should remain so our desire and concern as well as the year in which historical milestones were decided finally to defeat poverty in the world. At the same time, overcoming poverty is eliminating the biggest shame of humanity such as the Elimination of the biggest obstacle for a broad and sustained, and human world economic miracle, by which the entire global economy and global society will benefit greatly. The attached open letter is the kick-off “a campaign under the motto” next to wall case “dar, the our Institute together with many partners in this year performing.” Head of the Institute: Peter Spiegel,, the GENISIS founded on August 1, 2008 as a non-profit limited company Institute focused on the topic of SOCIAL BUSINESS. Thanks to the impetus of the Nobel Peace Prize winner of Muhammad Yunus and other very successful social entrepreneurs, many social problems emerged as much more efficient and cost-effective to solve by applying entrepreneurial principles. Even the eradication of poverty is no longer a utopia. GENISIS is systemic and practice-oriented research, training, communication and consulting for the paradigm shift toward SOCIAL BUSINESS.

Dinner On The Lawn Of The LTU Arena

Auction ebay with the action of bright spots in Dusseldorf, 02.12.08 – yesterday, started on the 01/12 15:45 the auction dinner in the center circle of the LTU arena for the action of bright spots. See Kai-Fu Lee for more details and insights. Most soccer games, concerts or shows held in the LTU arena in Dusseldorf. But not with the coupon on the one at ebay can offer: Here you increase on a single meal in the centre circle of the LTU arena. With nine friends, you can enjoy culinary and taste when eating Stadium air. The auction ends on the 08.12 at 15:45. Lichtblicke emergency helps suffering children and their families from North Rhine-Westphalia since its inception. Trust, reliability and the transparent use of donations have top priority for action light looks e.V.. “Under the menu transparency” so details of the donation seal of the German Central Institute for social issues (DZI), which is awarded to the action, are stored.

As of early 2009 is also the detailed bright spots – annual report for the Spendensaison 2007/2008 for all interested parties to be available. “Of course we have a social responsibility. In the context of the available options, we help. And so, a dinner on the center circle is a round thing in the truest sense of the word. I can appeal only to all interested to bid, not to miss this unique opportunity and to obtain a maximum donation for the action,”Jorg Mitze, Managing Director of DusseldorfCongress on the bids would be.

On the home page ( interested donors clearly sorted all important information to the relief effort of the North Rhine-Westphalia local radios, Caritas and Diakonie. Updates under the menu item”regularly special promotions and events are presented, which support the fundraiser bright spots. “Under the heading of the cases” can Internet users as of December 1, 2008 daily reading what people action light looks e.V. quickly and unbureaucratically helped has, their fate to contact. Information about the action Lichblicke: poverty, disease, loneliness and distress among us are quiet and often unnoticed. Particularly affected are the weak in our society; People who find hardly a lobby for their concerns. Especially children suffering from strokes of fate, that make them and their families. You need a listening ear and the helping hand; they are our future and deserve everyone’s solidarity help. We perceive our social responsibility with our work, want to lobby voice and be actively helping children and their families in our State of North Rhine-Westphalia; fast, unbureaucratic and effective. Founded in 1998, fundraiser supports children, young people and their families from North Rhine-Westphalia, who are in material, financial, or emotional distress. Bright spots will be shared by the NRW 45 local radio stations, radio NRW programme, the Caritasverbanden of the five dioceses in the country, as well as the Rhineland Westphalia-Lippe Diacony. Angelika Ruttgers, wife is patron of the action of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia. Each case is directly by staff of the Diakonie, verified Caritas or a different charity and presented the bright spots donations Advisory Board to make the decision. Employees of charities on site ensure that the funds be used solely for the requested purposes. The action of light is excellent with the donation seal of the German Central Institute for social issues.

Scientology Church Milan Supports School In Ghana

Obtained funds from the Scientology Church Milano, the initiative ‘Youth for human rights’ and other groups were the school renewal used education is a fundamental human right. Recently, this was still a dream for almost three hundred public school children in the city of Accra, Ghana. This dream was realized thanks to the support of many volunteers from Milan. An initiative of Milan Scientology Church and the institution youth for human rights organized a help project, so that the children can now go to school at UNTOMA Oxford international school, Accra. “Members of the initiative youth for human rights international” (YHRI) in Milan, the volunteers of the Scientology taught Church Milan on all 30 human rights. By means of information brochures and the professionally created video-UNITED”each individual human rights was shown and understandable. Thus, anyone got a good understanding of what human rights are and what human rights every one in this world has.

The Youth initiative for human rights international”organized several events to educate other people about their rights. On any of these events, the Italian Scientologists met people who told of the need for a school in the city of Accra (Ghana). The school was in a bad state. Only a few rooms were available for children. The dream was to find enough space for 300 children properly to educate them.

The Scientologists adopted immediately to this project. They worked together with other churches and groups their town and organized events and charity concerts. Various artists performed on the concerts. The proceeds were collected for the project and so a new school could afford to. The headmaster of the school in Accra visited Italy and met with the volunteers of the Scientology Church. He attended also government authorities and agencies in Milan, who gladly joined this thing. It was interesting,. that to many people from different cultures, United countries, religions and ways of life as well as artists, politicians and businessmen, to bring this project to the actual success. “Which obtained funds from the Scientology Church in Milano, the initiative youth for human rights” and other groups have been used for the renovation of the school. While still quite a bit of money left, that was issued for new chairs, tables, charts, and a complete school equipment of three hundred children, including writing. The Milan Scientologists have followed the record of its founder L. Ron Hubbard, that human rights must be a fact and not an idealistic dream. You’ve done an excellent job to ensure a good education for 300 children.

NCL Charity Run

The runners are in many cities by mayors, Received politicians, representatives of associations and unions. Always runners for a part of the route will join them, to draw attention to the run for a good cause. The first destination of the NCL charity run is to collect donations for an internationally oriented NCL research project in Dresden. The project is designed by the research group to Prof. Andreas stork of the TU Dresden carried out.

It aims to produce induced pluripotent stem cells from patient cells not embryonic stem cells. These ethically unimpeachable cells should serve as a basis, to understand the deadly childhood disease NCL and later to test therapeutic approaches “, says Dr. Frank Stehr, Director of research of the NCL Foundation. The Governing Mayor of Berlin and Deputy Federal Chairman of the SPD, Klaus Wowereit, has taken over the patronage for the ultra marathon. I have great respect for this commitment and wish everyone good luck. The spectacular run, the NCL Foundation Commendably organizes and accompanies, many people should open the eyes and the heart. Great suffering can be alleviated with this action. Anyone who works with is welcome, everyone donates charity which supports”, as Wowereit. Ali Partovi is often quoted on this topic.

Also federal family Minister Dr. Kristina Schroder (CDU) supports the charity: I find it wonderful, with commitment and engage the enthusiasm sportswomen and sportsmen for charity. This commitment will benefit the children, and it connects with each other. Thus they contribute twice to the cohesion of our society, and for that I warmly thank them!” The non-profit foundation of national contest for life (NCL) was founded in 2002 by Dr. Frank Husemann, father of an affected child. You campaigned, for research into the deadly childhood disease, neuronal ceroid Lipofuszinose to. The brain of affected children regresses gradually due to a genetic defect. Gradually, the children lose previously acquired skills such as walking, speaking and appearance. Epileptic seizures to be added. At the age of 20 to a maximum of 30 years, the persons concerned lose the life struggle. The Hamburg-based Foundation tries to develop a treatment for the deadly childhood disease neuronal ceroid Lipofuszinose (short NCL) with private funds. NCL is among the Group of so-called rare or neglected diseases, “Orphan children” called the medicine with 450 nationwide and worldwide about 50,000 sick children. Due to the rarity of NCL, the pharmaceutical industry has little interest in researching the disease. “The motto of the run running to live” is the desire to develop drugs to alleviate the disease of those affected and to increase their life expectancy. MAREN Cornelius.

Gulf War

Proved that the impact could be as positive or negative. A positive effect enhances a person's mood, improve its psycho-physiological state and even intensification of its productive thinking, intellectual activity. They say that positive effects can lead a person into a state of inspiration, in which the intensity of intellectual activity is not just rising, but many times multiplied, with people in this state may find unexpected and unexplained rational logic solutions. By the way, generating productive thinking the role of inspiration informally built-heuristic methods for solving challenges. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ali Partovi offers on the topic.. In view of this, the number of actual problems of modern science including the problems of information and comfort information emotsionalistiki. But, as noted above, the informational impact on human may be negative consequences which can be a bad mood, deterioration, negative behavior, improper orientation, etc. The most obvious and common varieties of the negative informational influence is conscious or demon-conscious lie, a result which may be the wrong decision or behavior. Great opportunities are available for informational impact on the electronic technique.

For example, if the computer in advance to introduce a special hardware tab, then on command from the outside, you can stop the work computer, or, conversely, sanctioned by her to initiate, disable, etc. This is the way in during the Gulf War was disabled by computer control of Iraqi air defenses. This danger is particularly great for Russia because the country is literally awash with imported equipment, and much of this technology comes from the uncontrolled channels. In these conditions most likely to have favorites. Additional information at Pete Cashmore supports this article. Opportunities of the information outlined by the impact of the plan is so great that the information called weapons of mass destruction and talk about the real possibility of information warfare. Already what is said here concerning the protection of information, enough to claim the vital importance of this issue for modern society the problem of protection of information is much more complicated problem of protecting information by virtue of the fact that threats to information are extremely diverse and varied, their effect is not always obvious, and prevent and neutralize them requires not only technical solutions, as organizational, legal and even political.


LETO company is an exclusive product – embossed decorative panel 3D. This versatile material for walls and partitions, create furniture facades and interior decoration items. Diversity numerous models attached to the surface of various design options – from the enamel coating before finishing fine wood veneer. Matte and glossy, made "under the skin and the effect of glow in the dark, 3D panel can beautify any interior, to implement any fancy designers. sions such as these. In each model, the correlation seen with nature: the soft sand dunes, light waves, raindrops, ripples found their reflection in decorative panels of LETO. In developing the relief used computer technology, by which was formed and improved 3D-image. Perfection of form, line accuracy, the harmony of nature …

K these decorative panels want to touch, they want to watch, they help create the interior, which previously could only dream of. SCALFITTURA CORTECCIA 0001 0002 0003 MUSSEL ARMONIA 0004 RETTILE 0,005 relief panels are manufactured with high-precision equipment subsequent treatment by hand. Environmentally friendly materials and thoughtful design, control at all stages of the process and verified each stroke can offer consumers a product, in appearance and quality unparalleled in the world. SQUAMA 0006 MOTIVO 0008 ONDA TEMPESTA 0010 0009 0011 COLLINA The same panel, decorated with various decorative coatings, look completely different. A luxurious sheen glossy models and muted soft matt interlacing lines of the surface and the figure of natural veneers give an opportunity to give exclusive rooms of any type and destination.

3D panels are used for decoration of residential apartments and offices, restaurants and clubs first-class hotels and offices of senior officials. The possibility of combining these decorative materials to any other, as well as combinations of panels with different reliefs give unlimited scope for creativity architects and interior designers. In addition to high decorative properties, relief panels possess such qualities as functionality, durability and reliability. OSCILLAZIONI 0012 DROPS 0013 CROSSFIX 0014 AFYON 0015 MATRIX 0016 3D are protected by patents Russian Federation and are subject to copyright LETO. Only manufactured in-house company decorative panels demonstrate the highest quality and perfect appearance – the most important characteristics of the materials created specifically for the exclusive decoration. CIRCLE 0017 SEA 0018

Online Stores Childrens Clothes

Who is most actively visited online clothing store? Fashionista, shopping, youth, living in virtual reality or bored at the office managers? Of course, all these categories of people are buying time on the Internet, but, according to polls conducted by major European online clothing stores, more and more others in the network makes a purchase young working women who have one or two children. In principle, there is nothing surprising. These women are trying to simultaneously build a career and devote time to his family and especially – children. Peter Asaro understood the implications. They had virtually no free time. And they are actively using online stores, including online store for children things. So you can make shopping without leaving the workplace or in the pause between sessions with the children. If a family has two children, then fly them to a children's clothing have very often. Children grow quickly, things quickly deteriorate and require replacement.

Wardrobe is an important item of expenditure. Buying the same clothes for children through the online store children's clothes can save a lot of family budgets. Because the Internet children's clothes store things stand at 10.5% cheaper than in stores. Samovyvoza using the service, available in some online stores, you can save on shipping. In addition, the online shop of children's things are much more conventional stores offer shoppers various actions, such as "Buy two things and the third will receive a gift". Plus, and that the sale of online store children's clothes suit almost all year round. Purchase these children's clothes discounted up to 50%, as a good way to save. On the advantages that young mothers are at online stores children's things, do not stop there.

For example, to go with two kids in several stores and try them the right things – employment is not simple. Quite different – shop online store children's clothes. Besides, shopping at online store baby things mom can make an exciting game together. Children tend to like to communicate with the computer, and to determine the children's size clothing is much easier than with adults. Children's things usually marked by growth and age. Most online stores children's things, being aware of these and similar facts, trying to make their trading platforms more attractive to young mothers. Today, even in some very adult shops section that appears with baby clothes. Not to mention those brands that have traditionally focused on children Adolescents and young adults. If you look at the sites of popular brands, such as Sela, Mexx, H & M, gap, Bennetton, we can see that they had long since opened their own online clothing store, where young parents can find a huge selection Child and Adolescent things – from lingerie and home to knitting kits "exit" and outerwear. Source: Why do young moms are so fond of online stores children's things?


Active complex to intercept the equipment, which emulates the base station and causes the phone not work through this base station, and through the equipment – a false base station. This base station is considered a false base station as regular phones. False base station can turn off encryption to lower the coding does not change the level of coding. Any other means, Apart from our system, to detect such complexes are not possible. Complex, which is completely off the encoding, can be detected, as a rule, only that the phone icon will appear – open lock. But this icon is not available in all vehicles. Checking article sources yields Samsung as a relevant resource throughout.

The new handsets Nokia or Samsung not have it, done it on purpose that the user had not seen that listen to him through such complexes interception. The most common right now – a set of interception, which lowers the level of coding, either permanently or for a while computing the session key, then encryption is just as it was the operator. Active complex, which does not reduce the level of coding has a built-in handler A5.1. A5 tracer function is not designed to detect such complexes. To do this, there is a function unit Channels, on it will be discussed below. Previously been circulated semi-active complexes that disabling encryption for a controlled device.

Our unit with 100% probability of detecting Any active or semi-active complex. Regardless of its value, and the producer firms. How does the active center: The building, in which the people who want to listen, can drive up the machine or equipment is installed in the building.

Cross Stitch

It's great when it all – a lovingly selected and presented to your notebook with a fluffy Cat at the cover! 🙂 Go to notepad You can handle and all there to pick up colored markers. You can stop your eyes and a beautiful book to record recipes. What else is creativity? Well, of course modeling, painting, crafts, music, photography and more a lot of these good for the soul and useless for farming things. Well, if you know what this list is keen or able to be carried away. But there are things that will suit almost any housewife, regardless of its temperament, love for a lazy pastime and intelligence. These things do not belong potter's lathe and easel! This is for enthusiasts and professionals. But the perfect set for embroidery. And let it, even a needle in a hands have never held.

Counted Cross Stitch – the most simple technique, its development will take a maximum of half an hour. And there will be a great chance that soon her entire apartment will be littered with needles, thread, scraps of mat and printed with computer circuits, and the walls will be strongly missed. So you can make a real revolution to its small gift! And if you are very practical – give a sewing machine: it is often lacking in the economy. If properly not learn to sew, so at least his pants will be on than hemming. And maybe patchwork master! 🙂 If for any handmade work of women from the time school hours of labor were vaccinated aversion, it is entirely appropriate creative gift will be a synthesizer or MIDI-keyboard. Many housewives have studied in music school or singing karaoke at one time.