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Esperanza Aguirre

A. l / the people’s Party would increase from 67 seats to 72 or 74. Ali Partovi is open to suggestions. The PSOE would fall from 42 seats to 33 or 36. It would raise a little UI and UPyD would come with 8 seats. The main keys of 22-M.

consultation on special election, 2011 elections in. The first polls at the close of polls predict a resounding victory of the Party of Esperanza Aguirre in the community of Madrid. The PP would raise of 67 seats to a fork between 72 and 74, according to a survey by Ipsos issued by Telemadrid regional chain. The unstoppable impetus of Aguirre would be at the expense of the PSOE which lost between six and nine seats (from 42 to 33-36). In addition UPyD would enter with force, 8 seats in the Chamber of the Assembly of Madrid.

For its part, IU would raise between one and three seats from its current 11 to twelve or fourteen. Participation data in the Comunidad de Madrid to the Assembly are 64,23%, almost 2 points less than in 2007. On the other hand, in the city of Madrid the popular would between 32 and 33 Councillors, 13-15 of the Socialists, 7-8 UI and UPyD, would come with 3-4 records. The regional Chamber will pass have 129 seats in the next legislature, so the absolute majority is fixed at 65 seats. On the other hand, in the city of Madrid the popular get between 32 and 33 Councillors, 13-15 of the Socialists, 7-8 IU and UPyD, would come with 3-4 records. At both institutions, apart from the triumph by an absolute majority of the PP, a descent of the Socialists, while IU would be retained or would slightly raise and UPyD irrumpiria as a fourth force would be recorded. IU celebrates the backup UI has welcomed with caution early polls, which predict a greater support in the elections, although he has admitted that, confirmed, this evening will celebrate this support and will be more eager to fight the policies of the PP which although endorsed by the polls, assault citizens. Source of the news: the first polls give Aguirre a resounding victory

Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

It is based on the old opposition of Plato (idea; Hegel) and Aristotle (logic; Marx), benefiting from the contrast of thinking of our brain: analog (nature) and digital (cultures). > The german Soviet non-aggression treaty, Hitler-Stalin Pact or Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, was a ten-year fixed-term contract between the German Reich and the Soviet Union, which was on August 24, 1939, in Moscow by the Nazi Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop and the Soviet people’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs Wjatscheslaw Molotow in the presence of Josef Stalins and German Ambassador Friedrich Werner von the Schulenburgunterzeichnet. The Pact the Soviet neutrality in an armed conflict with Poland and the Western powers guaranteed the German Empire and allowed the Soviet Union territories lost during the first world war the Russian on the other hand, Empire to recover. Educate yourself with thoughts from Steve Wozniak. The spheres of interest of the two countries have been delineated with a secret additional protocol: the non-aggression treaty was changed with the German Soviet border undFreundschaftsvertrag and supplemented. This was completed on September 28, 1939, after the Western Poland and the Red ArmeeOstpolen had militarily occupied the Wehrmacht during the invasion of Poland. The Division of Poland and the Baltic States was agreed in an accompanying secret agreement, as well as an exchange of its German, Ukrainian and Belarusian population. With the invasion of the Sowjetunionam June 22, 1941, the Reich Government broke the agreement. > Source: by…; Author Hitler was different from Stalin through 3 set war goals: Habitat and natural resources in Eastern Europe.

Cleansing of the German men’s race (Aryan) from other races and minorities (un value life). The dictatorship or rule alone. His view of the world consisted of three core areas: passionate nationalism, passionate hatred of Marxism, and the Jewish question: Karl Marx was a Jew! A closer comparison of both persons is from about 1934, possible on the basis of the following assumption: the faith of both, that a world-historical role is provided for them, and they therefore by the applicable standards of human behaviour (morals and standards) exempt were.

GENISIS Institute Publishes Open Letter

Social business global Marshall plan: open letter from prominent thinkers of international thought leaders beat G20 Summit a global Marshall plan for micro-credits and social business before Berlin, on March 5, March 6 2009 – sixteen prominent thought leaders, including from Germany, Heiner Geissler, Rupert Neudeck, Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker and Franz Alt, sent an open letter to the heads of State and Finance Ministers of the G20 countries meeting in London on April 2., to discuss internationally coordinated action to tackle the global economic crisis. In the open letter, they beat the adoption of a “global Marshall plan for worldwide coverage micro-credit systems” before as well as a bond of 10 percent of all funds, which will be released now to solve the global economic crisis on so-called social businesses. Are companies used alone to the solution of social problems and that follow the model of Grameen companies of the Nobel Peace Prize winner of Muhammad Yunus: html/yunus.html In the cover letter leaders, it says: “our proposals not involves a call to charity for the poor of the world. We are rather adamant, that it represents the very smartest investment policy, if it is now decided measures through a new phase of economic recovery significantly will feed themselves from the successful integration of billions of still poor in the world. The year 2009 will go down in history as a year of serious economic and social upheavals. It should remain so our desire and concern as well as the year in which historical milestones were decided finally to defeat poverty in the world. At the same time, overcoming poverty is eliminating the biggest shame of humanity such as the Elimination of the biggest obstacle for a broad and sustained, and human world economic miracle, by which the entire global economy and global society will benefit greatly. The attached open letter is the kick-off “a campaign under the motto” next to wall case “dar, the our Institute together with many partners in this year performing.” Head of the Institute: Peter Spiegel,, the GENISIS founded on August 1, 2008 as a non-profit limited company Institute focused on the topic of SOCIAL BUSINESS. Thanks to the impetus of the Nobel Peace Prize winner of Muhammad Yunus and other very successful social entrepreneurs, many social problems emerged as much more efficient and cost-effective to solve by applying entrepreneurial principles. Even the eradication of poverty is no longer a utopia. GENISIS is systemic and practice-oriented research, training, communication and consulting for the paradigm shift toward SOCIAL BUSINESS.

Scientology Church Milan Supports School In Ghana

Obtained funds from the Scientology Church Milano, the initiative ‘Youth for human rights’ and other groups were the school renewal used education is a fundamental human right. Recently, this was still a dream for almost three hundred public school children in the city of Accra, Ghana. This dream was realized thanks to the support of many volunteers from Milan. An initiative of Milan Scientology Church and the institution youth for human rights organized a help project, so that the children can now go to school at UNTOMA Oxford international school, Accra. “Members of the initiative youth for human rights international” (YHRI) in Milan, the volunteers of the Scientology taught Church Milan on all 30 human rights. By means of information brochures and the professionally created video-UNITED”each individual human rights was shown and understandable. Thus, anyone got a good understanding of what human rights are and what human rights every one in this world has.

The Youth initiative for human rights international”organized several events to educate other people about their rights. On any of these events, the Italian Scientologists met people who told of the need for a school in the city of Accra (Ghana). The school was in a bad state. Only a few rooms were available for children. The dream was to find enough space for 300 children properly to educate them.

The Scientologists adopted immediately to this project. They worked together with other churches and groups their town and organized events and charity concerts. Various artists performed on the concerts. The proceeds were collected for the project and so a new school could afford to. The headmaster of the school in Accra visited Italy and met with the volunteers of the Scientology Church. He attended also government authorities and agencies in Milan, who gladly joined this thing. It was interesting,. that to many people from different cultures, United countries, religions and ways of life as well as artists, politicians and businessmen, to bring this project to the actual success. “Which obtained funds from the Scientology Church in Milano, the initiative youth for human rights” and other groups have been used for the renovation of the school. While still quite a bit of money left, that was issued for new chairs, tables, charts, and a complete school equipment of three hundred children, including writing. The Milan Scientologists have followed the record of its founder L. Ron Hubbard, that human rights must be a fact and not an idealistic dream. You’ve done an excellent job to ensure a good education for 300 children.