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PCs at Home

More recently, the majority of PCs for home use going in parts. Today, thanks to the rapid decline in prices, many people buy ready-made PCs, often the most well known brands. But not as important as pc gets to you. It can even be given firm for home-based work. It is important that all family members displayed a particular interest and expect their leisure time will change and many of the problems find their solution. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Marc Mathieu on most websites.

What is this problem? Create e-mail. Create a directory (database) available in the house of books, video cassettes and compact discs. Streamline the procurement of products and plan their family budget. Efficiently allocate their time and "Ponauchnomu" to organize the food. Write and propagate the announcement. To know more about this subject visit Marc Mathieu. Automate the "essay" and sending holiday greetings. Make a business card designs. Captivate the child learning, instill in him a love for foreign language, art, music. To help solve these and many other problems we have created specialized resource to help people who do not get lost and properly orient the choice of a device.

Ultraportable Computers

The invention of the laptop due to the fact that people have always sought to miniature, functionality and ease of movement. Early models today is difficult to be considered miniature in size or weight. First, even laptop computers is a great achievement. Subsequently, the market of portable computers there were many dramatic changes. Currently, there are two ways of development. The highest priority – the development of massive and multifunction devices with 20-inch display and a processor with two or more cores. This device could easily replace us all the usual computer. The second trend worthy of a better description.

Ultra-portable computer called 'subnotebook' (subnotebook). Of course, that such devices are quite small dimensions, but the possibilities – like the powerful computers. Initially, manufacturers have considered subnotebooks like the popular fun, and did not expect profits from their sale. But everything changed with the advent of a subnotebook firm Asus – Eee pc, the Taiwanese company has made, so it became a successful model. Now, knowing the meaning of the term 'Subnotebook', we can and move on to recommendations that will help you choose a good device. Why should we look? 1 – the size of its screen. 2 – What size hard drive and ram. 3 – cpu performance.

4 – a capacity battery. 5-computer's capabilities in terms of network communications. Laptops, which now produces shows good batteries. They do not suffer from the disease called 'memory effect'. Thus, you no need to ensure that the battery is completely discharged to another charge, this can not wait. Although there are drawbacks such batteries – love the warmth and sensitivity to differences of electricity. On such a cold battery will soon be exhausted. Finally I want to note peripherals. Costly subnotebooks provide all methods of communication, both wired and wireless types. Connect to the network Internet radio devices can use Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth will help to exchange information with a mobile phone or pda. Cable connection you can use if you want to connect a printer, scanner or web-camera.

USB Drives

Gone are the days when the possession of usb drives seemed happy, today consumers have become far more demanding – Give them something unusual and cool. Even just a flash in the corps of bright colors seem to have uninteresting, you want something unusual. Pizza lovers – rejoice! You can share your tastes with your favorite laptop. Pizza-flash looks pretty appetizing, despite the cost to $ 50 for 1 gb memory. It is a pity that such a "pizza" without taste and smell! Another new, no less than 'Delicious', strawberry high flash drive of 1 gb. In appearance it difficult to distinguish from the real fruit.

Worth a 'berry' fun $ 50. Expensive, certainly for the USB-drive, but how original! Even the Swiss knife now with USB-flash drive to 8GB. USB-drive is built into the device itself, which in addition to flash memory cards include: a mini-knife, keychain, pen, flashlight, nail file Nail and bottle opener. Agree, very comfortable accommodation. The dimensions of such structures: 58 20×16 mm. The price is almost $ 50.


It seemed to me not least because of this print is so priyatno.Po the results of long-term active work, I can say that I liked the keyboard, and it is well suited for continuous operation. I've used it for a month, gaining her a few articles. In general, it is a little stiff, But inconvenience is not dostavlyaet.Tachpad and devices pritoplena of the keyboard panel, and the touchpad is located in this recess. So no accidental contact can not be just. Peter Asaro oftentimes addresses this issue. Area touchpad is relatively small, but it lacks the screen. The surface of the pad is made of the same material as the entire panel, but it is covered with circular hollow, that creates the impression of feedback during movement. On the surface is made of dedicated vertical scroll. Sam touchpad medlennovat for me on the parameters of acceleration: a sharp movement is not enough to move the cursor from one corner to drugoy.Tachpad again Traditionally for hp, you can disable the button above it: a fast and convenient. Although the point in disabling the touchpad is in this model, I do not see it is located in an area where it is impossible to touch a finger at pechati.U touchpad are two buttons, pressing very soft, but with a clearly audible click (some are annoying). Button is fully recessed into the surface, because of this they are sometimes awkward to press, but in general, problems with net.Dopolnitelnye laptop keys and a lot of illuminated buttons and indicators on the work surface, so in the dark with the screen it looks like a spaceship.


satisfy. Samsung has produced such monitors, and shortly before this writing, it has introduced two new items – SyncMaster P2270HD tv and SyncMaster P2370HD tv, – where the tv means that there is a tv tuner. Testing, we asked the model with a diagonal of 23 inches. Console The monitor is equipped with full-size remote control is typical of Samsung tv design. In the hand remote is convenient. The most important buttons are large enough to differ in form, are contrasting and readable notation and are touch. As a result, it is convenient to use the remote, only to commands from the remote monitor reacts with perceptible delay. KommutatsiyPomimo computer vga and DVI-D monitor is equipped with a set of home video inputs.

Sound is introduced through the 2- RCA-minijack connectors and sockets. hdmi input is also picking up sound, but in digital form, and under the guise of an alternative to the active hdmi analog audio can be fed through the miniature phone jack. scart interface works as a video-(RGB and composite) and audio input, and as well as video and audio – in his image is displayed and the sound of the current tv channel. External audio system can be connected to the digital optical output, headphones – mini-jack to jack, nestled among other connectors. The location of the headphone output is very inconvenient.

Connect the headphones off the built-in speakers. The usb connector is used for service purposes, for example to update the firmware. There is management support for hdmi (HDMI-CEC) in variant implementation of the firm Anynet +.

Hewlett Servers

According to the analytical agency idc, in 2007, Hewlett-Packard became the leader in supplying standard servers in Russia and took a 38.5% market share by demonstrating the highest compared with other manufacturers index growth. Thus, by the end of 2007 Hewlett-Packard is the market share of Russia's Industry Standard Servers, almost 3 times the market share of its nearest competitor – to ibm. NStor company conducted a survey among its customers in order to find out why they prefer servers hp, and not the products of other manufacturers. In the survey involved more than two hundred of our customers. The study we were able to formulate a number of major criteria that have become key in deciding the future of the server: For all hp servers can be very easy to purchase extended warranty, not the seller, and from the manufacturer. This entitles you to additional services in the service center hp worldwide. (Expansion pack standard warranty hp Care Pack is very easy to use.

It is purchased simultaneously with the ordering of equipment, and for some types of equipment – within the warranty period. The level provided in part of a package of services equivalent to service contract and differs only in the way of purchase). Easy to use a service center for hp. Master leaves at short notice, during the day. In this case, customers do not have to keep all warranty card servers, because hp ProLiant servers maintained by serial number. (To access the service center of ibm, customers are required to produce "yellow" warranty, which usually get lost in a year after the acquisition of the server.) warranty on all brands of servers is 3 years, but only to the servers hp might buy out of production more options for a long time. (For example, 3-4 years after purchase, you do not find any options for your ibm xSeries, and for the hp ProLiant this is no problem. ) The number of distributors that sell servers, hp is much more than, for example, ibm, which guarantees a lower selling prices and completely solves the problem with the presence of preference to hp servers because of the wide range of services offered by service.

Nokia Monitors

Clan Wars and hd video with 720p and 1080p. Also, we used several model office applications such as word processor Microsoft Word. Image Monitor showed excellent image. Nokia Monitor Test program revealed high levels of brightness and contrast. In the menu brightness & contrast clearly shows all the gradient strip clearly visible boundary between the brightness gradients ranging from 10% to 90% brightness. In a text editor, affects a very high native resolution of the matrix, we saw a clear picture of the font Times New Roman, even by 4 pins. In the game monitor the tests also showed their best. Matrix with fast response, almost complete lack of loops in the image gives us the right to call this monitor is still playing.

Low response time allowed him to easily develop a dynamic game scenes. M2400HD well-proven and watching the video. You can play with the modes and to achieve an image that can satisfy even film fans with a high level of needs. At FullHD rollers Monitor provides a clear, cinematic picture. Lack of clarity of content successfully offset a proprietary system to improve the image Senseye.

Switching to 720p in any way to diminish the positive viewing experience. In general, an image monitor us very much. Not every tv set be able to please so clear and vibrant picture. The sound is not quite accustomed to writing about the sound, when it comes to monitor, but the fact remains – BenQ M2400HD features quite a decent stereo sound system eliminates the computer acoustics and release, thus not enough space on your desktop. Particularly pleasing that the sound can be serve as an analog cable, and in digital form via hdmi cable. Just a very convenient opportunity to connect to a monitor headphones – one movement of cinema can be converted from mass to personalized. Capacity and quality Playing more than satisfactory. Outcome BenQ M2400HD in today's review deserved special praise, because it resolved a complex task, which by default are not included in the scope of conventional monitors. Excellent switching, integrated audio, web camera format hd, USB-hub – all of which are unique bonuses that gets the buyer of your monitor. Do not forget as well, and exceptionally stylish design of the device and the highest image quality. Thanks to this monitor, it is possible to completely abandon the purchase of the tv and build a single universal multimedia system.

The Latest Intel

Processor – is undoubtedly an essential component of any pc. For more information see Dermot McCormack. Performance of the processor determines the final performance of the entire system. For even more opinions, read materials from Dermot McCormack. So if you decide to buy a computer, the first of what should to decide – is the processor. It does not matter whether you buy ready-made computer, or prefer to build computers to order, first you must choose a processor. Below rating processor performance – the table comparison, which will help to understand the place of the one or the other processor among its competitors, as well as how much the performance of different processors.

To rank processors performance of each was measured when performing common tasks. First, the overall test performance, which result demonstrates the ability of the processor in mathematical calculations. Results programs such as MathCad, etc. Secondly, we measured the performance when working with programs create 3D-graphics (3D Studio Max, 3D Mark) and, in particular rendering. If you have a lot to work with 3D-graphics, you need to navigate to the column '3 D-chart. " Thirdly, the test processor for performance in today's games: Crysis, Call of Duty 4, Quake 4, Unreal Tournament 3.

The results of these tests in the capacity tables are given in column 'Games'. ject. These results can be guided Most people who buy gaming computer at home. On a home computer is usually not expected to produce labor-intensive scientific computing, and applications that require maximum performance – a video game. Fourth, we measured the cpu performance when encoding video.