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Technology and Money

According to polls, statistics and other movements, it was found that by far the most popular and in demand occupations are related to it (ah-ty) technology, in other words, a profession related to transfer of information and ways of its treatment. The most common is the ability to work professionally on a pc. Today, this market allows candidates to dictate their terms to employers because they are in short supply. As a result of all this in itself begs the question, "We have that very few people who know how to pound on the keyboard?". I spent an additional analysis, and realized that right to demand that they podnosili certain type of coffee to their desktop. Specialists really small. How long will this situation on the market? Approximately 10.7 years.

Why? While the education system shaken to fully take several years. At this time, would mostly appear nuggets. Now is the time to keep up! Occupy their highly specialized niche and ask your kind of coffee! "Until you have not made a final decision, you are torturing doubt, you'll always remember that there is a chance turn back, and it will not let you work efficiently. But in that moment when you make up your mind to devote himself to his cause, Providence is on your side. Starting to happen, things that might not happen under different circumstances To whatever you were able to, as whatever you dreamed of, start to implement it. Courage gives a person the strength and even magical power. Decide! "Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, bye!

Internet Process

Thus being, the objective of this text is to look for to explicitar the meaning basic of terms, such as planning, plan, program, project, operational plain strategical plan, and others, aiming at to give space so that the reader can establish the relations between them, from personal and professional experiences. It fits to stand out exactly that, in this brief text, it is not intended to approach all the planning levels, because, as it points Gandin (2001, P. 83), Planning is process of search of balance between ways and ends, between resources and objectives, aiming at the optimum functioning of companies, institutions, group sectors of work, organizations and other activities human beings. For assistance, try visiting Ali Partovi. The act to plan is always reflection process, of decision taking on the action; process of forecast of necessities and rationalization of job of ways (material) and resources (human) available, aiming at to the concretion of objectives, in definitive stated periods and defined stages, from the results them evaluations (PADILHA, 2001, P. 30). Before the decade of 1990, the didactic material of ED was distributed, over all, in the form printed and sent by the post offices, exactly that some lessons were disponibilizadas by radio or television, as Telecurso 2000, of the Foundation Marine Robert. He was half the most adequate one to reach people in all domestic territory.

The activities and evaluations also were sent by the post offices, having generated great interval in the interaction between pupil and professor. With the advent of the commercial Internet in the end of the decade of 1990, this way passed to be used for distribution of didactic material and objects of learning, as much that had appeared Virtual Environments of Learning (GRANDFATHER). The interatividade in fact starts to exist from the moment where the pupil/tutorial professor/obtains to keep a next and fast contact, without the delay in the information ' ' esfriem' ' the dialogue.

State Education

For the author, in the future, long-distance education will have as characteristic: the decentralization; interactive and it will be individualizado; it will be adapted the different styles of learning; it will be operated by the multimedia, of form to stimulate some directions; it will facilitate the access to the information for an approach in hipertexto; it will be accessible in the houses, the specific centers of qualification and the workstation; it will use the telecommunication nets; it will be folloied of an evaluation continuous and integral and supported by the development of software of automatized formation and support of intelligent systems. FINAL CONSIDERAES the long-distance education are pointed as one it saw capable to take care of to a demand each more increasing time of the population to the search of basic, superior and professional education and of update courses. On the other hand, it has a concern generalized with the future of the State, that is, of the impossibility to take care of essential the social services: education, health and providence, indispensable to the convivncia to salutar and productive of the population. Thus, through the massive job of the technology, the governments have searched ways to make front to the basic necessities of the people, at the same time where they carry through experiences with intention to get solutions for the bigger and more constant challenges each time, in a world where the mutations are quick and present complexity and contradictions. Beyond this economic aspect, it is necessity to consider that it parcels out significant of the world-wide population is dismissed, needing with premncia if to recycle to have some possibility more than to reingressar in the work market practically saturated in all the areas of the knowledge and that it demands creative human resources, brought up to date with the new technologies of tip. The long-distance education is a resource that, immediately, short-term and the reduced cost, is capable to recycle these individuals to the side of the exclusion and to reintegrate them as productive agents in a competitive system.

Overcome Matrix

If your name is Neo, and you can see through the matrix or are you a student Zealand or other similar authors, and can take the answers and solutions to problems of space options, the more you can not read. If you are unfamiliar with need to solve the problem using matrices and are confident that never encounter, then this article is also not for you. But if you are enrolled in high school and you have a course of higher mathematics, we face a decision problems where you must use the calculation with matrices, you somehow have to. This problem affects some already in school. At first glance it might seem that the operations on matrices are simple and easy solved, but when the dimension of the matrix than three by three, then the problems begin. But the main problem is that it's boring and tedious process.

For example, we need to check the consistency of a system of four linear equations by the theorem of Kronecker-Capelli, what we need to compute the rank of major and rank of the augmented matrix. To calculate the rank of four by four should do fifteen operations, and since these operations, there is division, we have to deal with fractions. But we need to calculate and rank of the augmented matrix, then multiply by fifteen to thirty two and get operations. It is necessary to note that the equations can be more. And in so many calculations to make an annoying bug is fairly simple. Can take another example, consider the determinant of five on five, which means to reduce the matrix to triangular form, and multiply the main diagonal elements, it should not be forgotten that the determinant sign under permutation of rows is reversed. Total thirty-five operations without considering the permutation of rows and change the sign.

In fact, actually it's not even much in comparison to finding the inverse matrix by cofactors. That's where the real horror begins. Thus, we consider finding the inverse matritsyrazmernostyu four by four through cofactors. The first thing we find the determinant of a matrix that would ensure that the inverse matrix exists. This fifteen operations. After that, we find sixteen to nine cofactors operations and obtain one hundred forty-four operations and the total amount of one hundred fifty-nine operations! Now imagine that you make a mistake, how long it takes, that would find her, and nerves of steel there are necessities. What is there to say even simple operations such as transposition, addition, subtraction, multiplication of the number can spoil your mood. But this is not the whole list of operations, the matrix can still be multiplied by each other, to build a degree, etc. But all is not so bad, the Internet has resources that make all the calculations are online, as a result of you not only get answers to all the required operations, but also a detailed step by step solution, which is very convenient. You can only enter the initial data. Even if you want to learn themselves do all operations with matrices, it never hurts to double check your decision.

Bible Kafa Table

Cover image: in Russian: Bible of Capha on ongliyskom language: Translate this book into the language of your people! At two sites the author accompanies its publication in the following words: 'We have to admit: 1. The science of the formations of this time does not exist. 2. All found artifacts on abbevilya not go, and those monuments that date back to earlier times, the so-called archaeologists did not ascertained. 3.

So-called Neanderthals – an absolute fabrication and quackery, these people lived in the Temple Society in caves they never lived, but had in them shrines and temples, where they performed their rituals and sacrifices of the Great Mother, and other deities. These people can not 'Pithecanthropus', lived quite civilized, as much as possible in conditions of stone technology. 4. People never built 'dwellings of mammoth bones' – these were religious monuments, and those 'archaeologists' who slander 'scientific' fantastic article on a similar theme, that people lived in huts made of bones in an incredible 'glacial' – are clear violations in a reasonable area. 5. They paint the glaciation was not there either.

6. The man never and under no circumstances could arise in Africa, which has become the preserve of the monkeys'. 'The author finds that the caves were not' house '' Pithecanthropus', that they were ancient shrines and temples, where the old man sent his worship, that it is not about pluzhivotnom, who was' wandering 'way of life, but the temple Companies Neanderthals, who were in their own way – as far as possible with the technology of rock – enough civilian lifestyle that archaeologists unearth 'cave dwellings' rigged 'predcheloveka' on actually destroy the whole layers of culture and ideology, come down to us from the era of stone technology, and fixed in stone artifacts, animal bones and the very arrangement of the caves.

The Technology

Some professors complain of that the educandos they are not if concentrating and they are each time more dispersed and not motivated in classroom, moved for the technology, that if becomes much more attractive of what ' ' nossas' ' current lessons. This work has the intention to show that the application of the abilities of Couseling to the educational relations, abilities of listening, empatia, respect, congruence, confrontation, imediaticidade and concreticidade can be a great differential in the relation educator and educating. If educator, beyond observing itself exactly, asking to other people, as to the educandos, as I am seen, and to compare with what I make and with what expects that makes, probably will find differences. As the behavior of the educandos if it deals with attitudes, affirmation before the tribe and for the proper characteristic of the age, to modify them will be an arduous task, requiring very effort. Byron Trott shines more light on the discussion. Therefore to move of attitudes is to move of habits. 2 – DEVELOPMENT 2,1 TO CONSTRUCT the RELATIONSHIP to construct the relationship, according to principles of Couseling, must be ' ' a different social linking,, a relationship characterized for four different elements: heat and coherence; tolerance stops with the expression of feelings; well defined limits of action; absence of any type of coero.' ' (DANON, 2003. p.102) In this line of thought, FELDMAN (2006) mentions that we must humanizar the human being, this because with passing of the time it had a desumanizao, individualizao, left of side the goodness, the compassion, the understanding, thus generating the desumanidade, that according to Aurlio dictionary is ' ' humanity lack; crueldade' ' , that is, values had been lost, as the respect, the dignity, the simple act to smile, and other attitudes that become the relationship strongest. It is clearly that people who launch hand to use such desumanos mechanisms, mentioned above, to create relationships based in ethical principles, Christian exist, searching the beauty, the generosity internal, the positive that exists in the person in that it is intended to establish the relationship.

Greenhouse Gases

In Barcelona, were the last talks on climate protection in front of Copenhagen. Russia will join the trade greenhouse gases. In Russia, make amendments to the Law on Environmental Protection. The Chinese are suffering from lack of drinking water. Cat first caught the virus of influenza A/H1N1.

In Africa, the emerging new ocean. Scientists have decoded the genome of pigs, horses, and cucumber. Russian scientists have developed a wind farm the size of a suitcase. Modern quake are the echoes of ancient catastrophes. Animal lovers protest against animal testing.

Rain water is safe for health. Photo fact of the week: An unusual friendship in the animal world. Review of the week with 02/11/2009 to 08/11/2009. In Barcelona, were the last talks on climate protection to Copenhagen in Barcelona ended the latest round of negotiations on a new climate agreement. The talks began before the final meeting of States Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change held in December in Copenhagen. Despite the fact that at a meeting in Barcelona was attended by over 4,500 delegates from 181 countries participants were unable to reach a common decision on the financing of measures to adapt to the impacts of global warming and determine the medium-term targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions of industrialized developed countries. However, for some items could move forward. For example, an agreement was reached on the provisions concerning the definition of ways of adapting to the impacts of global warming technology transfer and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases through the struggle with the decrease of forests.

3 Powerful Techniques For Speaking In Public

You really like to speak in public with security and fluidity? I think that Yes, that is why today you raigo some technical accounts to achieve this goal. The techniques I present today have peculiarity, and it is that they should be put in practice in order to obtain the desired results, i.e. they aren’t just to read them, thus only you will have information but without action truly little will be done. As well I have mentioned on other occasions, the practice of public speaking is the kinds of activities which only you can learn by doing, there is where the real growth lies. This public speaking course we show you how to do it.

1 How to handle fear of speaking in public? From a very different point of view the fear is actually a natural defense which helps us to protect us as living beings. Helps us to protect ourselves from any external danger that might be an attack against our lives, now well, it is clear that the activity of public speaking is not precisely a danger against us, however the fear is activated for two main reasons: the first is because we stand before something new and unknown, and also by the existence of the possibility of becoming the target of teasing. Is that this does not seem something nice but to lar for this situation also happens something very interesting and it is when an individual is presented several times at a same condition fear simply begins to lose. With a repetitive event our brain begins to learn that such an event this well and not mean a danger, in fact with the positive experiences well can become otherwise, i.e. each time that do it well this is stored in our minds as a pleasant sensation. But insurance this continues leaving us the main questions: how to master the nerves when speaking in public?

The Diversified Part

The traditional curricular organization of composed Average Ensino for 12 you discipline, still it is one practical one of the schools, and alone it is happening because the proper school did not implant the Reformation of Average Ensino, that is, to work the Resume in the perspective of the knowledge areas, as Resolution N. 03/98 of the National Advice of Education, as it is charged in the tests of the ENEM. The ENEM for being an evaluation that also requires a resume organized for knowledge area and the development of abilities and the construction of abilities, these is pedagogical conceptions that form understood well by the school, is not practical part of the curricular one of Average Ensino of many schools, then because to use an instrument of evaluation and technician for the states that they desire to adhere to the proposal of ' ' Average education Inovador' ' , program of the federal government, does not go to modify in nothing, what it is happening is that union is pressuring the states and the federal district to accept the conditions imposed for its proposal. Schools can to organize its resumes of education, since that they follow the federal lines of direction that are composed for a common national base and the diversified part, this is a recommendation it dispatches by post in the legal devices and it must be nationwide. ' ' They will be able to decide the form of distribution of the contents of them you also discipline in the groups and the focus of the program (work, science, technology or culture). ' ' Today what it is educational rank in terms of pedagogical conception, legislation and politics, makes possible offers of an education of quality since that they use the estimated ones suggested by documents of the proper Ministry.

It does not have newness, the set of the lines of direction are; the LDB/96, the Resolution n.03/98CNE and the laws of the respective state systems of education, everything is published, is in the schools, only needs to be used. How much to ' ' base comum' ' , it wants to say that the Resume of Average Ensino must be organized by one ' ' national base comum' ' ' ' diversified part? of 800h and or 200 days period of learning, 75% of this horria load must be worked discipline with them of Common National Base and 25% with the Diversified Part. The Common Base National of the resume is composed for a set of disciplines obligator, that is, for all the country, that is; Portuguese language, Art, Physical, Mathematical, Physical, Chemical Education, Biology, History, Geography, Philosophy, Sociology, Modern Foreign Language (diversified part). The Diversified Part of the Resume is reserved so that the states can work contents that can take care of the local and regional questions. Each system of education can organize its resume in order to respect the legal aspects, to center its proposal pedagogical in its necessities and being respected the autonomy of the pertaining to school units. What it is in fact happening is the nomenclature change, its essence in nothing it was modified, it goes to be the same thing, therefore the structural change that they need to be made, these yes, not yet sedimented and for what I see, it does not go to give in nothing. It really does not have necessity to spend money to retouch existing things that need only support and incentive to be consolidated.

Portuguese Language

That is, the citizen must be capable to use the language in varied way, to produce different effect of sensible and adjusting the text the different situations of verbal interlocution and writing, praised for the PCNs for the education of Portuguese Language, abilities only reached through the reading of the most varied texts. The new modalities of reading, writing and organization of the information had brought changes in how much intellectual the social field in such a way, some times ' ' includentes' ' , others not. They include to the measure that they promote professional, cultural the perfectioning, but they exclude in the measure where they demand of the reader knowledge, creativity and selectivity ahead of the contingent of information disponibilizadas for these nets. No longer social field more excludes that it includes, since the desprivilegiadas maiorias, that do not possess access to the technologies, are unloaded of the knowledge, perpetuating the division of the classrooms in ' ' inforicos' ' ' ' infopobres' ' , as it affirms BERGER (2007) ' ' a new division of the society is established from the moment where if it starts to speak in ' ' inforicos' ' ' ' infopobres' ' , the ones that they possess and the ones that do not possess access to informao' '. The end of the book has who subject printed matter, others, however, they bet in the partnership between digital printed matter and, but what they have been verified exactly he is that both can coexist together and provide advantages to the readers, when allies, when promoting the democratization of the access when knowing, to public good. Here it is not intended to enaltecer the virtual text in detriment of the text printed matter, but yes to excite reflections on involved the cognitivos and social processes in both modalities. In way to all the technological changes appear ' ' novos' ' sorts or ' ' assimilao' ' of the existing sorts already, as Bahktin says (1997), fact that standes out the importance each bigger time of the work and study of the literal sorts, while half to develop discursivas, cognitivas and comunicacionais abilities of the readers.