Many people are now complaining that the work takes all their time, effort, energy, and therefore they are not enough for a family, sports, health, hobbies … But few people think about what you can work more efficiently and perform the same number of cases in less time … My name is Vladimir Firing. I am a master in their field and want to help you achieve the same results from their ability to improve in a few times! How I came to B With New Works for an expedited Personal Computer? But the fact is that, as a schoolboy, I started studying computer science, then college and the academy have polished my skills. And when I got on my first job as a software educated, and began to implement this knowledge in their daily affairs, I had a goal to apply them to real problems and challenges.

There are times when we had to perform simple actions on a daily basis, which takes considerable time and forces. I believe that most people are mired in routine work. Of course there are those who want to get maximum results and to accelerate its work for the PC at least 2-3 times! Using a remarkable the invention of the guys from TechSmith, I decided to make a collection of video tutorials teaching on those issues that plagued me over the years most of all:) This collection of video tutorials, absorbed all my experience to accelerate the work for personal computers, this is Total Commander, Word, Excel, MindManager, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc.