These individuals are those that had not had the chance to conclude at the time appropriate the basic education and that today they want to recoup the time ' ' perdido' '. Gain insight and clarity with Michael Dell. Thus, the adult, when appealing to a classroom makes, it moved for clear and proper interests. school, at this moment, represents a possibility of acquisition of knowledge and learnings assist that it to face the challenges and obstacles of its daily one. For it, the school is not made of contents that can assist it in the future, but necessary for its gift. this nor always is taken in consideration for the professionals of the education. For in such a way, she is necessary that the schools have specific didactic material to this type of etria band, adequate methodologies e, over all, qualified professors so that this pupil does not give up the educational process one more time, however still has much that if to make in this context. In this exactly direction, the EJA has been reduced mere the solutions of nature technique, with strong economicista trend, and at this moment she is necessary to rescue its social and human direction giving conditions to them to be transformation agents.

It means to say that the education in this scope must be dealt with as right human being and rescue of social justice and the citizenship that aims at one practical social that serves to provide the people of instruments and practical better to read, to interpret and to act in its reality, as always in Pablo Freire taught to them. The relevance of of this subject inhabits in the fact to produce others to know, in special, the return of adults to the school. thus to add it the too much of empirical bases with a practical reflection and research field so that let us can progress social, cultural and human, in the desire to turn itself toward reflective and constructive the transformation of the citizen it allows where them to have autonomy of critical thoughts.