Knowing and placing in it practises the didactics, can be gotten with bigger quality the learning, to reach the waited objective and to live deeply the construction of the knowledge through its pupils. Today the education is more flexible, this facilitates the action of the professor. Traditional education never will leave to exist, but in the present time the pupil is having chance of if expressing, displaying its ideas, to contribute for an education where the ideal is to form critical pupils, pensantes, capable, with initiatives. In this exactly educational context the professor is perceiving the importance of the envolvement of the pupils, valuing them, recognizing that it has much to contribute in the formation citizens idealized for the society. The methodology does not have to be stanches, a time that the classroom is composed for pupils of different races. At the moment of if elaborating a lesson plan, it must remembers that the pupil is not a flat board, without information some, before initiating its estudantil life already will receive a not formal education received by its family, are its parents or responsible for its formation human being. The used methodology in classroom for the professor to need to be focada in the learning of all, conceiving the possibility of general understanding. The didactic one always shows the way to be covered in each chosen methodology as the content to be applied focando the learning.

Each institution has its methods. The professor must search continued formation, to always search extending its knowledge, to search new techniques, to apply dynamic varied in classroom with intention to reach the learning. The dynamic become the lessons most attractive, less tiring, running away from the expositivas lessons that in its majority are form for long texts of difficult understanding, them will facilitate the learning, are enough that the professor always attempts against for the applied methodology focando the understanding of the pupil. .