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2010! The Year To Make The Difference

Expensive reading friends and all that follow and stimulate my work. The 2010 could not leave to write a dedicated article. In this article I have the objective to leave a word of incentive for you. Desire to it all success of the world! much LIGHT, PEACE and SADE! All year start is thus, remakes our perspectives and if we full of hope and optimism. We imagine and we desire innumerable things, we dream! Only that unhappyly in some cases, everything is alone in that is arrives the end of the year and nothing moved.

There it comes to the phrases ‘ ‘ I am azarado mesmo’ ‘ ‘ ‘ God does not like mim’ ‘ ‘ ‘ I do not have sorte’ ‘ and so on. In this article I want to consider it a challenge. Different one becomes its 2010. It remembers that old phrase ‘ ‘ Diferente’ tries invents makes something; ‘. Therefore it is exactly this I want to consider to it to make. Either different either there what it longs for its life goes to search, it does not wait to fall of the sky. It makes a list of that it wants to conquer in 2010, not if it forgets its life spiritual, it its work of its family.

It makes this in family, goes enumerating all the independent desires of the importance of each one. Important to place any same desire being something simple to be conquered. It leaves that all speak and of its opinions. Clearly that he will be single and to live alone only makes this. It distributes the list so that all remember the desires. It does not have shame to hang the list in visible place as for example in the refrigerator. Already in January it conquers something and it goes giving OK or scratching out of the list. If it does not forget to commemorate! During the year when to conquer something that was not in the list includes it and of the Ok of the conquest, commemorates! It folloies the list every month debates with all, at the end of the year exactly that something was without conquering pass for the next year and thus adds to the new desires successively. It can believe the list is infallible. I am certain that it will go to always have good results beyond that I eat our memory is weak and if we forget them things with the list in the end will see how many conquest had! huge quo was its year! It thinks about this, until the next article. Claude Donato Graduated Management business-oriented and Postgraduate MBA in Marketing and Management of sales.

Water Carts

A cart to work today on the basis of water was formerly a fiction. There are several manuals on the net that tell us how to make a system so that vehicles work with water. There are several brands, and by what I know there are people who are already experiencing this new technology. They have installed in their vehicles kits homemade with very good results. The results are truly impressive.

You or imagine the sensation that one feels to be in a vehicle that it is moving by a combustion based on water. It is impressive. I had that experience and I was as thrilling as if he had discovered the wheel. Emotion overwhelmed me and told me in my interior. because everyone does not use this science? for me it wasn’t a hoax, I was watching it, I was experiencing. And let me tell you that I am very skeptical.

After this experience and even with the excitement within me, I bought the manual to make my own kit and install it in my car. Investigate much a lot. Then so many options that I saw, I decided on one. Water4Gas. In another comment I will tell you that he did to decide by Warte4Gas, but I advance that I don’t regret. I made the best choice. Anyway, the topic is I built my first kit by following the instructions in the manual. Many parties did not find them but bought some similar and match them to what was needed. And it worked! I said my first kit, since now I have installed many in various vehicles of friendships that I paid for it. But what concerned me today is not this, but after this experience I thought and thought and was very convinced that this technology would invade the world. Of course. It was logical, I believed that this system, to run the truck with water, alocaria to the world and that would be much money they would invest in this people.

Grain Prices

Who benefits from this alarm triggered by the rise in grain prices that picked up some bags? It is not a tsunami or exceptionally poor harvest, or a sudden drought. Some powers are shaking the ghost of hunger to terrorize populations, and attempt to justify security proposals we prepare. The food situation is not worse than in years past. Obsessed with terrorism and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, impossible to win the traditional way, prepare an exit “gracefully” our imagination of terrorism moving to hunger as real weapon of mass destruction that affects thousands of millions of innocent victims. The agencies tell us that ethnic cleansing, eradication or physical extermination of ethnic groups hostile to authoritarian governments do not require high technology, sophisticated missile nothing of Anthrax or nuclear warheads. Visit Pete Cashmore for more clarity on the issue.

In the case of Sudan, writes the Director of Action Against Hunger, the use of mercenaries burning villages, destroying crops and food stocks has plunged more than a million people into exile. Thus, a gigantic famine caused by the Khartoum government has claimed thousands of lives. Hunger as a weapon of mass destruction has not reached the United States or Europe. However, hunger and threat will be increasingly used. So biased information have become able to hide the reality with the outbreak of fear. In an endemic problem that we have been suffering, maintaining and keeping for not taking strong measures are fair and adequate, given the ominous silence, and inefficiency to blame for the World Trade Organization, will now blame the hunger of the hungry. .

Brazilian Institute

Main pointer of trend of the commerce, the index of quarterly mobile average of sales in store of the refined retail for the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) showed that the businesses in the sector continue presenting small growth, but coming close itself to the stability, what indicates loss of breath. The index registered high of 0,37% in the trimester locked up in April before the finished one in March. The result of the mobile average of April shows a deceleration in relation to the refined results in March (1.01%) and February (1.02%). The expansion trend still exists, but the rhythm points with respect to a stability. In the comparison of April of this year with equal month of the passed year, the sales had increased 6.9%. However, it had fall of 0,2% in April before March with sazonal adjustment. With the result until the room 2009 month, the sales of the retail accumulate high of 4,5% in the year and 7,1% in last the 12 months.

Of the eight groups of activities of the retailing searched by the IBGE, only two they had registered expansion in April before March: hipermercados, nourishing supermarkets, products, drunk and tobacco (0.8%) and equipment and material for office, computer science and communication (8.9%). It still offers scarce of credit and the effect delayed of the reduction of the IPI on the consumption of household-electric and material of construction had contributed for the result, had pointed economists. For the next months, the perspectives are of recovery of the sales in the comparison monthly, but insufficient to revert the trend of deceleration of the pointer in the gathered of 12 months. For the year, the forecasts are of 3% expansion 4% by vol. of sales, before growth of 9,1% in the last year and 7% in the gathered of 12 months until April.

The Professional

The objective of the ethics is the moral, that in turn is the set of norms and customs acquired by the repetitive habit of practical its. The professional concept is what it evidences, for the society, the capacity and virtue of a being in the exercise of a work habitual of habitual quality of superior quality. (S, p 110, 2001) it affirms that: Each set of professionals must follow an order that allows the harmonic evolution of the work of all, from the behavior of each one, through a guardianship in the work that leads the regulation of the individualism before the collective one. In accordance with Vsquez (2006 p23): ' ' … The ethics is the theory or the science of the moral behavior of the men in sociedade' '.

S (2001, p 148) affirms that: All the necessary or demandable capacities for the efficient performance of the profession are ethical duties, these duties are imposed and started to govern the action of the individual before its customer, its group, its colleagues the society, the State and especially before its proper mental conformation and spiritual. All the necessary capacities for the performance of the profession are ethical duties and it would not be different in the accounting. The accountant has the obligation to keep the informed and guided entrepreneur on its businesses, in face of what it goes occurring with its capital, and, so that an integral image of quality exists the professional value must be accompanied by of an ethical value. However, the professional concept is the evidence, by means of third, of the capacities and virtues of a being in the exercise of a habitual work and superior quality. The obstacles to the professional recognition and the ethical position in the defense of the image right also exist, a victorious professional will not escape of males of the envy and such low feeling comes folloied of attitudes unprincipled people and antiethics as (passive calumny, defamations, treasons, resistncias, blackmails etc.