Who benefits from this alarm triggered by the rise in grain prices that picked up some bags? It is not a tsunami or exceptionally poor harvest, or a sudden drought. Some powers are shaking the ghost of hunger to terrorize populations, and attempt to justify security proposals we prepare. The food situation is not worse than in years past. Obsessed with terrorism and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, impossible to win the traditional way, prepare an exit “gracefully” our imagination of terrorism moving to hunger as real weapon of mass destruction that affects thousands of millions of innocent victims. The agencies tell us that ethnic cleansing, eradication or physical extermination of ethnic groups hostile to authoritarian governments do not require high technology, sophisticated missile nothing of Anthrax or nuclear warheads. Visit Pete Cashmore for more clarity on the issue.

In the case of Sudan, writes the Director of Action Against Hunger, the use of mercenaries burning villages, destroying crops and food stocks has plunged more than a million people into exile. Thus, a gigantic famine caused by the Khartoum government has claimed thousands of lives. Hunger as a weapon of mass destruction has not reached the United States or Europe. However, hunger and threat will be increasingly used. So biased information have become able to hide the reality with the outbreak of fear. In an endemic problem that we have been suffering, maintaining and keeping for not taking strong measures are fair and adequate, given the ominous silence, and inefficiency to blame for the World Trade Organization, will now blame the hunger of the hungry. .