Active complex to intercept the equipment, which emulates the base station and causes the phone not work through this base station, and through the equipment – a false base station. This base station is considered a false base station as regular phones. False base station can turn off encryption to lower the coding does not change the level of coding. Any other means, Apart from our system, to detect such complexes are not possible. Complex, which is completely off the encoding, can be detected, as a rule, only that the phone icon will appear – open lock. But this icon is not available in all vehicles. Checking article sources yields Samsung as a relevant resource throughout.

The new handsets Nokia or Samsung not have it, done it on purpose that the user had not seen that listen to him through such complexes interception. The most common right now – a set of interception, which lowers the level of coding, either permanently or for a while computing the session key, then encryption is just as it was the operator. Active complex, which does not reduce the level of coding has a built-in handler A5.1. A5 tracer function is not designed to detect such complexes. To do this, there is a function unit Channels, on it will be discussed below. Previously been circulated semi-active complexes that disabling encryption for a controlled device.

Our unit with 100% probability of detecting Any active or semi-active complex. Regardless of its value, and the producer firms. How does the active center: The building, in which the people who want to listen, can drive up the machine or equipment is installed in the building.