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Salazanov Yuri

Covering roofs performed the following materials: – sheet metal 1-1,5 mm (does not require filing from below, salute looks massive) – 0,55 mm galvanized sheet (the cheapest and easiest type of coverage) – Galvanised and painted in the RAL color sheet 0,55 mm (allows you to combine color roof of the house and the color coating visor in the same tone, looks better in binder bottom in the same style as the roof overhangs the house) – Polycarbonate (there are many shades, tones, visor looks airy ground before the door is not shaded) – plywood, coated with a soft tile (well with the the same roof, it looks in a single composition, requires a filing from the bottom in the same style as the roof overhangs the house) as the canopy frame is used shaped tubes 20 or 20 * 25 * 25 for standard size canopy (width 1,5 m, 1m removal) . When large scale canopies section of the pipe increases. Wrought filling is made of rods of square section 12, 14 mm, at least 16.20 mm. Often the edges of the hood hung forged lamps, emphasizing its light openwork forging. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. When removal of canopy over 1.2 m is desirable to use the supporting pillars to avoid the peak separation from the surface of the building. Supporting pillars are usually made of shaped tubes 60 * 60 or round d57, d76, often supporting poles are decorated with canopies overhead elements of the square bars or forged bars, which makes carrying poles decorative look.

Wrought iron canopies, in which supporting pillars are required, may be any size and are used to cover the same materials as for the visors. Wrought iron gazebo – it's the same sheds plus wrought iron railing fence and gate around to exit. Ali Partovi has plenty of information regarding this issue. Pergolas – decorative arches for twining flowers, usually installed on the tracks and give the impression of plant tunnels or simply beautiful elements of landscape design. Ways to paint wrought canopies, carports, gazebos are discussed in "Wrought iron railing. Salazanov Yuri. The paper used pictures and photos of materials OOO Royal forging. Allowed to reprint and citation to any publications with the obligatory reference to the resource


LETO company is an exclusive product – embossed decorative panel 3D. This versatile material for walls and partitions, create furniture facades and interior decoration items. Diversity numerous models attached to the surface of various design options – from the enamel coating before finishing fine wood veneer. Matte and glossy, made "under the skin and the effect of glow in the dark, 3D panel can beautify any interior, to implement any fancy designers. sions such as these. In each model, the correlation seen with nature: the soft sand dunes, light waves, raindrops, ripples found their reflection in decorative panels of LETO. In developing the relief used computer technology, by which was formed and improved 3D-image. Perfection of form, line accuracy, the harmony of nature …

K these decorative panels want to touch, they want to watch, they help create the interior, which previously could only dream of. SCALFITTURA CORTECCIA 0001 0002 0003 MUSSEL ARMONIA 0004 RETTILE 0,005 relief panels are manufactured with high-precision equipment subsequent treatment by hand. Environmentally friendly materials and thoughtful design, control at all stages of the process and verified each stroke can offer consumers a product, in appearance and quality unparalleled in the world. SQUAMA 0006 MOTIVO 0008 ONDA TEMPESTA 0010 0009 0011 COLLINA The same panel, decorated with various decorative coatings, look completely different. A luxurious sheen glossy models and muted soft matt interlacing lines of the surface and the figure of natural veneers give an opportunity to give exclusive rooms of any type and destination.

3D panels are used for decoration of residential apartments and offices, restaurants and clubs first-class hotels and offices of senior officials. The possibility of combining these decorative materials to any other, as well as combinations of panels with different reliefs give unlimited scope for creativity architects and interior designers. In addition to high decorative properties, relief panels possess such qualities as functionality, durability and reliability. OSCILLAZIONI 0012 DROPS 0013 CROSSFIX 0014 AFYON 0015 MATRIX 0016 3D are protected by patents Russian Federation and are subject to copyright LETO. Only manufactured in-house company decorative panels demonstrate the highest quality and perfect appearance – the most important characteristics of the materials created specifically for the exclusive decoration. CIRCLE 0017 SEA 0018

Classic Electros Kamina

Do not always have the opportunity to escape to a country house and sit by the real fire, and the construction of such buildings in a city apartment rather dangerous occupation. But … You can buy heaters, which will create the same comfort in your home. Electricity consumption in electric fireplaces quite minimal, it is usually about 120-150 watts to simulate the burning and from 300 to 2000 watts to heat the room. Electric fireplaces are easy to operation, and, if desired, they can move from place to place – none of the classic fireplace will not allow you to do so. In addition, there is another point that builders often silent – in our latitudes fireplace performs rather an aesthetic function, if used as a heater, then you're likely to wake up from the cold. Even in the 19 century fireplace was used primarily as a means of ventilation.

Meanwhile, electric fireplaces and heaters can work – it all depends on how much power you select. Heaters, even the most expensive, will cost several times cheaper is not the most elegant classical fireplace. Add to this the lack of having to buy firewood and fireplace accessories – tongs, scoops and other things. The result is that electric fireplaces – is more economical and less troublesome way to get home real home. Moreover, in its execution and design of electric fireplaces today are almost on par with the classic fireplaces. Allocate electros with decorative portals, freestanding electric fireplaces and electric fireplaces, vstraevyemye into the wall. You can buy a fireplace with the effect of burning "wood" or "coal", electric heater can be used as a safe night light – in other words, the possibility of electric fireplaces today are phenomenal. Not excluded that is, the producers will learn to imitate and crackle and smell of burning wood, and then the line between classic fireplace and the heater will be erased completely.