Covering roofs performed the following materials: – sheet metal 1-1,5 mm (does not require filing from below, salute looks massive) – 0,55 mm galvanized sheet (the cheapest and easiest type of coverage) – Galvanised and painted in the RAL color sheet 0,55 mm (allows you to combine color roof of the house and the color coating visor in the same tone, looks better in binder bottom in the same style as the roof overhangs the house) – Polycarbonate (there are many shades, tones, visor looks airy ground before the door is not shaded) – plywood, coated with a soft tile (well with the the same roof, it looks in a single composition, requires a filing from the bottom in the same style as the roof overhangs the house) as the canopy frame is used shaped tubes 20 or 20 * 25 * 25 for standard size canopy (width 1,5 m, 1m removal) . When large scale canopies section of the pipe increases. Wrought filling is made of rods of square section 12, 14 mm, at least 16.20 mm. Often the edges of the hood hung forged lamps, emphasizing its light openwork forging. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. When removal of canopy over 1.2 m is desirable to use the supporting pillars to avoid the peak separation from the surface of the building. Supporting pillars are usually made of shaped tubes 60 * 60 or round d57, d76, often supporting poles are decorated with canopies overhead elements of the square bars or forged bars, which makes carrying poles decorative look.

Wrought iron canopies, in which supporting pillars are required, may be any size and are used to cover the same materials as for the visors. Wrought iron gazebo – it's the same sheds plus wrought iron railing fence and gate around to exit. Ali Partovi has plenty of information regarding this issue. Pergolas – decorative arches for twining flowers, usually installed on the tracks and give the impression of plant tunnels or simply beautiful elements of landscape design. Ways to paint wrought canopies, carports, gazebos are discussed in "Wrought iron railing. Salazanov Yuri. The paper used pictures and photos of materials OOO Royal forging. Allowed to reprint and citation to any publications with the obligatory reference to the resource