RSS is the most important technology to reach the Internet from blogs, however, taking RSS feeds among webmasters and web visitors is still very low. The Sunday Times issued a survey to see how users of household Internet, RSS does not appear in it at all. It is true that RSS is not as ubiquitous as email, e-mail, but have existed since the beginning of the Internet. RSS and RSS are relatively new to Internet users. If you are a webmaster can benefit from this new technology that will let you talk directly with your visitors and keep them updated with what you're doing.

You can catch up with Feedster According RSS feeds, one of the major RSS search engines, there are more than 9 million feeds in its index. RSS is a technology that is serious, can be ignored now, but you will find yourself far behind other webmasters when it comes to the benefits of having their own food. To give context to take a RSS look at Bloglines, probably the greatest power aggregator on the Internet. When you subscribe to a feed using Bloglines tell you how many of his readers are subscribed to the same feed. Slashdot is over subscribed, in addition to feed its own has some 35,000 subscribers to its RSS feed. Remember that only other users of Bloglines which reflects only a small fraction of its readers. Let me take you through some of the benefits of having your own RSS feed.

If you take the example I use for feed readers of Slashdot. Each time a new item is published to the RSS feed that is available to all individual subscribers immediately. It is guaranteed that each reader receives the message if they choose to read or not. If you do that with email you would be lucky if the majority of his readers, even received the message due to spam filters and other obstacles. Unlike e-mail from an RSS feed is zero maintenance. There is no mailing list to keep, no server needed to send your message, all we are doing is updating a file on your server. No need to worry about being accused of spam, double opt in or addition to the spam problem. I left the best for last. You can even have detailed statistics about your RSS feed through a third party such as Feedburner, all free. Feedburner will monitor requests for your feed to see how many readers have, and even tell you which topics have been selected. Plus Feedburner saves you valuable bandwidth and eliminates any concern about the compatibility of your RSS feed. I have been publishing an RSS feed for several months, has worked so well that I decided I do not need the hassle of a newsletter. The only time I use email now if I want a personal conversation with someone, that's what is great in email. Allan is the webmaster in an RSS resource for webmasters. Learn how to use RSS to attract and retain visitors to your site.