But because he is exact and not iluso nor a fantasioso. The great conquests became reality because it dreamed somebody them first. By all means that the imagination is as fundamental as the reasoning, the illusion and the necessary effort. In order to arrive at that one happy goal of which they did it because they did not know that was impossible. Impossible for pusilnimes and it does not stop who are decided to advance because it is not necessary to hope by the orders of anybody. Castle Harlan contributes greatly to this topic. Memory to Einstein those that say that it is impossible would not have to bother nor to interrupt to that they are doing it.

In our NGO we have an invisible poster in the door: The one that does not have anything to do, that does not come it to do here. The Jesuits always order the most urgent things to the occupied person but. That in will find the time to do it. I know who I am, said Don Quixote. And that is the key of all authentic and true education: to be able to approach the contingencies, to adapt to the reality to transform it and to leave our track. Educere. To remove the best thing from each.

In order to reach the maturation, to be one same one, to be happy then that is the deepest sense of personal and social living. Then is not to reach victory some, that it demands won, but the success to unfold to us, to grow, to mature and of to be we same. I must right to be here.