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Increasingly, companies that decide to bet on include social media in their marketing strategy. Nowadays social networks have evolved and offer possibilities which might seem unexpected a few years ago, for example, has included a store on Facebook where you can sell products and services that the company you want to. In principle, considered social networks as a way to react with friends, recover contacts from childhood, make groups with certain things in common, etc. Social networks gained strength and followers, it was then, when the companies saw an opportunity to give or get to know your products or services. Networks offer all the services of online marketing, among the main reasons that can lead to a company participating in these sites, highlights: 1. 30% of the world’s population is them.

2 We will arrive to more people which we could reach through other channels. 3. The strategy to follow is easy and economical. 4 Has a great range: 5. controls the online reputation of the brand.

Before you create a store on Facebook must be taken into account several points: the most important and the first we must ask ourselves is what give reasons for purchase. Not enough with the feeling of belonging. The user is a fan of the page, but needs unique and personalized excuses that will encourage you to purchase. We must be present, which is very possible, that the user comes from another of our channels, i.e., that it comes from the online store or the website of the company and that jump from one to another. For this reason, it is essential to create synergies between all channels and connect them through appeals and offers from one channel to another. Must not forget about the scope of the social network, take into account the user’s friends network that follows us or us purchase, that this user recommend our products or services to their friends-fans, because they will become the main prescribers of the brand. The best way to sell, both through the store on facebook, how in other internet media, is that our clients we recommend to your network of contacts, to do so, must take good care and control the online reputation of the brand, since a simple negative comment can make us throw overboard all the work done.

Semantic Web

From the header, menu navergacion, separating in a blog the comments of the article (this seems silly, do but how you think that thing?) It was a robot? There was a tag html to differentiate a few paragraphs of others). Not going to change the way of writing the code, especially will be to add new tags, few will be which disappear at all. But the crux of all this is who is going to use that information, whether this evolution of the code is intended to better communication with machines that track all the World Wide Web without rest, day and night, that are going to do with it? providing us with access to the information, or what is the same, sort it and display it in our searches. The evolution of the code will produce numerous changes in how to structure a Web site, will be a real revolution and is not grounds caible treat all lmbios that occur in a single entry of a blog. To know the dimension of this change, you must keep in mind that pages that we see today are made with an invention of 1999, taking into account the evolutionary pace of the World Wide Web, it would be comparable to the invention of the typewriter.

The way of working of search engines, browsers, professionals, etc. will be very different in just two years. Later we will start with more technical specifications regarding the new code, but us serves desktop and dream of an online world other than that we know. Now I leave a few links for you to continue investigating this topic of html5 that comes up. I hope you estudieis with the same enthusiasm as Edison to bust balls of glass, the same enthusiasm that we employ in this whole online scene: computer graphics of some of the new tags, will be many more!


And (working with specific personal or operational techniques, as stated in the assessment phase. Highlight techniques and coaching interventions are adapted and applied to increase performance at work and contribute to its objectives). Do how long each session will last? ___ how many sessions will be required? _ will recommend additional work? (e.g., self-control, tasks, and various exercises to facilitate the Feedback in the following sessions of) coaching). Do do _ will be confidential sessions? _ relationship of rules of confidentiality that must be respected carried reports written about the coach? (do e.g., the coachee will oversee any report that compose the coach for senior management?) _ Once established needs of the coaching of the individual or organization, the next step to be addressed by the external coach is to submit a proposal for services to senior management, trying to make it as soon as possible after the initial meeting and enclosing an additional note showing the date of beginning of the coaching intervention. The proposal should be brief and include the following information: background.

Succinctly describe the circumstances justifying the proposal, such as, for example, who has made the initial contact, when has led to Cape, who was present at the first meeting with the senior management, etc. Identified needs. If the proposal is for a coaching program that will affect large sections of the Organization, will take place a brief description of the needs of coaching throughout the Organization on the basis of the conclusions of the needs analysis of coaching and the meeting with senior management. Also, identify the groups or individuals designated by senior management to participate in the sessions, as well as specific coaching needs. The proposal is for a few individuals, should focus exclusively on their previously identified needs. Coaching program. Outline the program, i.e., the number of sessions to perform and the general content of the same, as for example, evaluation, analysis of values, setting goals, planning actions, etc.