One main focus of our agency is to produce any inflatable and dynamic designs. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. This is the easiest and proven way to attract mass attention. Inflatable structures can be manufactured as an exact copy of your product, logo or character that can be installed at the entrance, on the roof, as well as use in exhibitions, places of public recreation areas of the city (parks, embankments, bars, restaurants, etc.) Inflatable advertising design – is a shell of a strong fabric which is filled with air, a special built-in blower. Special cutting and subsequent assembly shell give it a definite shape, corresponding to the agreed design project. Air blower is designed not only for the initial filling of the shell, but also for the subsequent maintenance of internal pressure throughout the operation.

Blower to run continuously, which is located generally within the inflatable structure, it requires continuous power. With this construction, the balloon or inflatable figure of another form, is highly reliable, because even if we get a cut or puncture the shell – the blower automatically equalizes the pressure and our inflatable structure is as though nothing had happened. A significant argument in favor of inflatable structures is the mobility, simplicity and speed of installation of the original advertisement. Aeromost – 'dancing man'. This pneumatic figures, made in the form of the human body tissue, which is inflated with air. The air goes through special valves, due to this figure in motion. She waved her hands, creating the illusion of dancing man ..