Although pricing strategy is given formally by the global business strategy, it is important that this strategy is extrapolated to the management of merchandising so that there is unity in both factors. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue. We can not have high prices in an establishment run and organized for a class of low income. However, if the shop is located in an upscale area of that shape the physical structure, exclusive products, distribution, environment and prices should reflect the target audience you are addressing our business. III. The physical layout of the store. The physical layout of the shop refers to the provision have shelves, refrigerators, islands, displays, cash registers and others in the area of sales area. This provision is extremely important because it will bring customers and consumers through local and should be done in a logical way that saves the consumer time, not have to go back and forth and back again to find what they need.

At the same time the physical layout should achieve sales results that we seek and support-promote unplanned purchases or sales momentum that always help to improve and increase the overall profitability of the business, this never making consumers feel manipulated or abused. On the contrary we must make the buyer feel that you have a quality experience and having a pleasant time while you shop. This merchandising tool as the seller is silent or Phantom of the store that is giving the consumer the path to take in the store and makes recommendations for purchases.