Or maybe they had to shoot MICHEL. It was too controversial. He was always antagonizing someone. No one could work with him on a team. It's a shame because their work has been excellent. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) * is a neurological difference in the brain that causes difficulties with executive functions of planning, priority setting, decision making, organization, management weather and more.

Toca 3-5% of the adult population (Kevin Murphy, associate professor of psychiatry and head of adults: ADHD clinician at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester) and appears frequently in the fields where creativity is required. To put it another way: the positive element of creativity and the negative problems are two sides of a coin. We all feel disorganized, forgetful, or disagree with the world for some time, but for those affected, the TDA is a problem of quality of life that is long lasting. One of the most common complaints is the feeling of being out of joint with the environment. They may feel frustrated by their own failure to attain and deceived because they can not make effective use of their potential. They have great difficulties to take advantage of their many ideas and carrying them out.

From their point of view, as an administrator, the AD may be a matter of lost productivity and accidents. It is likely that hired because passionate, intelligent, full of ideas and had great energy (all typical qualities of ADD), but once at work difficulties appear. Now you can be considered lazy or irresponsible due to frequent absenteeism, delays, below average productivity, missed deadlines, or senseless conflict.