Exclusive single cask bottling for the Swiss market St. Moritz, 17.11.2010 with a special, exclusive for the Swiss market filled Edition of a fourteen-year old Bourbon heaven Hill distilleries, Peter Siegenthaler, a Swiss importer of Scotland’s oldest independent bottler Cadenhead, of 02-05.12.2010 to the Whiskey ship Zurich comes. With Springbank’s brand Ambassador, Peter Currie he will conduct a tasting with single cask bottlings in cask strength on Saturday, where the a number of 156 bottles available Bourbon can be sampled. Springbank is, just like Cadenhead, the traditional family-owned company J & A Mitchell and maintains a few distilleries in Scotland, an own malting and bottling still and as one. The more”in the name stands for more high percentage specialities, such as the trend beer BREW dog and a special passion, whiskey truffles.

This sinful truffles have a high potential for addiction, I can not resist them self”so Peter Siegenthaler. Whether of bringing that to the Whiskey ship after Zurich, remains his secret. Detlef Sommer the company of Cadenhead’s whisky & more is general importer for Switzerland by Scotland’s oldest independent bottler William Cadenhead Ltd.. The shop for end customers is located in the old town of Baden.Von of the middle lane 15 out of re-sale in the retail trade and the catering is made. Cadenhead’s whisky & more also imported the trendy beers from the cult brewery BrewDog from Fraserburgh / Scotland for retail such as Wholesalekunden of Switzerland.

The exclusive, hand-made Bruichladdich and Longrow whisky Truffs make the business in the heart of Baden to the point of contact for all Schocoholics. Tastings are a further focus of the company. For private as well as institutional group in the 500th “Gloggehuus” or external. The repertoire includes special events such as whisky & food, whisky & film whisky & literature in addition to regular tastings. Company founder Peter Siegenthaler came for the first time in 1981 with single malt whisky in contact. For 10 years he works in the whisky industry. A graduate of the Bruichladdich whisky Academy he may call itself “Single Malt Ambassador“.