With the changes in the economy and also with the globalization, the companies must deal Logistic and the Supply-Chain in a correct management and administration so that its efforts are rewarded with expressive results where the competitiveness of the companies points that the companies who will blunt and visualize the chances in logistic with the improvement, good vision focada in good relationships with stakeholders involved and with well structuralized procedures, they result in simple and efficient in the management of all these activities of the chain with processes with quality, efficient services and with the integration of all the system with the support of YOU, becoming integrated and come back competitive advantage and with a logistic one in reduction of costs, we search ideal conditions for improvement of the processes, development, adaptation and improvement where we go stoning the processes to arrive to reach the excellency in logistic. The technology currently is to the disposal of the solution of logistic and the enterprise management being capable to generate solutions that satisfy any necessity of market. The use of the technology of the information applied to the logistic one of intelligent form has been, and for trend it will be, the joined solution of the organizations for reduction of costs, otimizao of resources, reflecting in efficiency in reply the necessities of the customers, of form to add value. The Technology of the information has that to be enxergada as a tool rack integrator and making possible the businesses, amongst other mentioned tools already. In such a way, the fort I appeal for competitiveness requires the improvement and technological innovation still more, through the development of abilities and in the management of knowledge on the sistmicos flows. The trend is that from technological tools, the productive and logistic systems will gain focus each more strategical time passing for a bigger interaction to the organizacionais businesses and integration between companies, being possible the beginning of the one of contribution, in a more including context of ' ' chains competitivas' ' , changing the enterprise relations radically, with target differentiator in the market of consequent form in the search for the competitiveness.