Fairy tales in Spanish in the bookshop La Libre, Munich Cristina Ribe and Montserrat Varela organized a story hour for children in the bookshop La Libre, Munich, on September 25, 2010. After the story, the children could paint their own butterfly to your hearts content and decorate. This action is part of a reading series in Spanish, which aims to impart intercultural knowledge children by fairy tales and to bring the Spanish world in a playful way. Cristina Ribe and Montserrat Varela have read the story of the butterfly of Manchitas to a small group of children aged between four and eight years on September 25. Once everyone in the District have settled down, started the reading session: Pandey! It was once a beautiful butterfly, called the Manchitas (“to German: spot”), because he had so many colorful stains.

That made him a very special butterfly, so he liked not playing with his ordinary, plain Butterfly friends. One day He lost all his colorful patches, on which he was once so proud after an accident caused by his vanity. Fortunately, were his friends but not afterwards and gave some of their color spots the sad, colorless butterfly. Language teacher Cristina Ribe has read this story of true friendship in Spanish. To reinforce the effect of the narrative, was played in addition to sound and gesture with large images should at the same time clarify the content of the narrative. The dialog between the friendly butterflies and butterfly of Manchitas, played by the Montserrat Varela language lecturer with a butterfly puppet the children watched spellbound. “And as the butterflies at the end solidarity share their patches with Manchitas (the Narrator is leaving small red, blue and yellow paper balls on butterfly of Manchitas trickle with her hand), Laura from the Lehel (4) on the question what color would the stains of the butterfly of Amarillitas, responded immediately: Amarillo!” (yellow).