Our treatment is proven, among other things, clinically in relief and healing of our patients through all these years, and also by our clinical cases of the DRES. Guzman resolved today that you can view and analyze at the same time carefully on our Web site. Worth noting, that in addition to the principles previously stated, our Tratamientoposee within its exclusive formula many other active principles more, being able to consider among other ingredients such as: Fito-herbaria, Homeoisopaticos and Homotoxicologicos, Alopaticos, minerals, natural substances, etc. On the other hand, within some of the actions and functions help some of these components, we could mention only the following: contains special proteins both those derived from the salivary glands of cattle by mention including the Parotina polypeptide, peptides, Peptones, natural enzymes, etc.; as well as the proteins of soybean, which to his time contain active ingredients called ISOFLAVONES (genistein, daidzein, Gliceteina, and others), which are similar utensil Phytoestrogenic. It contains garlic dehydrated, which helps with their multiple properties and compounds of sulfur, such as hydrogen sulfide and Allicin, among others, has extraordinary qualities and activities pro-Longevidad, not to mention Circulatorias, Anti-inflamatorias, Antisepticas and Anti-oxidantes, to name a few of them. It contains soy lecithin, fatty oil of soybean, which within its multiple properties, helps and strengthens all the membranes Bilipidicas cell throughout the body and also lowers blood cholesterol, and in addition contains calcium Caseinate which is precisely an excellent contribution of Natural calcium to the body and Osteogenesis, and aid in the fixing of the same in the protein organic matrix of bone by osteoblasts (cells of biosynthesis of bone). It contains Ossein gelatin, which is the purified extract of the organic matrix of bones, i.e. pure bone protein that helps us and provides the necessary pro-enzimatico substrate for regeneration and increase of the total bone mass per is (in itself), and its subsequent adequate mineralization.