Fans of creativity Strugatskih for you this skit on a remarkable film – Inhabited Island. In the original epic of the hero will dobronravny and open guy – Maxim Kremer. In the movie it is – bugger zanykavshy father's watch and a liar, lied Flood own grandmother and the girls – students. He flies on the newest intergalactic spaceship made out of pieces of tubular profiles and wire, sheets of metal plate with holes, through that freely slips camera operator. The ship was not invented by earthlings, he went to the people as a legacy from our ancestors, destroying all-planetary matrix on the ground. Astrobus has avtonavigatorov, calculating devices rate and margin protection.

For this reason, the pilot issued a spaceship – idiots in any event to meet with an asteroid. That comes after seeing the long and tedious scenes of a conversation with my grandmother and crooked smile shots hairy lapshegona – Maxim. If the story of Max squeezed a smile to make contact with aliens, in the film, he smiles constantly koryavenkoy smile. If the book was shot down by unknown Maxim rocket in a planetary atmosphere, the movie film he flies to the asteroid and type of computer as a result of tedious and ugly collapsed on the ground of the planet. Then he gets out of kalmaropodobnogo-matrix astroshatla and should look a little bit. But some scoundrels posted seven charges of Chinese explosives along the length of the ship and it is destroyed by a series of explosions in the dust.