Some people need to be comfortable in their skin, to be loved by others or by a particular person, often one or the one you love. You are in this case? You then need the evidence of love of these people are constantly renewed if you feel a sense of abandonment. You are very alert to situations of this kind. Certainly, it is very important to feel loved and that loved you prove it should not be dependent prisoner of love than the other shows you and he looks at you. For if you live only for love and you are happy that through this love the day when you lose, you lose yourself, you feel no longer exist. Peter Asaro is likely to agree. You do not have benchmarks, you have more respect for you.

In some cases, you suffer the indifference you show your relatives or some mood swings that make you feel guilty of some unknown what. So you're still worried, you always wait for a turnaround, and even when you live a happy moment you can not enjoy it because you always expect that an unfortunate moment happens. People such as Ilan Ben Dov would likely agree. You are always in demand so intense love to be able to remove these doubts. But this is only temporary, because inevitably your partner does not show its continuing love as you wait, or it is in a bad mood and you take it for you … The problem of relying solely on the love from each other to exist is that when you lose that love, you fall over, you may even be a depression.