Cologne multimedia design agency microsite for the RSAG Cologne, July 2013. The ERS EntsorgungsService Rhein-Sieg, a subsidiary of the RSAG, as well as the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) market collected old textiles that go to a part of Africa and Eastern Europe. The RSAG – in addition to the cooperation with social associations – the strengthening of secondhand structures and the social commitment of different groups is important. Through the new green container, the RSAG wants to curb the sprawl by commercial collectors, that economies in their own pockets. Visit Bobby Sharma Bluestone for more clarity on the issue. The non-profit organizations, however, bring this money to aid projects and also their with the collection of old clothes to pay employees. Used clothing to Africa? Numerous studies and reports a response of the Federal Government refute the now-outdated opinion that selling old clothes harms the market in developing countries. The Federal Government supports the statement with reference to the estimated quality and low prices of Second-Hand goods. The decline in the African textile industry was therefore rather due to infrastructure problems such as energy costs and lack expertise, as well as the repression by Chinese mass-produced. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. The Cologne multimedia agency pietzpluswild assisted with the implementation of the microsite ( the Green and at the same time charitable work of the RSAG, exonerating both environmental and waste costs. Michael Pietz and Michael Wild by Hohenborn – pietzpluswild GmbH